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Rynata Ki'Oriq

Postby Rynata » Fri Feb 23, 2018 1:35 am

Rynata Ki'Oriq

Name: Rynata Sirin Ki'Oriq

Age: 20 arcs

Race: Biqaj

Date of Birth: Arc 698, 8th of Ashan

Profession: Ferryman

Marks: N/A

Factions Joined: Merchants Guild, Isonomia

Languages Spoken: (Fluent) Common (Broken) Rakahi, Common Sign, and Scalveen

Other: Has a mild case of randomly occurring olfactory synesthesia.


Rynata is on the smaller end for a Biqaj and her general demeanor communicates gentleness. Coming from a seafaring background, her physique is athletic, allowing for smooth and precise movements. Her complexion is dark from the many hours spent outdoors and her long black hair is usually swept back into a loose braid with the escaping strands obscuring distinctive pointed ears. Strong brows accentuate her blue green eyes whose color shifts constantly like light filtering through calm waves. Strangely, there is a wispy vapor clinging about her hair, looking rather like the mists of spring. The longer she stays still, the more mist swirls into view.

She is wearing simple clothes consisting of long black pants, black boots, a loose white shirt, and a fitting vest. A splash of decorative color comes from the blue sash around her waist. Fluttering in her hair is a speckled feather and when visible, she is wearing a gold armband set with precious stones.

PersonalityUntrue to the popular stereotype of the carousing Biqaj, Rynata is calm and soft spoken. Still, while she may be less boisterous than some of her people, this fails to make her any less friendly than the most welcoming of her kind. She has a carefree sense of humor and a love for making people, including herself, smile. In fact, one of her greatest virtues is her kind heart, this being the most common reason for her getting involved in people's business. Rynata is also perceptive and insightful, often relying on intuition as much as logical thought. Being a romantic, her heart soars at the idea of daring rescues, impossible escapes, and golden adventures sailing the seas. When she is not careful, these combined traits cause her to appear dreamy and whimsical.

Rynata's main vice is greed. Though she likes to think that this does not interfere with her as a person, money is always attractive. Furthermore, underneath her pleasant mannerisms, Rynata has a problem with authority. She tends to even out the stage, favoring the underdog and cheerfully ignoring any cumbersome restrictions along the way. Valuing her own will and freedom, she sees these liberties as extended to others as well. She believes that structure is necessary but that those exercising authority should remain humble and not be blatant about their supposed power. Therefore, in Rynata's case, one is far more likely to get better results and get in her good graces if they ask instead of order.

Born as Sirin to the fishing family of Qy'Ufnaj, Rynata grew up as the youngest child surrounded by family in a busy but peaceful lifestyle. It was a constant rhythm of the clan setting out on fishing trips and returning to bustling ports to market their wares. From a young age she watched others perform their various duties and quietly absorbed some of their expertise. Rynata herself was often at her mother’s side who led navigation at sea and managed the family’s ledger. However, some of her favorite moments out at sea were relaxing under the bright stars to listen to the evening stories her father would spin. There were tales of great adventures and haunting mysteries. Rynata suspected that some were extravagant versions of her father's personal experiences.

And so, under the care of patient adults and forever teasing three older brothers, Rynata grew old enough for the rite of passage where she came to be known by her new name. The obvious choice was to continue life with her family, but Rynata wanted to explore different prospects. This was the first chance at her own freedom without the protective circle of her clan. A chance to make a name for herself like in her father's old stories. Most of her family was skeptical at what seemed a youngster's foolish dreams, but for whatever reason, her father was supportive and blessed both her rite and independence. It probably helped that her brothers' strong leadership within the clan helped put to rest any unease about the future of the Qy'Ufnaj. Consulting her father on her new alias, the two came up with the appropriate titles. Ki’Oriq, fitting for a hopefully flourishing merchant clan, and Rynata, which her father laughingly approved for his dreamer of a daughter. His final gift to her was an heirloom dagger. Though in recent years it had not seen use aside being the occasional useful tool, if her father’s wild tales were anything to go by, it must have seen more exciting days in his youth.

With her new found independence, her family set her ashore at Scalvoris to continue on her own way. Arranging for her to have enough supplies and tools of the trade, her family said their goodbyes and sailed off, leaving Rynata alone for the first time.

Home sweet home, The Gilded Siren. A one-masted sailing sloop with a mainsail and jib rigged fore and aft. The sloop has a small hold and living quarters under the deck. A humble hammock is strung up below deck. The center of the room is taken up by a small table and accompanying chair. A simple shelf is secured on the side wall. A lantern is hung from a hook above while a chest in the far corner of the room holds the rest of its owners' belongings.
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Rynata Ki'Oriq

Postby Rynata » Fri Feb 23, 2018 1:38 am


SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Seafaring50/100 (75/251)Competent
Business Management50/100 (75/251)Competent
Detection50/100 (75/251)Competent
Navigation13/100 NA: FTNovice
Swimming10/100 (10/251)Novice
Fishing 3/100 (3/251)Novice
Negotiation25/100 (25/251)Novice
Blades (Daggers)10/100 (10/251)Novice
Intelligence10/100 (10/251)Novice
Medicine10/100 (10/251)Novice
Linguistics10/100 (10/251)Novice
Storytelling2/100 (2/251)Novice

A-D : Acrobatics
Acrobatics: Dodging a collision
Acrobatics: Balancing on one foot
Acrobatics: Dodging a lunging attack
Acrobatics: Breaking a fall with one's arms
Acrobatics: Catching a flipped coin
Acrobatics: The importance of balance on a ship

Animal Husbandry
Animal Husbandry: Playing with a cat
Animal Husbandry: Picking up a small animal
Animal Husbandry: Knowing what a cat eats
Animal Husbandry: Allowing an animal to get used to one's presence

Blades (Daggers): Executing a close quarters parry

Cutlass: Feinting

Business Management
  1. Business Management: Keeping accurate records of Nels is crucial (AG)
  2. Business Management: Investing in tools of the trade
  3. Business Management: Taking advantage of what is provided
  4. Business Management: Keeping the customer happy
  5. Business Management: Remain professional
  6. Business Management: Filling out documents
  7. Business Management: Receiving proper paperwork
  8. Business Management: Identifying the most effective customers
  9. Business Management: Consider the placement of your business
  10. Business Management: A fledgling location can provide many opportunities
Business Management: It's important that you know who is in charge
Business Management: Always go speak to the person in charge
Business Management: A gratuity for new customers is incentive

Caregiving: Reassuring someone
Caregiving: Comforting someone in tears

Cartography: The practice of mapmaking
Cartography: Accurate measurements are key
Cartography: Monsters are just designs?!

Climbing: Climbing the ratlines
Climbing: Hanging off the side of a ship

  1. Detection: Recognizing confidence
  2. Detection: Recognizing unease
  3. Detection: Recognizing a shrewd negotiator
  4. Detection: Loose floorboards
  5. Detection: Feeling someone's gaze
  6. Detection: Spotting useful resources for a contraption
  7. Detection: Spotting important details about your companions
  8. Detection: The scent of herbs
  9. Detection: Noticing someone’s range of activities
  10. Detection: Spotting objects in the snow
Detection: Listening for movement behind a door
Detection: Determining the temperament of an animal
Detection: Noticing details about someone by their manner of clothing etc
Detection: Spotting scars
Detection: Noticing someone's wounds from afar
Detection: Inconsistencies in appearance and measurements
Detection: Note your surroundings
Detection: Spotting incoming wind out at sea

Discipline: Sticking to a thankless task
Discipline: Withholding selfish comments
Discipline: Working together as a team
Discipline: Not looking into the pretty lights
Discipline: Breaking out of hypnosis
Discipline: Listening to parents
Discipline: Caution is overrated
Discipline: Remaining calm after a scare
Discipline: Saying something even when you feel awkward
Discipline: Looking past anger

Drawing: A child's scrawls

E-H : Etiquette
Etiquette: Showing concern for someone's comfort
Etiquette: Congratulating someone with new children
Ettiquette: Knock before you enter
Etiquette: Thank people for their hospitality
Etiquette: Greeting someone and being clear why you're here
Etiquette: Greet your group
Etiquette: Being civil during teamwork
Etiquette: Inappropriate profanity

Endurance: A day of manual labor
Endurance: Carrying heavy objects
Endurance: Being pushed backwards by a gust of wind
Endurance: Surviving a flaying
Endurance: Swimming a long distance
Endurance: Enduring cold waters

Fishing: The difference between a nibble and a bite (AG)
Fishing: Casting a fishing net
Fishing: Setting a baited trap box

Gambling: Placing bets

I-L : Intelligence
Intelligence: Taverns are hubs of information
Intelligence: Records as potential sources of information
Intelligence: Tying available information together
Intelligence: Identifying lack of supporting evidence
Intelligence: Collecting information from individual sources

Investigation: Missing persons
Investigation: Following someone's last known trail
Investigation: When discretion is advised
Investigation: Identifying unclear
Investigation: Interviewing potential sources of information
Investigation: Looking at the surrounding area
Investigation: Strange natural phenomenons

Leadership: State a clear case
Leadership: Treat your charges well
Leadership: Put suggestions forward to the group leader
Leadership: Speak your mind clearly and kindly
Leadership: Understanding group dynamics
Leadership: The election of a leader

Linguistics: The Scalveen accent
Linguistics: Pirate Tongue (Modern Scalveen) has elements of Rakahi
Linguistics: Phonetic alphabet
Linguistics: A written language
Linguistics: Basic lessons in Rakahi

Logistics: The most efficient way to clear away rubble
Logistics: Organized work leads to long term results
Logistics: The need for money and working hands

M-P : Medicine
Medicine: Changing bandages
Medicine: Disinfecting wounds
Medicine: Checking for signs of infection
Medicine: Raft bandage
Medicine: Keep burns wet
Medicine: Identifying the severity of burns
Medicine: Removing clothing from sites of injury
Medicine: Breathing for patients who cannot

Meditation: Sitting in silence
Meditation: Focusing in one’s breathing
Meditation: Concentrating on an object
Meditation: Helping to heal the soul
Meditation: Calming down after a traumatic event
Mediation: Deciphering one's emotions

Navigation: Sensing the direction of the ocean
Navigation: Sea birds usually mean land is nearby (AG)
Navigation: Recognizing friendly stars around Scalvoris
Navigation: Navigating icy waters
Navigation: Following the coastline
Navigation: Reading maps of city streets
Navigation: Determining current location in relation to astral bodies
Navigation: Identifying useful stars
Navigation: The four cardinal directions
Navigation: Traversing Ol'Tucks

Negotiation: The nature of negotiation is a game
Negotiation: Disperse tension
Negotiation: Know what is valuable to the other
Negotiation: Setting a general price for offer
Negotiation: Agreeing trade discounts
Negotiation: Considering your location
Negotiation: Looking to serve your community
Negotiation: Setting your eyes on the reward

Persuasion: Subtle flattery
Persuasion: Presenting reasonable arguments

Philosophy: Though different and unique, people are connected
Philosophy: Good people being prepared to do the right thing

Psychology: The implications of making someone wait
Psychology: People like compliments
Psychology: Fear of death is often fear by association
Psychology: Being alone is different from being lonely

Q-T : Resistance
Resistance: Experiencing hallucinations
Resistance: Recovering from hallucination experiences
Resistance: Hypnosis by Siren Lights

Rhetoric: Eye catching slander

Running: A quick start

  1. Seafaring: Determining points of sail
  2. Seafaring: Gauging apparent wind
  3. Seafaring: Setting a cautious pace
  4. Seafaring: Hauling in the sails
  5. Seafaring: The passenger limit of a sloop
  6. Seafaring: Sailing a sloop
  7. Seafaring: A steady course
  8. Seafaring: Lower the anchor to keep from drifting
  9. Seafaring: Know your limitations - and that of your companions
  10. Seafaring: Pulling up along other crafts
Seafaring: Sailing up river

Singing: Traditional Scalveen song (The Tunawa Captain)

Socialization: Recovery from an awkward introduction
Socialization: Cake is better when shared
Socialization: A friendly chat
Socialization: Asking about someone's occupation
Socialization: Exchanging gifts

Sociology: Differences in atmosphere between locations.

Stealth: Eavesdropping
Stealth: Maintaining appropraite distance when following
Stealth: Do not follow into one way streets
Stealth: Conversing away from prying eyes and ears
Stealth: Finding a good hiding spot

Swimming: Kicking back to the surface
Swimming: Diving
Swimming: Coming up for breath
Swimming: Holding one's breath underwater
Swimming: Keeping one's head above the waves

Storytelling: Exaggeration often improves a story (AG)
Storytelling: Choosing a story appropriate to the audience
Storytelling: Taking on an enigmatic tone
Storytelling: Stories often contain morals and values
Storytelling: Telling your own backstory
Storytelling: A summary
Storytelling: Including easy to understand stereotypes
Storytelling: Capturing a scene in a drawing

Strength: Putting weight behind an exerted force
Strength: Carting a heavy wheelbarrow
Strength: Weight distribution helps ease the strain
Strength: Lift with the knees
Strength: Pushing is more effective than pulling
Strength: Hauling boats
Strength: Fighting against rough waters

Tactics: Know when to keep quiet
Tactics: Using a lever to move heavy objects
Tactics: Using a net to subdue
Tactics: Cheat better than your opponent
Tactics: Knocking your enemy back by swinging down from above
Tactics: Be friendly but ready for anything
Tactics: Presenting courses of action
Tactics: Someone has to do it

Non-Skill Knowledge
World : Faction: The Merchants' Guild
Faction: The Elements
Faction: Order of Adunih
Faction: Isonomia
Faction: NPC Group, The Gunvorton Consortium

Culture: Scalvoris, 1st of Ashan
Customs & Festivals: Scalvoris (HI)
Laws: Scalvoris (HI)
Layout: Scalvoris (HI)
Customs & Traditions: Biqaj (HI)
Race: Biqaj (HI)
Creation Legends: Biqaj (HI)
History: Biqaj (HI)
Creatures : Creatures: Siren Lights hypnotise their prey with lights
Creatures: Oriand, Amaris' and now Rynata's cat
Magic : Becomer: Magic user
Becoming: Dangerous to the mother and unborn child
Flaying: Mage consuming someone's soul
Thirst: A mage's desire for more
Location : Scalvoris
Location: Scalvoris, Almund
Location: Scalvoris, Faldrass
Location: Scalvoris, Scalvoris Town
Location: Scalvoris, Havadr
Location: Scalvoris, Gunvorton
Location: Almund, Port Diablo
Location: Almund, Almund Bazaar
Location: Almund, The Glass Tree
Location: Almund, O'Rourke's
Location: Almund, The Element Hall
Location: Almund, The Scalvoris Sapphire Inn
Location: Gunvorton, The Home and Hearth
Location: Scalvoris Town, Order of Adunih Outpost
Location: Scalvoris Town, The Cabin Boy
Location: Scalvoris Town, Scholar’s Nook
Location: The Cabin Boy, prints rubbish
Location: Faldrass, Serenity Garden

People : Family
Andres Qy'Ufnaj: Father
Aren Qy'Ufnaj: Mother
Ramsey Qy'Ufnaj: Eldest brother
Anton Qy'Ufnaj: Older brother
Korim Qy'Ufnaj: Older brother

Friends and Acquaintances
Amaris: Councilor of Natural Affairs
Amaris: Works with Faith
Hookor: Studies medicine at the academy
Faith: Healer of the Order
Faith: In Isonomia
Faith: Mother of twins
Faith: Doesn’t care much for travel by water
Madison: Faith’s child
Noah: Faith’s child
Qit'ria: The Becomer who Flayed me

Scalvoris NPC
Jacien Raque: Master of the Bazaar
Sherkel P. Filliman: First mate
Sherkel P. Filliman: Retired veteran
Sherkel P. Filliman: Potential smuggler
Whitler: Shady salesman
Ripi: Waitress at O'Rourke's
Dunha: Waitress at O'Rourke's
Raeburn: Bartender at O'Rourke's
The Cat (Princess): O'Rourke's cat
NPC: Shania

Immortals : Immortal: Chrien (HI)
Immortal: U'frek (HI)
Immortal: Treid (HI)
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Rynata Ki'Oriq

Postby Rynata » Sun Mar 04, 2018 4:17 am

Marks Section
Marks : N/A
Abilities : 
Knowledge : 
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Rynata Ki'Oriq

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Assets : 
  • Sloop (The Gilded Siren)
    • 1 x Hammock
    • 1 x Gangplank
    • 1 x Small Anchor
    • 1 x Small table
    • 1 x Chair
    • 1 x Chest
    • 6 x Plates (assorted)
    • 2 x Eating knives
    • 1 x Set of toiletries
    • A small, beautiful bowl. (Blue with white swirling designs of waves while the inside is a glossy black. Almost unbreakable and highly functional.)

Business : 
  • Almund Bazaar permit
  • Yellow (Adept) Merchants Guild token

Consumable : 
  • 1 x Week’s worth of dried food rations
  • Small vial of truth serum (lasts one break)

Documents : 
  • 1 x Map (Scalvoris)
  • 1 x Map (Sweetwine Woods) This map is water proof and its parchment never ages
  • 1 x Map (Treasure Map) A gift from Ben. A treasure map in a scroll case.

  • Old Dusty Journal - First Mate Sherkel P. Filliman

Tools : 
  • 1 x Fish smoker
  • 1 x Tinderbox
  • 1 x Waterskin
  • 1 x Lantern
  • A coin purse (A gift from the University. Any amount of coin may be stored and retrieved.)

  • 1 x Spyglass
  • 1 x Compass
  • True North Gem

    Fisherman's Kit
  • 1 x Common Pole
  • 2 x Small Fishing Net
  • 1 x Trap Box (Screened to allow water flow but keep caught fish inside)
  • 1 x Tackle Box (Reinforced treated wood, with nemerous fold out compartments)
  • 20 x Hooks of various sizes
  • 50ft Common Fishing Line
  • 20 x Lead Weights
  • 10 x Pre made Leader Clips
  • 1 x Pouch of Dried Tadpoles
  • 1 x Worm shovel
  • 1 x Jar of Fish Eggs

Wardrobe : 
  • 1 x Set of Clothing (long black pants, black boots, loose white shirt, fitting vest, warm cloak, and blue sash)
  • Enchanted Boots (Changes and swirls in color to match the wearer's wardrobe)
  • Garish Coat (Excessively embroidered and fancily cut from a bright shade of red. Doesn't suit the wearer but she still feels confident in it)

  • A multicolored feather (Speckled white, black, and gold, this feather protects the wearer from feeling the cold though not any damage from it)
  • Gold Armband (Molded to snake around the upper arm and set with a star sapphire and black pearls)

Weaponry : 
  • 1x Dagger (Well crafted with a dark blade and hardened leather sheath.)
  • 1x Combat knife (A masterwork, small, easily concealed blade with serrated edges.)
  • 1x Cutlass (An extravagant straight, medium length blade with a darkened sheen. The hand guard is a sturdy but elegantly crafted thing.)
  • 1x Cutlass (A masterwork. Slightly curved blade with a looping, sliver hand guard.)

  • 1x Spear (A good spear with a straight blade. The other end is tipped with rounded metal so as to allow non-lethal blows.)

  • 5x Javelin (Simple javelins for throwing)
  • 15x Throwing Daggers (Small throwing daggers with variously balanced weights)

  • 1x Leather armor (A masterwork. Black leather armor that's flexible, light, and durable.)

Other : 
  • A glowing pebble (A small pebble that glows with a soft yellow light)
  • (One clue from Pegasus)
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Rynata Ki'Oriq

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Coin Purse
Starting Package ... 20GN
Bet2SN ...
718 Cylus Wages ... 360GN
718 Cylus Expenses18GN ...
Guild membership100GN ...
Drink2SN 5CN ...
Odd Job...100GN
Memory NPC x550GN ...
718 Ashan Wages...2091GN
718 Ashan Expenses104.55GN...
Investigation Payment...300GN
Found treasure...2000GN
... ... ...

Debt: 300
The pc will pay no expenses for the season of Ymiden in one job 5% discount to business construction
Total Currency: 0 ON, 4598 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN

Skill Point Ledger

Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Seafaring [RB} 25[RB] 250
Starting Package 500050
Blades (Daggers) ..1040
Intelligence ..1030
Medicine ..10 20
Negotiation..10 0
Fishing3 AG3 0
Navigation3 AG3 0
Business Management2 AG2 0
Storytelling2 AG2 0
New Beginnings10..10
There and Back Again10..20
Scalvoris Language LoyaltyScalveen (broken)..5
King of the Bazaar10..15
Sherkel P. Filliman10..15
Not So Friendly Neighbors10..10
Novice LinguisticsCommon Sign (broken)..0
The Customer is Sometimes Right10..10
Help From Near and Far10..20
Hook, Line, and Sinker10..30
Proper Leverage10..40
Fish You Were Here?15..55
Swash and Buckle10..65
Nameless But Not Forgotten10..75
Helping Hands15..90
The Crossroads15..105
Business Management..2382
Gently Down? The Stream10..92
Old Acquaintances, New Friends?15..107
Bright Lights, Siren Lights10..67
Beasties Over the Edge10..77
First Bloom of Spring15..67
Under Scrutiny15..22
Something In the Sweetwine Water20..42
Glitters is Gold10..52
Business Management..502
The Language of the Waves10..12
The Hunger15..27


Point Bank
Cylus Approval+1212
50 Renown+5062
Ashan Approval+120182
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
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Rynata Ki'Oriq

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Animal Companions
  • Caravel (A Sous Sniffer tortoise with a strong sense of smell that can track down plant based ingredients.)
  • Oriand (A silky black cat with wide, feminine, sea green eyes.She has a bright patch of white fur on her chest.)

Memory NPCs
Andres Qy'Ufnaj : Race: Biqaj
Date of Birth: Arc 672, 15th of Ashan
Skills: Negotiation 20 Cutlass 30 Leadership 30 Storytelling 10 Fishing 10
Appearance: A tall, lanky man with a wide smile and ever changing emerald green eyes. His medium length dark brown hair is usually tied back, away from his face. He has some old scars that litter across his arms.
Personality: Almost perpetually bright and cheery. A charismatic being with a kind heart, though in his youth he was rather unruly and bold. Andres is always ready to forgive and is deeply devoted to his family. However, he still has some boyish sense of adventure and abandon that has never really left him.
Relationship to PC: Loving father
Other: In his youth, Andres was a briefly lesser known pirate in the southern seas. After running away as a boy and falling in with a pirate crew, he quickly charmed his way up to captain from cabin boy. Local taverns would often be entertained with tales of The Southern Kingfisher, a fancy title earned on one of his many exploits. Incidentally, these adventures were how he met his future wife and eventually settled down with his family. None of his children know of his pirating past, though they expect he must have been some sort of adventurer.

Aren Qy'Ufnaj : Race: Biqaj
Date of Birth: Arc 672, 28th of Cylus
Skills: Tactics 30 Daggers 30 Seafaring 30 Navigation 10
Appearance: A woman of average build with long black hair and vigilant dark blue eyes. Her thick brows draw one's eye to her face which always seems to be stern and aloof. Her hands are elegant but constantly stained with ink.
Personality: Cool headed and mature, Aren is always thinking several steps ahead. She is a proud woman who holds her head high and has little to say to those outside her familiar circle. To those she is close to, she shows another side by teasing them with harmless banter.
Relationship to PC: Loving mother
Other: Aren was formerly known for pirating and her association with pirates. She was a rather well respected tactitian and navigator within that circle and was sought after by many a ship, as she never remained with one for very long. Settling down after starting a family, none of her children have any idea of her wild past.
Ramsey Qy'Ufnaj : Race: Biqaj
Date of Birth: Arc 690, 5th of Zi’da
Skills: Fishing 30 Navigation 20 Seafaring 20 Swimming 20 Cooking 10
Appearance: Though tall and wiry, Ramsey's movements somehow manage to be graceful and quick. He has brown hair that's secured with a bandanna. His bright green eyes peer out at the world with quiet amusement.
Personality: As a hardworker, Ramsey always has something to keept him busy. He is a composed peacemaker that has inherited his father's looks and his mother's enigmatic sense of humor. As a result, he has developed a penchant for theatrics at odd moments.
Relationship to PC: Older brother
Anton Qy'Ufnaj : Race: Biqaj
Date of Birth: Arc 691, 21st of Vhalar
Skills: Cartography 30 Business Management 30 Fishing 20 Navigation 20
Appearance: Anton is of average height with short, dark hair and blue eyes. His expression is often serious and thoughtful. He is a little more pale compared to the rest of his family due to his lifelong preference for indoor activities.
Personality: Taking after his mother's more grounded approach to life, he is quiet but always alert. It may surprise some to know how quickly he can turn from model citizen to scheming brat, as he enjoys accompanying his brother on various wild adventures.
Relationship to PC: Older brother
Other: His twin brother is Korim.
Korim Qy'Ufnaj : Race: Biqaj
Date of Birth: Arc 691, 21st of Vhalar
Skills: Business Management 30 Tactics 20 Seafaring 20 Negotiation 20 Storytelling 10
Appearance: Korim is of average height with short, dark hair and blue eyes. Though he has gone well past the arc of his right of passage, he never seems to lose his mischievous grin. He has a long scar running up from his ankle to his knee, courtesy of one of his many misadventures.
Personality: Refusing to take anything much seriously, Korim chooses to use his own intelligence for his own amusement. He's a quick thinker who is just as quick on his feet and has the knack for reading others like an open book.
Relationship to PC: Older brother
Other: His twin brother is Anton.
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Rynata Ki'Oriq

Postby Rynata » Sun Mar 04, 2018 4:24 am

Thread List
718 Cylus
1stNew Beginnings...Graded
4thThere and Back AgainJob Thread 1Graded
16thFrozenCylus QuestOngoing
26thKing of the BazaarJob Thread 2Graded
27thSherkel P. FillimanStarting Quest P1Graded
29thNot So Friendly NeighborsStarting Quest P2Graded

718 Ashan
1stFirst Bloom of Spring...Graded
5thHelp From Near and FarVolunteering 1Graded
5thNameless But Not ForgottenVolunteering 2Graded
6thProper LeverageVolunteering 3Graded
8thComing of Age...Ongoing
11thThe Customer is Sometimes RightJob Thread 1Graded
11thDon't Get Tide DownDreamOngoing
13thThe CrossroadsStarting Quest P3Graded
27thHelping Hands...Graded
31stHook, Line, and SinkerOdd JobGraded
32ndGently Down? the StreamJob Thread 2Graded
35thOld Acquaintances, New Friends?...Graded
40thUnder Scrutiny...Graded
50thDropping Anchor...Ongoing
55thThe Hunger...Graded
85thSomething in the (Sweet) Wine WaterSeasonal QuestGraded
85thFish You Were HereSeasonal QuestGraded
100thGlitters is Gold...Graded
---Swash and BuckleMemoryGraded

718 Ymiden
1stRemembranceDock MemorialOngoing
25thDiverging PathsIsonomiaOngoing
35thWelcome to Scalvoris...Ongoing
71stFor Safety's Sake...Pending
78-80thDancer DistressEventOngoing
82-83rdIce, Ice, BabySeasonal EventOngoing
---Beasties Over the EdgeMemoryGraded
---Bright Lights, Siren LightsMemoryGraded
---The Language of the WavesMemoryGraded

718 Saun
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Medals: 3
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