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The false fortune teller is back!

Once an isolated and dying township, an influx of academics, adventurers and thrill seekers have made Scalvoris Town their home. From scholars' tea shops to a new satellite campus for Viden Academy, this is an exciting place to visit or make your home!

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For Safety's Sake

Postby Devin » Mon Jul 02, 2018 12:09 am


“Oh, I don’t think so“, Devin assured Rynata with a confident smile as she insisted that he might have misinterpreted something. “I’m a fortune teller. I can see the future, remember? You just have to get to know him better. First impressions are just that – first impressions. They don’t tell you everything about a person. Give it a try. He’ll be worth it!” He wasn’t sure if she was talking about Rowan or Tio right now, but it didn’t matter. In both cases, the result would be absolutely hilarious. Tio had wanted to jump through the door in the magical tree, and done a number of other incredibly stupid things, and Rowan … well, he was even better at insulting people than Devin himself!

“No, of course not!” Devin retorted as she mentioned an umbrella and rolled his eyes. Since the hood was still covering his face, she couldn’t see what he was doing though of course. “With magic items and such. Alchemy is pretty powerful! As for the Immortals, aren’t they always involved?” he asked cryptically before he let out a loud (and totally fake) sigh. “I don’t know how we can prevent this catastrophe. I can only see the most probable future and not every possible future. I can only tell you how to make sure that as few people as possible get hurt in the process”, he informed her.

He sounded sad as he said that, as if the knowledge of what would happen weighed heavily on his heart. In truth he wasn’t sad at all, of course, but rather brimming with excitement because he was having so much fun. A moment later, the tone of his voice was tinged with irritation though. He was also beginning to panic slightly because she wanted to go with him now. He couldn’t allow that to happen! He needed to find a way out!

“I told you”, he retorted. His heart was beginning to beat faster and faster, and he could feel sweat bead on his forehead. He was, he had to admit, just a little bit nervous. “I already tried talking to the authorities once. They didn’t believe me. If I tell them what I’ve seen in your past and future and you confirm it’s accurate, they’ll probably claim that it was just coincidence. Besides, my next clients are already waiting outside”, he claimed and gestured towards the tent entrance. Voices could be heard from somewhere in the town square. He didn't know what they really were, but Rynata didn't know either, so it was all good.
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For Safety's Sake

Postby Rynata » Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:41 am

Rynata was pretty sure there was a saying about first impressions being everything, but if she was right, there was also one about not judging a book by its cover. Listening to the completely confident tone of the fortune teller, she nodded relentingly. It was just a matter of how it played out and she would have to wait and see for that. No one was forcing her feelings, and if she happened to become romantically involved, then hopefully it would be something to celebrate.

Since she didn’t know much about magic other than the greatly unfortunate encounter she had a while ago, Rynata could only take the hooded man’s word that Alchemy would be useful. However, even though she was an ignorant outsider to spells and the craft, she knew enough to be wary of just how powerful magic could be. In fact, she wasn’t willing to put much stock in what seemed to be such a volatile practice. She wouldn’t mention this to the fortune teller, of course, as he might be offended for his occupation.

“Well, I suppose I’ll rely on your expertise on magic and the Immortals,” Rynata said slowly. “It’s all the more reason for Scalvoris to listen, yes?”

As she said this, however, Theophilus responded with what seemed to be a twinge of annoyance at her insistence. No doubt she had pushed her welcome and had reminded him of the difficulty he had had with the authorities. Rynata was caught off guard as the fortune teller pointed outside towards the next customers waiting in line and she swiveled in her seat toward the tent entrance. There were a mixture of voices coming through the tent flap and so she hurriedly got to her feet. This was Theophilus’ business, of course, and he wasn’t exactly here to have a pleasant chat with her.

“Oh, of course,” Rynata said, nudging the seat back into position. “Thank you for the advice. I hope you stay safe in the coming trials, as well. Though, I suppose that’s not something I should worry about,” she added with a smile, referring to his ability to see into the future.

Stepping out of the dappled light in the tent, Rynata spared a passing glance toward a couple that she assumed were the people waiting in line. In reality, they were just a pair out for a stroll before the air got too hot to bear. Still, having no way of knowing, the sailor left the tent behind, mulling over the ominous predictions that the strange fortune teller had given her. There was no way to know for certain, but there was no harm in being well prepared. Perhaps she would consult some other people about the impending doom that was predicted to befall them all.
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