Amaris Nyme

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Amaris Nyme

Postby Amaris » Mon Mar 27, 2017 6:54 pm


age : 21 arcs
date of birth : 120 Vhalar 697
gender : genderfluid
race : mixed blood ( ellune + eidisi + sev'ryn )
profession : council seat of natural affairs + cally's veterinarian
location : scalvoris, proper
factions joined : order of the adunih - hoodless green cloak
partners : none
languages spoken :
fluent common, murnasian *
basic ancient language

* multilingualism racial ability ( eidisi )

APPEARANCETall is a bit of an understatement when one looks upon Amaris. While this is not incorrect, it does not encompass the composite of inherited features that have been passed on to the mixed blood child. Although, it isn’t like they mind. Being tall has its perks, they would think. They reach, roughly, near seven feet tall--give or take an inch. They tend to slouch just a little, though they’ve been meaning to fix that for quite some time. A bad habit that subtracts from their height, really. Amaris has a decidedly not as muscular as their Ellune blood would dictate, but there is still a hint of that within their frame. They lean somewhere between an ectomorphic and mesomorphic body type. Not a totally bad thing, but their posture and the inevitable attempts at correcting it tends to mess with that assessment in some ways. Their skin is a tawny brown like the hide of a doe, with cool jewel undertones. They were fortunate to not get the blue tinting of their skin, although in some lights the tone may be closer in color to terra-cotta. But that’s about as close to a tinting of any kind they would ever get.

Amaris’ face is shaped similarly to that of a diamond. Their visage is comprised predominantly of angular features. The set of their jaw could be considered strong, almost square in shape though not quite. Their nose is about average sized, and by no means takes up a majority of their face. It turns up slightly, which some studies have shown to be an attractive look. Flattering, but not too important to the mixed blood. Their eyes are wider set and protruding, appearing a little bigger than they actually are. This is furthered by slightly larger pupils and smaller irises, as brought on by their Eidisi heritage. Their eyes are, though, of a dark and earthy tone that is almost the same color as their pupils in most lighting. In much brighter lights, their eyes may be considered closer in hue to zircon. Amaris’ eyes are accentuated by somewhat prominent cheekbones, adding to the angular features of their face.

Unlike their Ellune ancestors, Amaris’ hair is not rough. In fact, it’s near a silky texture and straight. Their hair, however, does tangle quite easily. It stops at about the middle of their back when left loose, closer to being shoulder length when braided. Their hair is a silvery, grey with the occasional peppering of black hairs. They, though, have been known to dye it on occasion, so it is not uncommon to see them with a lighter shade of pink or blue in their hair. At one point, they had lopped off their hair just to see what would happen. Oddly enough, it was a deep black color for a few trials before becoming a lighter grey than it had ever been. The coloring evened out, eventually, and they were back to having silvery strands of hair. They usually keep their hair in a hair bun or experiment with braids of all kinds, though they do tend to fumble them often. Messy works to describe it, really.

Amaris’ voice tends to be described as fruity and somewhat matter of fact. While their voice may reach a higher octave with each tier of their excitement or annoyance, they remain mildly pleasant to listen to. It is not often that one would take in their higher alto dulcet tones and see it as grating. Their voice tends to be closer to soprano and much softer in the presence of authority figures or those that have some authority over them, while coming off as deeper around peers and friends. One would even go so far as to say that their speech style also changes. While they’re more sure of their words, crisp and clear, they do tend to slow down and use larger words if the other party is someone of repute or is of great merit to them. With those they are closer to, they’re much more likely to use slang and speak quicker.

scars : 
none at the moment
injuries : Mapping the Ice Caves: Trial 1 ( Ashan 13th 717 )
    A number of minor cuts and abrasions from the ice wolf. They have been treated but will take up to 10 trials to heal fully
The Ice Caves of Ishallr: Trial 3 ( Ashan 15 717 )
    Toxic Dust : Amaris breathed in a toxic sample of dust. This is something which is going to lie dormant until Ymiden, but at some point in Ymiden (your choice) she will start to notice mild bouts of nausea which last, off and on, for a five trial period. After that Amaris will start to experience grapheme-color synethesia.
    Frozen Hand : Where Amaris’ hand and arm froze will continue to be painful for some time. Careful medical attention will mean that Amaris regains full control and use of said arm. However, the arm will always have a strange appearance, with veins which look like ice is flowing through them and a general appearance of it being slightly frosted over. Bizarrely, though, the side effect of that is that Amaris will not feel the cold again. In a cold place, they can tell that it is cold, but it simply does not affect them anymore.
Rescuing Pigeons from a Cat ( Cylus 15 718 )
    Injuries from Amaris' fall will persist for 14 trials. Mental trauma will last however long it needs to until she sees a therapist.
A stab in the Dark ( Ashan 10th 718 )
    A bump on the back of the head, a gnarly bruise on the hip, and another bruise on the elbow - all of which should heal fairly quickly without any serious issues
Something in the (Sweet) Wine Water? ( Ashan 85th 718 )
    Because of their exposure to the strange ether-soaked winds of The Tree, the pc has experienced a strange mutation. Amaris' mutation is that they now have hair which changes colour regularly, at random intervals and for no discernible reason. It glitters and shimmers, also. Alongside this, Amaris discovers a small patch of skin on their body (behind their left ear) which is rough and coarse. It feels like incredibly dry skin, but no amount of moisturizer will help. It's itchy and uncomfortable.
tattoos : Amaris has several tattoos that can easily be mistaken for henna. They are, however, bluish in color and span from her fingers to her forearm. They remain contained in that area, and can easily concealed if needed, though whatever is used to conceal them may just as easily rub off their skin. The patterns are generally floral in design, with repeating shapes and curves as is customary of nature.

PERSONALITY Amaris has a thirst for knowledge. One could say it’s the Eidisi blood in them, but you’d never really know. Not until you’ve met them. The drive for knowledge is about as important as basic necessities for them, a staple in their life. Their curiosity, though, can get the better of them in most cases and lead to trouble. Not that they really mind, of course. They’re in a constant pursuit of learning something new, even if it happens to be mundane information or useless to them in some way. Amaris wishes to know everything there is to know, even with the knowledge that one cannot learn all things. But as the saying goes, “A jack of all trades, master of none, is better than a master of one.”

Part of learning about and from others is to simply listen and watch. Amari can be good at that. They can sit still for hours to simply watch people as they pass, or even to just listen to conversations drifting around them. Being observant and patient, to them, is key. As well having respect for things around them. The mixed blood has a habit of staring at people, keeping eye contact all throughout a conversation. Some would see this as unnerving, given the way their eyes look to begin with. When they do finally look away, they tend to pick up on little habits here and there that people may not be aware they’re doing. Little things, really, but enough for Amaris to have further insight on how a person may behave. This applies to the animals they study, as well. Their principle is that you cannot disturb the natural order of things, and thus they try to immerse themselves in the natural environment with as little intervention as possible. You gotta have respect for the creations of the Immortals, right?

Amaris has been known to be fairly self-deprecating. It’s not so much that they don’t have confidence in their abilities. By all means, they know how intelligent they are. It’s a fear of that potential and what they can do with it. Or, more accurately, the fear of not knowing what to do with it. There are a wide range of things they could do, given the newfound scholarly reputation of Scalvoris. There’s just so much to learn, really. And on some rare occasions, they mess things up on purpose because they believe something is bound to go wrong at some point so why not just speed up the inevitable. It’s a rare thing, but it happens and they just can’t seem to help it. Most of the time, though, they need some kind of impetus to get them to really voice their opinions and thoughts, other than being directly spoken to. It’s really only in heavily academic areas that they seem to develop an apprehension towards voicing their thoughts.

Most would see the mixed blood as being polite to the point of being almost contemptuous. Like they think themselves better than others. This, of course, is not the case. Getting to know them, one finds that they tend to be a lot more personable the closer you get to them. Amaris was simply taught it was good to have manners and it pretty much stuck. They don’t even really swear. If they ever did, it’s likely that they’d turn all kinds of red and seek to bury themselves in a pit. Or they’re extremely aggravated, which isn’t likely to be publicly seen. Even while pissed off in the public eye, they maintain a polite and respectful persona. They smile and say their “sir”s and “ma’am”s all while fuming. Once the interaction is over, they calm themselves through whatever means are readily available.

Amaris’ mixed lineage is one that is very plainly recorded. Their mother was a Sev’ryn, on the quest for her familiar. Nothing too out of the usual, but she had somehow found herself in Scalvoris. The Pirate Lords still ruled then, making it all the more perplexing as to how their mother had managed. The Sev’ryn adapt fairly easily to most, if not all, environments and Scalvoris was no different. But, she had help.

Yanis had the good fortune of attracting a mixed blood already living within the city. He claimed knowledge of the area and that he would be the optimal guide for her quest. She, of course, believed Lorin. He was part Ellune, after all. He assured her that she would be safe with him. And so she was. Once Yanis’ quest was over, she decided that she would quite like to stay in Scalvoris a little while longer. Not in the city, though. She and Lorin retreated back to the trees, where she felt safest. The Dabi Uaya ceremony was held off for an arc while the pair sorted things out.

Amaris was born two arcs after their union, a bouncing bundle of joy. And they felt that said joy bundle was not safe in any proximity to Scalvoris Proper and the Pirate Lords. They did their best to keep Amaris, and their twin brother, from most went down in Scalvoris. As it was, Amaris lead a very sheltered life. It was not, however, boring. Yanis and Lorin were quite capable of keeping their children in awe of the nature around them. The two took their children on regular field trips, though they were merely walks through the trees. They point out flora and fauna, and this is perhaps where Amaris’ interests became so clear.

Much like Lorin, Amaris developed a hunger for knowledge that plague them to this day. In light of the Pirate Lords disappearing, there’s a whole lot to learn about.

Starter Quest
You find that the normal plethora of cats disappear once a month or so- the numbers slowly build back up on the streets and alleys around your house, before dropping back down to nothing.

What's causing it? Where are the poor kitties going?

family : Father
Name : Lorin Nyme
Race : Mixed Blood ( Ellune/Eidisi )
Status : Alive

Name : Yanis Nyme
Race : Sev’ryn
Status : Alive

Name : Samir Nyme
Race : Mixed Blood ( Ellune/Eidisi/Sev’ryn )
Status : Alive
friends/acquaintances : something will go here
enemies : something will go here
npc : something will go here

Amaris’ housing is a quaint apartment, a neat 400 sq ft. Nothing deviates from the standard, in that it is furnished with a bed, two chairs, a table, two knives, a set of six plates, a chest, and a fireplace. Other than that, she has a much-used filing cabinet that looks fit to burst and a desk cluttered with papers. She usually organizes once a season, or when the situation gets a bit too cluttered. It’s not uncommon to find stray animals taking residence in her apartment every so often if it becomes too cold to stay outdoors.
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Amaris Nyme

Postby Amaris » Mon Mar 27, 2017 6:59 pm


mark : something
details : something
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Amaris Nyme

Postby Amaris » Mon Mar 27, 2017 7:03 pm


skill name pts acquired total pts spent proficiency
Research (RB) 22/100 22/251 Novice
Meditation (RB) 5/100 5/251 Novice
Etiquette (RB) 5/100 5/251 Novice
Teaching 15/100 NA:FT Novice
Animal Husbandry 26/100 27/251 Competent
Animal Training 50/100 75/251 Competent
Medicine 26/100 27/251 Competent
Discipline 26/100 27/251 Competent
Field Craft 5/100 5/251 Novice
Detection 26/100 27/251 Competent
Drawing 5/100 5/251 Novice
Linguistics 5/100 5/251 Novice
Polearms (Naginata) 50/100 75/251 Competent
Endurance 26/100 27/251 Competent

total skill points : 139
skills : 
locations : scalvoris
  • scalvoris town : terrain and surrounding landmarks ( GR )
  • common flora of scalvoris ( GR )
  • common fauna of scalvoris ( GR )
  • a very odd place
  • common weather themes
  • glass temple
  • leonard and marge’s underground lair
  • elements hall
ice caves of ishallr
  • many corpses have been found
  • many strange phenomena
  • benches teleport you
immortals' tongue
  • the Immortals walk here?
  • unique flora, fauna and monsters
  • very odd weather
  • main camp
  • now has four portals
scholar's nook
  • feels homey
order of aldunih
  • living quarters
language : 
linguistics: novice
language difficulty level of proficiency
Common ( SP ) Easy Fluent
Murnasian ( SP ) Easy Fluent
Ancient Language ( SP ) Hard Broken

people : pc
  • faith
    • attended scholars nook
    • remembered as expert healer
    • works as a doctor for the Order of the Adunih
    • wants to help others
    • paid for your tuition and purchased your books
    • believes in hopeful, new beginnings
    • partner to padraig
  • padraig
    • a scholar
    • faith's special flower
  • niv
    • a tunawa
  • anos
    • attended the scholar's nook
  • arwel
    • good for snuggling
    • aukari
  • kali'rial
  • pash
    • was at sea during Cylus
    • better at noise and trouble
  • volker
    • a murderer
    • a cannibal?
    • knows quite a bit about anatomy
    • didn't kill them
    • oor
      • volker's companion
      • a spirit
  • nalin
    • has a disease called Ink Bloom
    • has a sister
    • first time fainting from the disease
    • overworks himself
  • sephira
    • a kind teacher
    • patient
    • uses a saber
    • carla
      • ghost child of the ice caves
    • cassander of rynmere
      • hid among his own people to find an usurper
    • galena
      • head of the Order of the Adunih in Scalvoris Town
    • jackson eclipse
      • not a chatty fellow
      • rough with his words
      • your guide
      • dead
      • has a sense of humor under there
      • has lots of useful equipment
      • jug which pours constant hot water
      • jumped in front of the spider-snake to save you
      • thinks we're all someone's "special flower"
      • tried to jolly you along
    • james witchbane
      • insulted religious people in a council meeting
    • jo'ne
      • mayor of scalvoris town
    • kris
      • He looks to be in his mid fifties
      • he wears a sword at his hip and carries a crossbow.
      • is a friendly, chatty fellow.
      • although he is an experienced archaeologist, this is his first time on Immortals' Tongue.
      • he has a temper and doesn't like feeling mocked.
      • he is cautious
      • he likes to record and observe.
      • he is a competent tracker / hunter
      • he appears to be very anti-slavery
      • he can pick locks.....
      • he ignores good advice
    • leonard
      • tied you up
      • made you his pet
      • likes kitten stew
      • cat-pimp?
    • marge
      • has a crossbow named Francine
      • Francine sings
    • reza
      • overseer of the shrines on the immortals' tongue
    • rolf
    • sylvia
      • works as a receptionist in element hall
    • trey arnold
    • zach
      • enthusiastic and then some
      • expedition leader
    race : eidisi ( GR )
    race : ellune ( GR )
    race : sev'ryn ( GR )
    race : tunawa
    • moving plant
factions : 
order of the adunih
  • a good place to learn healing and work with other healers
  • medics, doctors and surgeons, Idolas wide
misc. : 
  • ashan 717: tornadoes in scalvoris town
  • moss zombie disease
    • a real thing
    • only affects boys?
  • lisirra's plague: moss zombies?
  • ink bloom
    • genetic
  • monster: ice tiger
    • vulnerable to warm bars
  • monster: ice wolf
    • shatters
  • monster: moss zombie
    • only boys?
  • ilaren's trial
notes for self : 
skill/knowledge requirements
novice: 10 ( 1:1 ) - 0-25
competent: 11-21 ( 2:1 ) - 26-50
expert: 22-32 ( 3:1 ) - 51-75
master: 33-59 ( 4:1 ) - 76-99
grandmaster: 60 ( 5:1 ) - 100

language requirements
  • broken
      easy: 1 knowledge learning/practicing, 25 points
      medium: 2 knowledge learning/practicing, 35 points
      hard: 3 knowledge learning/practicing, 40 points
  • conversational
      easy: purchased broken, 2 specific knowledges, 30 points
      medium: purchased broken, 3 specific knowledges, 40 points
      hard: purchased broken, 4 specific knowledges, 50 points
  • fluent
      easy: purchased conversational, 3 specific knowledges, 35 points
      medium: purchased conversational, 4 specific knowledges, 45 points
      hard: purchased conversational, 5 specific knowledges, 55 points

linguistic skill advantages
novice: 2 easy languages to broken, free; max 4 languages
competent: 2 easy or medium languages to broken, free; or move easy or medium languages to conversational, free; 1 language to conversational, free; max 8 languages
expert: any 2 languages to broken, free; 2 learned languages broken --> conversational/conversational --> fluent, free; max 12 languages
master: 2 languages to broken, free; 2 learned languages broken --> conversational/conversational --> fluent, free; max 16 languages
legendary: 2 languages to broken, free; 2 learned languages broken --> conversational/conversational --> fluent, free; max 20 languages
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Amaris Nyme

Postby Amaris » Mon Mar 27, 2017 7:16 pm

coin expenditure : 
Starting Package ... 100 gn
Scribe’s Kit 18 gn 82 gn
First Aid Kit 22 gn 60 gn
Herbalist Kit 45 gn 15 gn
Filing Cabinet 6 gn 9 gn
Student Study Desk 5 gn 4 gn
Cylus Wages ( Tutor ) ... 124 gn
Ashan 717 Academy Fees ( Animal Husbandry ) 100 gn 24 gn
Cylus Wages ( Assistant ) ... 144 gn
Mount Hire ( Sandspeck Chase -- 10 trials ) 100 gn 44 gn
Large Bag, Waterproof Light Duty Canvas 4 sn 43 gn 6 sn
Order of the Aldunih Joining Fee 10 gn 33 gn 6 sn
Reward Money 50 gn 83 gn 6 sn
The Ice Caves of Ishallr: Trial 3 200 gn 283 gn 6 sn
Ymiden 717 Academy Fees ( Animal Husbandry ) 100 gn 183 gn 6 sn
Ymiden 717 Academy Fees ( Medicine ) 100 gn 83 gn 6 sn
A Cut Above the Rest 37 gn 46 gn 6 sn
Small Renown Reward ... 346 gn 6sn
Something in the (Sweet) Wine Water? ... 646gn 6sn
currency : 0 on 646 gn 6 sn 0 cn
skill point expenditure : 
Starting Package 5 Research, 15 Teaching, 10 Animal Husbandry, 10 Medicine, 10 Discipline 0
Approval Reward 5 Field Craft, 2 Medicine, 2 Research 0
Mapping the Ice Caves: Trial 1 ... 20
... 5 Animal Husbandry, 5 Medicine 10
Naming Strays ... 20
... 12 Animal Husbandry 8
Focus ... 17
... 5 Detection 12
Floors aren't as comfortable as they look ... 27
... 5 Medicine, 5 Drawing, 5 Linguistics 12
Standing on the shoulders of giants? ... 25
Ice Caves: Trial 2 ... 45
Now, where is that cat? 60
Order Arising 75
The Ice Caves of Ishallr: Trial 3 95
Digging In the Ruins 1 ... 115
Digging In the Ruins 2 ... 115
Preparation, Prevention, and Protection ... 130
In the Wake ... 145
... 22 Detection 123
Rescuing Pigeons from a Cat ... 138
Stay Mute or Raise Your Voice ... 153
Longest Night in Cylus ... 173
The Weight of Living ... 183
Tides of Change ... 203
Let's Get Down to Business ... 218
Relief Effort ... 228
Sandspeck Chase ... 243
For Dummies ... 253
A Cut Above the Rest ... 263
A Stab in the Dark ... 273
Good Knife and Sweet Dreams ... 283
... 5 Medicine, 27 Polearms, 17 Discipline, 27 Endurance 207
First Bloom of Spring ... 222
... 48 Polearms 174
Birds of a Feather ... 184
One Bird, Two Bird ... 194
... 75 Animal Training 119
Something in the (Sweet) Wine Water? ... 139
items : 
  • starting package ( city dweller )
    • 1 x set of clothing ( coat, shirt, pants, undergarments, boots )
    • 1 x set of toiletries ( soap, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste )
    • 1 x waterskin
    • 2 x sets of utensils
    • tinderbox
  • scribe’s kit
    • 1 x vial of black ink
    • 1 x vials of ink ( red, yellow, blue )
    • 1 x vial of ink thinner
    • drying powder with sachet
    • 10 x vellum sheets
    • crude paper
    • fine paper
    • 5 x extra nibs
    • 1 x reservoir pen
  • first aid kit
    • 3 x bandages for casts
    • tourniquet set
    • 6 x wooden splint braces
    • 1 x bundle ( 15 ) cloth bandage strips
    • 12 x bandage hooks
    • jar of healing jelly
    • folding burner/brazier assembly
    • boiling pot
    • vial of burning fuel
    • cauterizing iron ( 5 tip sizes )
    • needle set ( curved and straight )
    • 50’ spool of thread
    • precision tweezers
    • precision scissors
    • large vial of antiseptic alcohol
    • sponges
    • sling
  • herbalist kit
    • hand shovel ( small and large )
    • hand spade ( small and large )
    • box-framed sieve
    • reinforced cloth gloves
    • wrap-around goggles
    • knee pads
    • hand hoe
    • hand saw
    • hand soil loosening tool
    • long-handled shears
    • tool belt
    • pump spray bottle
    • pruning shears
    • root digger
    • collection pouch
  • Household Items
    • filing cabinet
    • student studying desk
  • samples from trial 1 of the ice caves
    • samples of Mushrooms x 3
      (One about 5 inches and completely transparent with a wide cap. The second type was tall and thin with a tiny cap ~ that one was mostly white with tiny brown speckles on it. The third and final kind was tiny; large enough that Niv could carry it without too much bother. It was bright red and shiny with white spots on it.)
    • samples of Ice x 5
      (red, yellow, green, blue, purple) ~ this remains ice, even after you have left the caves
    • 5 x samples of plant
      (bright blue berries, yellow leaves, tall spiked, purple flower, pink all over)
    • samples of ice sculptures –the food
    • samples of the water in the ice sculpture glass
  • samples from ice caves: trial 2
    • 1 x sample of water from the river
    • 3 x ice berries
    • 1 x sample of wood (dust) from the cart
    • 1 x sample of black ash ice
  • loot from ice caves: trial 3
    • 1x domain bag
    • 3x small pocket-size sacks of warm sand
    • 1x boot ( previously jackson’s )
    • 1x ruler
    • 1x set of winter gear
  • loot from the ruins
    • 1x map of Immortals’ Tongue
    • 1 x sample of moss (dead)
  • loot from Something in the (Sweet) Wine Water?
    • 1x Bowl of Soul: You find, on your journey back, a small bowl has made its way into your pack. It is a beautiful bowl, of a design of your choice. It is also almost unbreakable. I mean, if you drop a house or mallet on it, then it's going to break, but trial -to-trial, it doesn't lose shine / sheen, is always functional, easy to clean. It's lovely.
    • 1x Cavani's Cloak
  • gifts
      from Faith
      • ashan academic fee ( medicine )
      • 3x books on medicine
prized possession : metallic tags that indicate their chosen gender for the day

  • 1x naginata + sheath

pets  : 
  • 22x cats

  • 2x crows
    • Icarus
    • Uriel
spider - black, purple spiral on back
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Amaris Nyme

Postby Amaris » Mon Mar 27, 2017 7:24 pm

718 : 
  • Stay Mute or Raise Your Voice
    • date : 3rd
    • participants : nalin
    • status : completed
    • points : 15/15
  • Let's Get Down to Business
    • date : 4th
    • participants : sephira
    • status : graded
    • points : 15/15 + renown
  • Leggo My Eggo
    • date : 6th
    • participants : lavana
    • status : ongoing
    • points :
  • Counting Crows
    • date : 8th
    • participants : maxine
    • status : ongoing
    • points :
  • Rescuing Pigeons from A Cat
    • date : 15th
    • participants : volker
    • status : completed
    • points : 15/15 + renown
  • Frozen
    • date : 16th
    • participants : moderated - pegasus ; tio, rynata
    • status : ongoing
    • points :
  • Doctor, Doctor
    • date : 17th - 22nd
    • participants : qit'ra
    • status : ongoing
    • points :
  • The Longest Night of Cylus
    • date : 30th
    • participants : moderated - aegis ; kura, faith, padraig, volker, lavana
    • status : completed
    • points : 20/15 + renown


717 : 


dreams : 
  • Doorways
    • date : Ashan 2
    • participants : narav
    • status : ongoing
    • points :
memory : 
  • Thread Name
    • date :
    • participants :
    • status :
    • points :
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