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Name: Varlum Onarmus

Age: 25

Race: Ithecal (Thiussum)

Date of Birth: 68th Ashan, 693

Marks: No, but aspiring for Aeva's

Factions Joined: Nope

Languages Spoken: Fluent Common and Broken Rakahi

Partners: Nope

Standing at the immense height of nine feet and two inches, Varlum is one of the biggest of his race and an incredibly noticeable figure. Pride is incredibly important for the Ithecal, as is demonstrated from how he stands and portrays himself. His body is muscular and powerful, his enormous tail and sharp claws as powerful a weapon as any, making him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. His scales are thick and coated in scars from different fights and training incidents, with the most prominent scar being a slash down his right cheek, given to him by a bounty hunter from Ne'haer.

Varlum speaks with a low voice, almost growling and hissing with every word. Despite it, however, the man knows how to have fun, enjoying some of the simpler things in life such as physical training and time spent at a tavern, or with his friends. Due to his past with bloodshed, he has little space for mercy, especially for those that cross his friends. Due to how much he has seen, his reaction to fear is to fight, and it takes a lot to scare the man. Varlum can, without meaning to, act unnecessarily cruel to those that have wronged him in any way.

Pre-initiation : Varlum spent no time around his parents as a child, as both were soldiers out fighting. As such, the young Ithecal was raised by his uncle, seeing his parents once an Arc if he was fortunate. However, that caused no trouble for the young Thiussum, as his Uncle became more of a parental figure than his actual parents. Both of them would spend a lot of time Smithing together, yet even from a young age Varlum aspired for more than just the forge. What he created, he always wanted to use. Even when his creations were poor, the Ithecal would test them in the garden of his uncles house, based Ne'Haer. This trend continued until the Ithecal hit the age of ten, when he finally decided to act on it.

Training with a simple axe that him and his uncle had made together, Varlum found his interest growing constantly. Before he knew it, he was spending as much time in the garden training as he was in the forge. Varlum had a natural talent for his axe, slicing through his imaginary opponents with ease, his technique far from perfect - yet better than most his age. As much as his uncle didn't approve of his choice, the boy decided that he would start working on his weapon technique and leave his smithing on the side, instead of the opposite being true. At the age of thirteen, the boy started training with a few friends of his uncle, all of which soldiers. One, known as Thalror, was an incredibly powerful warrior long ago. As such, he took the boy on board, promising to teach him the secrets that he had learned over his time as a soldier.

By the age of fifteen, Varlum had found a true talent for the use of his axe, training every day in preparation for being a soldier. However, hen ever got the opportunity. During one training session between the two, a group of five soldiers from Ne'Haer came over and asked to talk to Thalror. Thalror went over to them, not one to break the laws he'd enforced in his time in the military. Varlum overhead them ask about a stolen weapon, one that was said to be very valuable and very powerful. Both Varlum and his uncle waited patiently as the man in question denied any knowledge of the weapon. One guard gave a nod to the other, and from nowhere a punch was thrown, slamming in to Thalror. But the eight foot tall Ithecal was barely phased by the blow, instead looking down at the guard with a vicious snarl. Immediately, three jumped on him, the other two rushing for Varlum and his uncle. While his uncle was no fighter, the time in the forge had increased his strength massively, enabling him to take down one of the men. But one rushed past, attempting to grab Varlum as a hostage.But the young Ithecal found himself compelled to fight.

With a loud war cry, Varlum's axe planted in to the man, causing a scream of pain and terror. Without hesitation, the boy tore the axe out of the man, before planting it in again - finishing him with a blow to the skull. But he wasn't done. Varlum immediately made his way to the other opponents, one of which was launched in his direction. As the man hit the floor, face-down, Varlum slammed his axe in to the back of his spine. Eventually, all five attackers had been killed. But that didn't sort out the problem at hand - all of them would now be wanted. Thalror told them that they had to flee Ne'haer, and all agreed without hesitation. Immediately, they packed their things and left, leaving nothing behind but some bodies.

Many trials passed, and they found refuge in some humans that took them in. Their house was too small, so the men and women tried to make their stables as homely as possible. But Varlum had no intention of staying. So two gifts were given to him, the first publicly by Thalror. A broad axe, one better than Varlum could ever make. He said that it had been his once, and that it would serve him well should the time come that he needed it. Then, Varlum's uncle took him out on a small walk and told him what the sword the guards had been looking for had been - a creation of DustForge. As a parting gift, Varlum was initiated in to the Magic, with the promise that his creations would one day be legendary. Then, with his new magic, Varlum set on his way

Post-Initiation : Eventually, the Ithecal made his way to Ivorian, a place he'd heard many tales of yet never visited. When he arrived, he started work in a forge to earn a wage, as well as taking up mercenary work on the side. However, his safety was anything but guaranteed, as he soon found out. Days after Varlum left, his uncle and Thalror were killed in the night. That same killer came for Varlum, a season later. While he was working late at the forge, a customer came in. When Varlum asked what they wanted, the man quickly thrust a knife out from under his clock, slashing across the Ithecals face. Backing up in pain, Varlum grabbed for whatever he could find, grabbing a hammer from the side of the table and smashing it over the mans head. As the man was knocked back and to the floor, Varlum didn't go for a weapon. Instead, he landed on the man and snapped his vicious jaws around the mans head, crushing it.

Immediately the man feared for his life, feared that he might get caught and in trouble. Almost on queue, three guards came in the shop, armed and ready. Yet their weapons lowered when they saw Varlum, not raised, and they checked if the man was alright. Once all had been sorted, the body removed by another Ithecal, a small biqaj man told Varlum that they had been sent be Ethelynda. An Immortal called Aeva had her eyes on the man, and had specifically asked Ethelynda to keep himself from the assailant that had been sent after him. So the Immortal of Protection had made such a deal.

From that day forth, Varlum owed his life to Ethelynda, but more specifically Aeva. He joined up with the Ivorian military to pay back his debt to Ethelynda, and has spent every day worshipping Aeva ever since, often devoting weapons he's smithed to her. Now, he does military work alongside his Smithing, his worship continuing.

Varlum lives in a simple house, but one that is fitting for someone of his size. Residing in Ivorian, the Ithecal keeps his house fairly simple, only having what he needs in it to survive and thrive with his work. To any non-ithecal, the house seems abnormally large, but to Varlum and his people the house is almost too small.

Knowledge & Skills

SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Axes and Bludgeons: Broad Axe (8)25/100 (25/251)Novice
Detection (1)2/100 (2/251)Unskilled
Dustforge (1)5/100 (5/251)Novice
Endurance (2)25/100 (25/251)Novice
Research (1)2/100 (2/251)Unskilled
Smithing (7)25/100 NA: FTNovice
Strength (7) 25/100 (25/251)Novice

Knowledge : Axes and Bludgeons - Broad Axe: Overhead slash
Axes & Bludgeons (Broad Axe): A chop to a spine usually kills (AG)
Axe - Broad Axe: Incredibly heavy
Axe - Broad Axe: Momentum causes damage
Axe - Broad Axe: Can be used to bludgeon
Axe - Broad Axe: Careful of footing
Axe - Broad Axe: Height makes striking easier
Axe - Broad Axe: Trying to break chain

Detection: The sound of huddled men speaking suspiciously together (AG)

Discipline: Working through minor pain.

Endurance: Taking deep slashes
Endurance: Repeated hammering over an anvil (AG)

Research: Testing your own creations of any skill (AG)

Smithing: Smelting metal
Smithing: Pounding out impurities from molten metal (AG)
Smithing: Forging with Cobalt
Smithing: Sharpening a Blade
Smithing: Cobalt looks Nicer than Iron
Smithing: Cobalt is Easy to Work With
Smithing: Making a Sword

Strength: Carrying an axe
Strength: Struggling against attackers.
Strength: Resisting binds
Strength: Using full body weight
Strength: Using your jaw strength
Strength: Throwing a human off
Strength: Necessary for Working in a Forge

Magic Knowledge : Dustforge: Initiation

Skill Point Ledger

Record all of your Skill Point Expenditure here.

Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Endurance [RB} 25[RB] 2500
Starting Package 500050
Axes and Bludgeons - Broad Axe ..2030
Dustforge ..525
Smithing..25 00
Axes and Bludgeons - Broad Axe (AG) 44..
Detection (AG) 22..
Research (AG) 22..
Strength (AG) 33..
Gator-aid (Part One) 10..10
Gator-aid (Part Two) 10..20
Crafting Crocodile 10..30
Strength ..228
Axes and Bludgeons - Broad Axe ..17

Marks Section
Marks : Nope
Abilities : 
Knowledge : 

  • Good Broad Axe
  • One set of clothing (adaptable as per race, though for humanoid races, this will include a coat or cloak, shirt or blouse, pants or skirt, undergarments, and a pair of boots. All clothing is standard quality)
  • One Set of Toiletries: Soap, A comb or brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste,
  • One waterskin
  • Two sets of eating utensils
  • Tinderbox

Starting Package ... 100gn
Good Broad Axe 80gn ...
Being paid ... 5gn
... ... ...
... ... ...

Total Currency: 0 ON, 25 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN

Renown Ledger
Item/ ThreadRenownTotal
Starter Renown (AG) 17 17
Making a sword 5 22
... ... ...
... ... ...

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