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Kura Wolfsdotter

Postby Kura Wolfsdotter » Sat Jun 25, 2016 12:24 am

Kura Wolfsdotter

Name:Kura Wolfsdotter, Kura Mareth

Age: 124

Race: Mortalborn (Sev'ryn/Immortal)

Date of Birth: 7th of Cylus, 594

Marks: Velduris

Languages Spoken: Fluent Common, Basic Atvian

Point Bank Ledger

Starting +393 393
Nights Glow Gem -160 233
Loong delayed purchase +116 349

Current Balance: 349 PB

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Kura Wolfsdotter

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Kura can most easily be described as unobtrusive, a pale young woman with medium length black hair standing just barely 5'11". Her eyes, however, are what catch people's attention, for they are an icy blue that give her a piercing gaze that almost seems more like that of a wild animal than a human. Her posture varies depending on her surroundings. In more civilized, urban environments, she tends to slouch slightly, keeping her knees bent and her back hunched over somewhat, her eyes usually turned towards the ground slightly. In more rough and wild terrain, she has a more confident bearing, standing to her full height and tending to more frequently make eye contact.

Thanks to a mutation that occurred during an incident in the Sweetwine Woods Kura now has long talon-like claws on her fingers. She also has toenails that drop off at apparently random intervals. When they do, under the toenail in question really really itches for about three days before it drops off. It drops off whole and then regrows over the course of two days. They regrow entirely random (and therefore, mismatched with each other) colours.

Fracture Scars

Kura has a long, shining scar running from her just above her right wrist to just below her right shoulder. This scar is permanent and will still appear even if she changes form somehow.


Kura's personality varies somewhat depending on her surroundings, with some constants. In towns and especially cities, where crowds and the trappings of civilization are dominant, Kura is withdrawn and shy, rarely daring to voice an opinion unless she knows she's correct. In the wild, she more confident and bold, much more willing to comment on what's going on or even take charge. This also extends to how she thinks of herself. In the cities, away from the wilds, she thinks of herself more as Kura Mareth, the daughter of a Sev'ryn warrior who is out of her element. Once away from the trappings of civilization, back in the wilds she is more comfortable in, she thinks of herself more as Kura Wolfsdotter, the child of the Immortal of the Hunt.

However, there are consistencies between the two extremes of Kura's personality. Her sheltered upbringing has left her with little knowledge of the world and it tends to show as she can be somewhat oblivious and naive in regard to new cultures. Her background as an Imperial also shows through, as she also tends towards impatience with what she views as the lack of order and discipline in many cultures. Despite her sheltered upbringing, Kura is not an innocent. She is fully aware of the difficult choices people have to make under pressure and the poor results that can result from that pressure as well as the evil that can lurk under the surface of even the most familiar. But at heart, Kura is a good person who desires to keep people safe and tends to ply her skills to that end.

Mortal Born Approval Story

Beoric leaned against a tree, holding the wound in his side. He had been tracking a group of bandits that had been preying on the nearby villages, but he had gotten careless and a group of them had surprised him. He had gotten away, but only just and the wound in his side was still bleeding. But he couldn't give up, not when some of the villagers had been taken by the bandits. Grimacing, he tore some of the cloth from his coat and used it as a makeshift bandage, wrapping it tightly around his chest to cover the wound and hopefully slow the bleeding.

Grunting in pain as he tightened the wrap, Beoric knew he had to get back to it and reached down to pick up his bow. "You're too injured to continue after them." said a voice and he looked up in surprise. In front of him was a brown-haired woman in furs, a heavy crossbow in her hand. She looked young, but her eyes said otherwise, the depth of the experience and pain in them far beyond the years he saw in her face. "Go back to town. Your death will serve no one." she said, before she turned away from him.

Beoric knew she was right, but he didn't care. Picking up his bow, the sev'ryn pushed away from the tree and headed in the direction of bandits, the same way the woman was now headed. At the sound, she turned back to face him with a questioning look. "Didn't you hear me? You'll get yourself killed if you keep this up." she said, her tone more confused than cold or lecturing.

Beoric grunted and kept walking. "No I won't. I don't have time to die, not while those bandits are still roaming free." he said as he passed her before he forced himself into a job. He heard the woman take off after him, but he didn't say anything to her, nor she to him. He was profoundly grateful, talking would take up energy he needed for the hunt.

The two moved as quietly as possible, but Beoric was slowing, the wound taking its toll. The woman pulled ahead of him without a backwards glance, but he was grateful for her help, if help it was. He realized she had never said what she was doing here, but if he helped take out these bandits, he didn't really care either. It wasn't that long before they found the bandits hideout, a small cave hidden in a cliffside. They could see the women they had taken from the village tied up inside.

"Well, time to get to work." Beoric said, drawing an arrow and setting it to his bow. The woman nodded and drew a crossbow bolt, but motioned for him to wait. She seemed to be looking for something, so he obeyed, though the delay chaffed. After a moment, the woman grinned, a rather eerily feral expression and Beoric started as he realized that she had fangs. However, that paled compared to what happened when she fired. Her crossbow bolt flew normally at first, and the bandits ducked for cover. However, the bolt swerved in midair, going around a poorly constructed wooden wall to pierce the chest of one of the fiercer looking bandits with enough force to drive him to the ground.

Drawing and firing his bow as the bandits rose in a panic, Beoric realised that this woman was either an Immortal or the servant of one, a feeling only intensified when she drew no more bolts but kept firing regardless, her bolts simply appearing on her crossbow as wolves burst from the forest around them to savage the bandits who were not felled by bolt or arrow.

Yet the battle, short as it was, took its toll on the Sev'ryn. With each arrow fired, he wound hurt more and more. By the end, his vision was gray and he could barely stagger to his feet. "We...won....now...we can....free the...villagers..." he panted as he took a few, stumbling steps forward before tripped and fell to the ground as his vision went black.

When Beoric awoke, he was still in a forest, but not a forest he had ever seen before. No forest on Idalos had leaves that green, nor did any have a canopy so thick it blocked all sight of the sky. Yet despite that, he could see as clearly as if the light came out of the trees themselves. After a moment, he looked around and saw that he was laying on a bed of moss, comfortable enough that even the most pampered noble would have no complaint about sleeping on it. And sitting across a small clearing from him, her back against a tree, was the woman who had helped him hunt the bandits.

"You're awake. Good." she said, smiling slightly, reaching down to pet a wolf who had laid its head on her knee. "You were dying. I brought you to my realm to heal. I am Karem, the Immortal of The Hunt." she said, her voice calm. Beoric started to speak, but she held up a hand. "You were willing to risk everything for those villagers. As it happens, they were of our land so I was there as well, lucky for them and you. But what made you take such a risk?" she asked.

Beoric thought for a moment, then spoke. "Milady, I know what it is like to lose loved ones to bandits. I would not have another suffer that pain while I could prevent it."

Karem considered his answer for a moment, then smiled and motioned into the forest. Shortly afterward, a silver-gray wolf with dark blue eyes emerged from the foliage and walked over to Beoric. "There are many who could use such a stalwart defender. If you will serve me, I will give you the power to aid them." she said.

Beoric considered the woman for a moment, then slowly nodded. He had heard of Karem and The Hunter was known as one of the few truly good Immortals, if wild and uncanny. At his nod, the wolf touched its nose to his and he felt her presence, for the wolf was a she, in his mind. After a moment, he felt the world warp around him and he was back in the woods of Idalos, his new companion by his side. Yet his mind lingered on Karem. She had expected her to look...more like a beast than a woman. True, she was not beautiful in the conventional sense, but he doubted he would ever get her out of his mind. Shouldering his pack, Beoric start the walk back to town, hoping to see Karem again before too long passed.

Kura's History

Born to the Immortal Karem and one of her Champions, a man named Beoric Mareth, Kura spent a lot of time as a child around both her parents. Growing up in the Imperial Palace in Korlasir, Kura also spent more time than most around not only Raskalarn, but also Valtharn, who was her own age. The two were close as children and were usually found together, though both were well-behaved enough to stay out of trouble, though they had their differences as well, with Valtharn being bolder and more arrogant than Kura.

Though both Karem and Beoric had their duties that kept them away from Korlasir for long periods of time, when they were at the palace they spent a lot of time with their daughter, frequently taking her out of the city on hunting trips. It was on one such trip, when she was fourteen, that she lost her father. Kura had strayed away from their camp, feeling safe in the woods and wanting to explore some nearby caverns. It was in one of these caverns that she stumbled across a wounded bear. The animal attacked her in a rage and though Kura fled, she wouldn't have been able to get away without her fathers intervention. Beoric drew the attention of the bear to herself, allowing Kura to escape at the cost of her own life.

The loss of her father weighed heavily upon Kura and she refused to leave Korlasir for nearly two years after the disastrous hunting trip. It was Valtharn who ultimately convinced Kura that she couldn't stay in Korlasir forever and though Kura still spent the majority of her time in the city, she did return to the woods and eventually found that she felt more herself away from the city than within it, to the point that when she began to experiment with her powers as a Mortalborn, she was delighted rather than dismayed to find that they took after mothers own wild nature.

As time went on, both Kura and Valtharn grew older and took on duties to aid in the expansion of The Eternal Empire. While Valtharn took to battle eagerly, Kura opted to take on a role in the government rather than the military. Though she found it confining, the Mortalborn found that she had a talent for sorting through and organizing information, and thus took on a role as a co-ordinator of the information from the separate regions and organizations that made up the massive empire she called home. Though she spent more and more of her free time in the woods, Kura was happy with her career and her life.

But it was not to last. On the 29th of Saun, 667, Valtharn betrayed The Eternal Empire, slaying her elderly father who had come to oversee her detainment and battling with Raskalarn before being defeated and exiled. Kura had gone to visit her friend in her detainment, to try and make sense of what Valtharn had done, and so she witnessed the traitor's murderous rampage and attempt at matricide. The sight shocked the Mortalborn to her very core and she began to doubt not only those around her but also herself. It was then that the dreams started.

The Sev'ryn were a people who known for the spiritual familiars that, though unseen, accompanied them through the world. Despite being half-Sev'ryn, after having spent seventy-three arcs without so much as a hint of the Sev'ryn dreams, Kura had assumed that her Immortal blood meant she would never receive a Sev'ryn familiar. Yet now the dreams haunted her, telling her that she didn't truly know herself, demanding that she discover who she really was.

After holding out for forty-nine years, during which the dreams grew more frequent and more intense, Kura finally yielded. Packing her backs, Kura wrote a note to her mother explaining why she was leaving, then snuck out of Korlasir in the middle of the night, heading for the border of the empire.

Velduris Sotry

Kura tapped her fingers against the stone rail of the balcony as she looked out over Korlasir. The sun was just setting and the city was calming down for the night. The Mortalborn was tired, but she knew she couldn't rest. Even if she was inclined to try, the thrice-damned dreams would just jolt her from her sleep as they had every night for the past seven Arcs. Shaking herself in irritation, Kura looked down at the letter in her hand and turned away from the balcony, walking back into her room and pausing by her desk to look over the letter she had written to her mother.

She had no doubt that her absence would be discovered and reported to both Empress Raskalarn and Karem, but Kura hoped that with the explanation in the letter, neither Immortal would be inclined to come looking for her. She knew was far too old to be running away from home like this, but she had no desire to start an argument when the outcome would be the same. She would leave Korlasir to go on a journey to discover who she really was. There was no avoiding that at this stage, though she half expected the answer would be the same one she got every time she looked in a mirror. Kura growled in irritation as she signed the note and set it on her desk. All she had to do now was wait until full dark.

Slipping out of Korlasir was relatively easy, Kura had practiced it several times. It helped that she was one of the ones who helped plan all the patrol routes. Looking back at the city as she shouldered her pack, Kura let out a sound that was somewhere between a sigh and a whimper. She had no real desire to leave the city, but unless she did, the dreams wouldn't stop, wouldn't leave her be until she bowed to their demands. Gritting her teeth, Kura turned her back on her home and marched into the forest.

The forests were dark, but she knew the forests around Korlasir by heart, especially where the damned bears rested, and she made good time. It wasn't until she was too tired to carry on any further that night that she finally curled up under the blanket she'd brought with her and went to sleep, a sleep untroubled by dreams for the first time in forty-nine arcs.

However, when Kura woke up, far later in the afternoon then she meant too, her mother was sitting next to her. Blinking in surprise, Kura sat up and looked warily at her mother, who just gave her a wry smile. "Forty-nine years and you never once thought to mention it to me?" she said, her tone more amused then angry.

Kura stared at her mother in shock, then sat back on her heels and gave a nervous laugh. "Y-you're not mad? For me sneaking out of the city like that?" she asked, hardly daring to believe.

Karem laughed and shook her head. "Mad? No. Surprised? Yes. You're a little old for sneaking out like that, Kura. But no, I could tell something was bothering you, something you'd have to do on your own. I won't ask what it is, or why you feel you have to leave the empire to do it. But I will ask why you didn't ask for help." she said, looking at her daughter with concern in her eyes.

Kura took a moment to think before she answered her mothers question. "I...I've been surrounded by people who knew who I was since I was born. The daughter of The Hunter, the daughter of a great champion, the connecting point for all the information flowing into Korlasir from the rest of the empire. But I spent so much time letting everyone else tell me who I was, who I had to be, that I never took time to figure that out for myself." she said, looking up at her mother. "And I can't...after what Valtharn did, I can't trust things just on the surface like that. I have to know, to find out myself, not just listen to what I'm told." she said, readying herself for an argument.

Instead, Karem just nodded and stood up as a charcoal black wolf with icy blue eyes emerged from the forest next to Kura. "Yes, I figured that's what you might say. It pained me to see you confined the way you were, and I don't mean your job. You hadn't grown at all since you were about twenty, and that was a bad thing. You're finally growing again. But I would help you bear this burden, so I ask that you accept my blessing, Kura." she said, looking down at her daughter with warm smile.

Returning the smile, Kura nodded and turned to face the wolf, who leaned forward and touched her nose to Kura's as the Mortalborn felt her mothers power enter her. Looking up at her mother, Kura stood up and hugged her, an embrace the Immortal return. "I'll be back. When I have my answer, I'll be back." she said, tearing up slightly.

Karem smiled at Kura and patted her shoulder. "And we'll be here." she said. Then air twisted and she was gone, leaving Kura to the journey she had to undertake

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Kura Wolfsdotter

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Skills & Knowledge


Skill NamePoints/100Total Points SpentSkill Level
Ranged Combat: Longbow 53/10075/251 + 3 VDExpert
Hunting 25/100 25/250 Novice
Politics 100/100 [FT] NA Legendary
Tactics 25/100 25/250 Novice
Investigation 25/100 25/250 Novice
Persuasion 25/100 25/250 Novice
Negotiation 25/100 25/250 Novice
Etiquette 25/100 25/250 Novice
Rhetoric 25/100 25/250 Novice
Endurance 25/100 25/250 Novice
Leadership 30/100 29/250 + 3 KR Competent


Skill A - M : 
A - C
Acrobatics: Drop and roll
Acrobatics: Maintaining balance on a sinking ship
Acrobatics: Climbing in and out of a capsized ship

Animal Husbandry
Animal Husbandry: Cats are Worse than Men

Animal Training
Animal Training: Keep an owl from biting you.

Appraisal: Weapons & weapon quality

Axes and Bludgeons
Axe: Quick draw during roll
Axe: Forward lunge lacks power
Axe: Duck to get closer in
Axes & Bludgeons: Using your axe to make entrances

Business Management
Business Mgmt: Supply and Demand of the Slave Trade
Business Management: Some business is a political statement.

Cosemetology: Work Wear
Cosmetology: Choose your outfit color carefully
Cosmetology: The Dress Maketh The Woman

D -F
Dancing: A nautical jig

Detection: Different types of scars
Detection: Using your Familiars senses
Detection: Noting small details in a large environment
Detection: Finding friends in crowds
Detection: Noting movements which might be a clue to profession
Detection: Spotting details
Detection: Looking around for clues

Discipline: Controlling ones own power
Discipline: The sight of ghostly ships
Discipline: Not being afraid of a giant, rotting chicken zombie
Discipline: Waiting for others to eat before you do
Discipline: Remaining calm in the face of death
Discipline: Sounding calm even when you're not
Discipline: Restraining yourself when you wake
Discipline: Avoiding drinks with undesired effects
Discipline: Always working, even when not on duty
Discipline: Ignoring a healer's suggestion to attend an important meeting

Endurance: Keeping focus on the trail for an extended period
Endurance: Ignoring pain during combat is made easier by adrenaline
Endurance: Training in hot weather
Endurance: Withstanding power drain
Endurance: Sudden drop of temperature to below freezing
Endurance: Very loud noises
Endurance: Don't talk while running
Endurance: Unlocking new Mortal Born powers hurts like hell
Endurance: The pain of a wound in combat
Endurance: Being healed in the field can be very painful
Endurance: The pain of fracturing
Endurance: Hitting your head
Endurance: Extended periods of pain make you pass out
Endurance: Mortalborn scars
Endurance: Pushing through magical weariness
Endurance: Face slashed open
Endurance: Falling down stone stairs

Etiquette: Military Etiquette: Ranks, titles etc
Etiquette: Means different things in different places
Etiquette: Using titles can be a sign of respect
Etiquette: Invite guests to where they are most comfortable
Etiquette: Surprise visitors are a good surprise!
Etiquette: Wedding etiquette
Etiquette: Not questioning military men when not a member of the military
Etiquette: Not forgetting your manners no matter how horrible a situation

Fieldcraft: How to pitch a tent.
Fieldcraft: Learning How to Handle the Cold from the Natives
Fieldcraft: Communicating in a storm
Fieldcraft: Surviving a sudden super-storm

G - I
Hunting: Following Tracks
Hunting: Tracking Wolves

Intimidation: Getting what you want through harsh words
Intimidation: Rank has it's privilege
Intimidation: It's easier to intimidate someone when you hold their life in your hands.
Intimidation: Speaking with authority
Intimidation: Throwing a torn out throat at someone

Intelligence: Gathering feelings about foreign lands
Intelligence: Finding out a general feeling
Intelligence: Generalizations often have nuggets of truth
Intelligence: Gather information from as many sources as possible
Intelligence: Gather information about allies skills and abilities
Intelligence: Gathering information before a hit
Intelligence: Identifying what information is necessary
Intelligence: Considering repercussions of actions.
Intelligence: No such thing as an inconsequential detail
Intelligence: Gathering intel on means of travel
Intelligence: Sharing the most important information

Interrogation: Clear, straight questions
Interrogation: Clear questions

Investigation: Going to the source of information to investigate
Investigation: Putting together aspects of a scene to determine the situation.
Investigation: Keeping an ear to the ground
Investigation: Considering all options for gathering evidence.
Investigation: Identifying the correct trail to follow

Investigation: Straight lines are meaningful trails
Investigation: Regional variations in behaviour.
Investigation: Check all possibilities in questioning, no matter how unlikely
Investigation: Use all available resources
Investigation: Keeping your witness calm and on your side.

Investigation: Keeping it simple
Investigation: When there are multiple scents, pick the most recent.
Investigation: Considering possible reasons when things don't add up
Investigation: Determining how clothing can change height.
Investigation: Asking the right questions
Investigation: Searching for hidden agendas
Investigation: Not forgetting to follow up on those others may have forgotten

J -M
Nell: Deserted
Nell: You judged her & found her innocent.
Leadership: Commanding a parrot
Leadership: Stating your non negotiables
Leadership: Undead stinky chickens obey commands
Leadership: Getting startled soldiers moving
Leadership: Leading a Wedding ceremony
Leadership: Using underlings for menial tasks
Leadership: Asking for status checks from subordinates
Leadership: Recognizing when it is time to rest and let others work
Leadership: Offering lesser punishments to those you wish to capture instead of kill
Leadership: Using urgency to ensure your orders are followed
Leadership: Making it clear what will and will not happen
Leadership: Recognizing when you're the most suited for the job
Leadership: Politely dismissing those who are out of line
Leadership: Point out the situation clearly
Logistics: Keeping records aids efficiency
Logistics: Planning to use all senses in an investigation
Logistics: Considering the consequences of actions and planning contingencies.
Logistics: Organising a governing council
Logistics: Seeing a big picture
Logistics: Making plans for your absence

Medicine: Long training in hot weather is a bad idea
Medicine: Calming a worried friend
Medicine: Distracting from panic attacks

Mount: Volarean
Skills: N - Z : 
N - P
Ne'haer: Layout
Ne'haer: Surrounding Area
Ne'haer: Housing Office Layout
Location: Rynmere
Location: Burning Mountains
Rharne: The Bronze Boar
Location: Ambrose Farm
Location: Rharne Prison
Location: Ciaran Langdon's Cell
Location: Sarah's Silks
Location: Scalvoris Town Council Hall

Negotiation: Lay out what you can offer
Negotiation: Be clear what you are not offering
Negotiation: Planning something mutually acceptable
Negotiation: Making sure that simple & elegant doesn't become over the top
Negotiation: Use others to strengthen your argument
Negotiation: Stepping between two people arguing with a witty remark

Persuasion: Ask before you demand
Persuasion: Tell someone you need their help first.
Persuasion: Give examples of why you're right
Persuasion: Use your age wisely
Persuasion: Putting forward an alternative viewpoint
Persuasion: Pointing out the difficulty of an impossible situation

The Eternal Empire: Culture
Rynmere: Army Insignias
Rynmere: Civil War During Saun 716
Elyna Burhan: Sergeant of Xiur Skyriders
Elyna Burhan: First Daughter of Pavoo Burhan
Pavoo Burhan: Baron of Burhan
The Immortals: Identities and Descriptions
Malcolm: Knight-Captain of Moseke
Immortal: Karem
Immortal: Raskalarn
Mortalborn: Valtharn
Elyna Burhan: Noblewoman
Elyna Burhan: From Rynmere
Valtharn: Princess
Valtharn: Traitor
Valtharn: From the Eternal Empire
Politics: The delicate situation of an outlying land
Politics: Managing change
Politics: Considering different viewpoints
Politics: Identifying weaknesses
Politics: Political allegiance is more than it seems.
Politics: New councils have "teething troubles"
Politics: Getting the "big picture" is important.
Politics: The reality of Imperial Rule
Politics: Notions of territory ownership
Politics: Identifying weakness in arguments
Politics: A moral question
Politics: Only the safety of your people is non-negotiable
Politics: Using historical political insight to understand the impact of a legal outcome
Politics: Gather help and form alliances
Politics: Clearly stated boundaries of role help political discussions
Politics: Setting the scene
Politics: Use local produce / goods
Politics: You have to know the place before you can affect change
Politics: Assassination is a fact of life
Politics: Acting as a political assassin
Politics: Avoid sieges if possible
Politics: The interconnected nature of political systems
Politics: Be prepared
Politics: Use all available resources
Politics: Harness good will.
Politics: Use intelligence gathered to ensure the best outcome
Politics: Rynmere Noble Houses
Politics: Dealing with Nobility as opposed to Royalty
Politics: Working with outdated information
Politics: The realities of slavery
Politics: The steps to political change
Politics: Rynmere's potential challenge to Scalvoris' sovereignty
Politics: Recognizing that a challenge may in fact be a clerical error
Politics: Preparing for the worst, hoping for the best
Politics: Informing a relevant ally of a potential situation
Politics: Some leaders require a more personal touch than others
Politics: Showing too much military might can be a sign of weakness
Politics: Leaders usually use a scribe to write letters, rather than their own hand

Psychology: Different Mindsets
Psychology: Pregnancy can be a Shock
Q -S
Ranged Combat
Archery: Longbow archery style.
Archery: Rapid-fire training
Archery: Endurance training
Ranged Weapon (Bow): Take aim whilst taking stock
Ranged Weapon (Bow): Aim for the face to debilitate and kill
Ranged Weapon (Bow): Heart shot
Ranged Weapon (Bow): Aiming at a torch held by a companion
Ranged Combat: Firing from a precarious position
Ranged Combat: Timing your shots
Ranged Combat: Using height for better accuracy
Deadeye: Can be used to overcome equipment deficits
Multi-Shot: Creates multiple arrows per shot.
Multi-Shot: The longer you hold, the greater the effect
Multi-Shot: The drain to charge the arrows is less than the drain of firing them
Multi-Shot: Many uses of this causes double vision, weariness, and pain in Fracture Scar
Mortalborn Abilities: Deadeye and Multi-shot can be combined
Mortalborn Abilities: Deadeye and Multi-Shot's energy can be reabsorbed
Mortal Born Power: Multi-Shot
Ranged Combat: Bow: Preparation is key[spoil]
[spoil]Research: Discovering discrepant information
Research: Getting information from sailors
Research: Extrapolating information from brief summaries
Research: Posing a theoretical question

Resistance: The alchemical knock out gas that tastes of honey

Rhetoric: Explaining things beyond the Mortal realm
Rhetoric: Explaining what you don't fully understand
Rhetoric: Analogy
Rhetoric: Explaining a fracture scar
Rhetoric: Letting them hear your anger
Rhetoric: Show them they lack honor
Rhetoric: Speaking the truth
Rhetoric: Pointing out the flaws in your opponents
Rhetoric: Displaying your intimate knowledge of details
Rhetoric: Compromising when able
Rhetoric: Staying on message
Rhetoric: Pausing to take a breath and calm down
Rhetoric: Showing your personal involvement in the cause you speak of

Seduction: A romantic meal
Seduction: Laying out your demands before a suitor
Seduction: Letting someone down politely

Sociology: Individuals behave differently in crowds
Sociology: Weddings are cultural celebrations
Sociology: Slavery is one word for a very complex reality
Sociology: Political debate occurs in many contexts
Sociology: Considering cultural idiosyncrasies in a political context
Sociology: Usual responses to government
Sociology: Thinking about panic attacks makes them more likely

Socialization: Guesting a house full of people and animals
Socialization: Clear exemplars
Socialization: Discussing uncomfortable topics in groups
Socialization: Using your familiar to listen in on conversations
Socialization: Stop bossing your friends
Socialisation: Breaking the ice
Socialisation: Teasing the newly weds
Socialisation: Weddings are followed by mingling
Socialisation: Putting people at their ease in a group

Stealth: Remaining still after returning to consciousness
Stealth: Concealing actions that take a while to prepare
T - V
Tactics: Imperial Tactics
Tactics: Military encampments and their layout
Tactics: Protect the camp, take no risks
Tactics: Protection is easier inside city walls
Tactics: City defence can be a matter of cost and profit
Tactics: Protect the innocent
Tactics: Clear communication is vital for tactical discussions
Tactics: Support what you want to succeed.
Tactics: Consider the enemy both without and within.
Tactics: Take things slow and smart.
Tactics: Using fire safely involves planning
Tactics: Ensure that you consider the possibility for friendly fire
Tactics: Planning how to get rid of moss as a team
Tactics: Considering your place in a team effort
Tactics: Getting higher up to get better a better view
Tactics: Having your familiar secretly escort a friend home
Tactics: Acquiring multiple points of sight
Tactics: Using covert actions when overt yield no results
Tactics: Speaking as a distraction for a covert action
Tactics: Prioritizing courses of action
Tactics: Taking out more important targets
Tactics: Luring out a Defier's guardian before striking
Tactics: Using slow, delayed attacks before quick strikes
Tactics: Using whatever resources are available in the moment
Tactics: Making a HUGE entrance to garner attention and distraction
Tactics: Pause before attacking, but be ready
Tactics: Use every resource at your disposal

Unarmed Combat
Combat: Unarmed (Wrestling): The tackle
Unarmed Combat: Ready position
Unarmed Combat (Boxing): Punching someone in the mouth
Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Biting out an opponent's throat
W -Z
Writing: Copying contents to spread information
Mortalborn Powers :  Speck: Owl Familiar
Parliament of Owls: Wonderful for getting LOTS of attention
Parliament of Owls: Able to feel the death of an owl in her grasp
Unshakeable Tracker: Golden glow
Unshakeable Tracker: Shows you all trails, you must determine the correct one
Unshakeable Tracker: Leaves a psychosomatic trail in your eyes.
Unshakeable Tracker: The Tracks of a Pregnant Woman
People A - Z : Cally
Cally: Doesn't want to move on
Cally: Feels indebted and a sense of service to you
Cally: Now a spirit
Cally: Wants to find a way to be able to interact with you and the world around her
Cally: Your, dead, slave from back home
Ciaran Langdon
Ciaran Langdon: Bounty
Ciaran Langdon: Escaped with the garbage
Faith: A free woman now
Faith: Can see and talk to spirits
Faith: Captured the Rharne Strangler
Faith: Embarassed by Lingerie
Faith: Is in love with Padraig
Faith: Marked by Famula
Faith: Not Married to Padraig Yet
Faith: Pregnant
Faith: The Human Slave
Faith: Tried to help Cally move on
Faith: Was owned by Jamal and Tristan Venora
Godric: A Mortalborn
Godric: Ability - Can control storms
Godric: Ability - Can make shields
Godric: Ability - Glowing Blue Hands
Inali: Edisi teacher
Inali: Joining the group to Lysoria
Malcolm: Investigating "Yoreth Black"
Malcolm: Man of Rynmere
Malcolm: On a quest from an Immortal
Malcolm: Possible Mortalborn
Malcolm: Prefers inns to camping
Malcolm: Seems geniuine
Nell: Defiant and proud
Nell: Sharp of mind
Niv: The Tunawa
Orrik: I know his face, though not his name
Padraig: A scientist
Padraig: Captured the Rharne Strangler
Padraig: Faith's Child is Not His
Padraig: Faith's lover
Padraig: Suggested Freeing Cally to help her move on
Padraig: Was studying physics in Andaris
Sev'ryn Familiar: Rahmet
Sev'ryn Familiars: Being alone is dangerous to them
Valka: Keen student, bad with names
Valtharn: Warrior Mage
Enemy: Valtharn
Albarech Brandel
NPC: Brandel
NPC: Brandel: Alberech
NPC: Brandel: Son of the Empire
NPC: Felicity
NPC: Felicity: Works for Scalvoris Council
General :  Aelig: Got Faith Preggo
Immortal: Aelig
Ain't No Barbarian Gonna Tell Me What to Do!
Scalvoris: Pirate Lords and the Navy left together
Scalvoris: Brandel is reporting the Empress
Scalvoris: Internal factions
Fauna: Northern Sea Wolf
Cassander of Rynmere: Hid among his own people to find an usurper
Councilor James Witchbane: Insulted religious people in a council meeting
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Kura Wolfsdotter

Postby Kura Wolfsdotter » Mon Jun 19, 2017 2:15 pm

Skills Point Ledger


Thread Award +15 15
Politics -11 4
Ranged Combat: Longbow -4 0
Thread Award +15 15
Thread Award +13 28
Hunting -7 21
Tactics -21 0
Thread Award +15 15
Investigation -15 0
Thread Award +15 0
Investigation -10 5
Tactics -2 3
Politics -3 0
Thread Award +15 15
Politics -15 0
Thread Award +10 10
Politics -10 0
Thread Award +10 10
Politics -10 0
Thread Award +15 15
Thread Award +15 30
Politics -30 0
Thread Award +15 15
Politics -7 8
Thread Award +15 23
Thread Award +15 38
Thread Award +15 53
Persuasion -25 28
Negotiation -25 3
Thread Award +15 18
Event Thread Award +20 38
Thread Award +10 48
Event Thread Award +20 58
Event Thread Award +20 78
Thread Award +15 93
Thread Award +15 108
Thread Award +15 123
Thread Award +15 138
Ranged Combat -46 92
Etiquette -25 67
Rhetoric -25 42
Endurance -25 17
Thread Award +10 27
Thread Award +15 42
Event Thread Award +20 62
Thread Award +15 77
Leadership -25 52
Event Thread Award +20 72
Event Thread Award +20 92
Bad News Bunny Travels Fast +15 107
Bonus EXP from above for Leadership 4 107
(Sweet)wine Water20127
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Kura Wolfsdotter
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Race: Mortal Born
Profession: Council Member
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Character Sheet
Prophets' Notes
Plot Notes
Medals: 4
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Kura Wolfsdotter

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Financials, Money Ledger & Items


ItemDebit/CreditBalance Notes
Loan -200 GN -200 To be paid off by Ymiden 717
Payment +200 GN 0 Paid off
Loan -7500 GN -7500 To be paid off by Ymiden 718
Payment +2000 GN -5500 To be paid off by Ymiden 718
Remaining Loan: 10 ON, 500 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN

Recurring Costs

ItemDebitPaid? Notes
Living Expenses (Commoner) x.10 Every Cycle ...

Money Ledger

ItemDebit/CreditBalance Notes
Starting Package +100 GN 100 GN Housing Starting Package
Cash-In Housing +250 GN 350 GN Usually sleeps in an inn
Loan +200 GN 550 GN To finish Kura's Starting Kit
Masterwork Longbow -120 GN 430 GN Weapon
Masterwork Arrows -40 GN 390 GN 200 arrrows
Masterwork Leather Armor -80 GN 310 GN Armor
Masterwork Leather Gauntlets -40 GN 270 GN Armor
Masterwork Leather Greaves -40 GN 220 GN Armor
Masterwork Leather Fauld -40 GN 180 GN Armor
Masterwork Leather Helmet -40 GN 140 GN Armor
Masterwork Leather Pauldron -40 GN 100 GN Armor
Bed Roll -5 GN 95 GN Travel Item
Small Tent -15 GN 80 GN Travel Item
Medium Black Dress with Fur Trim -12 GN 5 SN 67 GN 5 SN Fancy
Medium Black Cloak with Fur Trim -12 GN 5 SN 55 GN Fancy
Medium Black Gloves with Fur Trim -6 GN 5 SN 49 GN 5 SN Fancy
Black Ankle Boots with Fur Trim -5 GN 3 SN 44 GN 2 SN Fancy
Black Shawl -1 GN 7 SN 42 GN 5 SN Fancy
Black Scarf -1 GN 5 SN 40 GN Casual
Black Belt -1 GN 5 SN 38 GN 5 SN Uniform/Casual
Black Doublet with Chains -4 GN 7 SN 33 GN 8 SN Imperial Uniform
Black Gloves -2 GN 5 SN 31 GN 3 SN Imperial Uniform
Black Trouser -5 GN 5 SN 25 GN 8 SN Imperial Uniform
Black Cape with Chains -2 GN 7 SN 23 GN 1 SN Imperial Uniform
Black Thigh Boots with Chains -2 GN 7 SN 20 GN 6 SN Imperial Uniform
Large Waterproof Heavy Duty Canvas Bag with Shoulder Straps -3 GN 9 SN 16 GN 7 SN Travel Item
Hatchet -1 GN 15 GN 7 SN Travel Item
Small Hammer - 5 SN 15 GN 2 SN Travel Item
Common Dagger -3 GN 12 GN 2 SN Travel Item/Weapon
Bronze Ring -10 GN 2 GN 2 SN Old item
Black Corset -1 GN 5 SN 7 SN Fancy
Wood Pipe -5 SN 2 SN Hobby
Pipe Tobacco -2 SN 0 GN 2 Seasons Supply
Saun Wages +194 GN 194 GN ...
Bronze Boar Food and Drink -9 SN 193 GN, 1 SN Eatables
Zi'da 716 wages +558 GN 751 GN, 1 SN ...
Loan Repayment -200 551 GN, 1 SN Yaaaaay, debt free!
Bounty +50 GN 601 GN, 1 SN Ciaran Langdon
Clothes -194 GN, 42 SN 406 GN, 68 SN FASHION!!!
Masterwork Battle Axe -160 GN 334 GN, 68 SN ...
Loan +14 ON, 500 GN 14 ON, 734 GN, 68 SN House
Extravagant Medium Living Room -400 GN 14 ON, 334 GN, 68 SN House
Extravagant Medium Dining Room -400 GN 12 ON, 934 GN, 68 SN House
Extravagant Medium Kitchen -600 GN 12 ON, 334 GN, 68 SN House
Extravagant Medium Bedroom -400 GN 10 ON, 934 GN, 68 SN House
Extravagant Medium Porch -300 GN 10 ON, 634 GN, 68 SN House
Extravagant Medium Bathroom -300 GN 10 ON, 334 GN, 68 SN House
Extravagant Medium Larder -300 GN 10 ON, 34 GN, 68 SN House
6 Extravagant Small Padded Chairs -32 GN 10 ON, 2 GN, 68 SN Dining Room
1 Extravagant Large Table -200 GN 8 ON, 802 GN, 68 SN Dining Room
1 Extravagant Couch -140 GN 8 ON, 762 GN, 68 SN Living Room
3 Extravagant Large Padded Chairs -600 GN 8 On, 162 GN, 68 SN Living Room
1 Extravagant Coffee Table -16 GN 8 ON, 148 GN, 68 SN Living Room
1 Extravagant Rocking Chair -40 GN 8 ON, 108 GN, 68 SN Porch
1 Extravagant Coat Rack -28 GN 6 ON, 980 GN, 68 SN Living Room
1 Extravagant Large Fire Place -400 GN 6 ON, 580 GN, 68 SN Living Room
1 Extravagant Large Vanity -120 GN 6 ON, 460 GN, 68 SN Bathroom
1 Extravagant Large Bathtub -400 GN 6 ON, 60 GN, 68 SN Bathroom
1 Extravagant Queen Bedframe -80 GN 4 ON, 980 GN, 68 SN Bedroom
1 Extravagant Large Mirror -120 GN 4 ON, 860 GN, 68 SN Bedroom
1 Extravagant Small Bookshelf -40 GN 4 ON, 820 GN, 68 SN Bedroom
1 Extravagant Secretary Desk -32 GN 4 ON, 788 GN, 68 SN Bedroom
1 Extravagant Armchair -60 GN 4 ON, 728 GN, 68 SN Bedroom
1 Extravagant End Table -12 GN 4 ON, 716 GN, 68 SN Bedroom
1 Extravagant Queen Head Board -80 GN 4 ON, 636 GN, 68 SN Bedding
1 Extravagant Queen Foot Board -80 GN 4 ON, 553 GN, 68 SN Bedding
1 Extravagant Queen Fitted Sheet -8 GN 4 ON, 545 GN, 68 SN Bedding
1 Extravagant Queen Flat Sheet -4 GN 4 ON, 541 GN, 68 SN Bedding
1 Extravagant Light Blanket -2 GN 4 ON, 539 GN, 68 SN Bedding
2 Extravagant Pillows -40 GN 4 ON, 499 GN, 68 SN Bedding
2 Extravagant Pillow Cases -8 SN 4 ON, 499 GN, 60 SN Bedding
1 Extravagant Small Frying Pan -8 GN 4 ON, 491 GN, 60 SN Cookware
1 Extravagant Small Cooking Pot -12 GN 4 ON, 479 GN, 60 SN Cookware
1 Extravagant Small Soup Pot -8 GN 4 ON, 471 GN, 60 SN Cookware
1 Extravagant Small Cast Iron Pan -16 GN 4 ON, 455 GN, 60 SN Cookware
1 Extravagant Small Baking Dish -12 GN 4 ON, 443 GN, 60 SN Cookware
6 Extravagant Horn Cups -24 GN 4 ON, 419 GN, 60 SN Flatware
6 Extravagant Horn Bowls -72 GN 4 ON, 347 GN, 60 SN Flatware
6 Extravagant Horn Plates -24 GN 4 ON, 323 GN, 60 SN Flatware
6 Extravagant Dinner Forks -2 GN, 4 SN 4 ON, 321 GN, 56 SN Flatware
1 Extravagant Carving Fork -4 SN 4 ON, 321 GN, 52 SN Flatware
1 Extravagant Carving Knife -4 GN 4 ON, 317 GN, 52 SN Flatware
6 Extravagant Steak Knives -24 GN, 4 SN 4 ON, 293 GN, 48 SN Flatware
6 Extravagant Butter Knives -9 SN, 6 CN 4 ON, 293 GN, 38 SN, 4 CN Flatware
6 Extravagant Table Spoons -2 GN, 4 SN 4 ON, 291 GN, 34 SN, 4 CN Flatware
24 Extravagant Candle Holders -480 GN 2 ON, 811 GN, 34 SN, 4 CN Light
24 Extravagant Candles -48 GN 2 ON, 763 GN, 34 SN, 4 CN Light
Horse -50 GN 2 ON, 713 GN, 34 SN, 4 CN Horse
Saddle -25 GN 2 ON, 788 GN, 34 SN, 4 CN Horse
Bit -4 GN 2 ON, 784 GN, 34 SN, 4 CN Horse
Leather Reigns -8 GN 2 ON, 776 GN, 34 SN, 4 CN Horse
Small Horse Blanket -10 GN 2 ON, 766 GN, 34 SN, 4 CN Horse
Medium Saddle Bag -9 GN 2 ON, 753 GN, 34 SN, 4 CN Horse
Golden Scale Mail Bodice -126 GN 2 ON, 627 GN, 34 SN, 4 CN Fashion
Red Silk Skirt with Gold Embroidery -24 GN, 96 SN 2 ON, 602 GN, 38 SN, 4 CN Fashion
Gold Scale Mail Sleeves with Red Gloves -116 GN 2 ON, 586 GN, 38 SN, 4 CN Fashion
Gold Scale Mail Thigh Boots -81 GN 2 ON, 505 GN, 38 SN, 4 CN Fashion
Red Silk Breeches -72 GN 2 ON, 482 GN, 38 SN, 4 CN Fashion
Plumbing Materials and Building -300 GN 2 ON, 182 GN, 38 SN, 4 CN Plumbing
Ymiden Wage +821 GN, 7 SN 4 ON, 3 GN, 45 SN, 4 CN Wage
Loan Payment -2 ON 3 GN, 45 SN, 4 CN Loan Payment
Thread Award +400 GN 403 GN, 45 SN, 4 CN
Saun Wage +468 GN 871 GN, 45 SN, 4 CN
Vhalar Wage +1660 GN, 5 SN 4 ON, 531 GN, 50 SN, 4 CN
Zi'da Wage +1422 GN, 9 SN 6 ON, 953 GN, 59 SN, 4 CN
Renown Reward +600 GN 8 ON, 453 GN, 59 SN, 4 CN
Cylus Wage +540 GN 8 ON, 993 GN, 59 SN, 4 CN
Bonus Pay from (Sweet)wine Water +300 GN 9 ON, 293 GN, 59 SN, 4 CN

Current Balance: 9 ON, 293 GN, 59 SN, 4 CN


Wardrobe : Black shirt
Black pants
Black boots
Black coat
Medium Black Dress with Fur Trim
Medium Black Cloak with Fur Trim
Medium Black Gloves with Fur Trim
Black Ankle Boots with Fur Trim
Black Shawl
Black Scarf
Black Belt
Black Doublet with Chains
Black Gloves
Black Trousers
Black Cape with Chains
Black Thigh Boots with Chains
Black Corset
Copper Ring
Red Dress (gold lace trim, satin)
Chain Belt
Black/Red Cape (cotton)
Purple Blouse (cotton)
Black Skirt (cotton)
Shirt (wool, black)
Leather Pants (black)
Hooded Overcoat (black, leather)
Baldric (leather, black)
1 x formal outfit
1 Gold Ring with a Pyrope Garnet Gemstone
1 Cavani's Cloak
Armor : Masterwork Black Leather Armor
Masterwork Black Leather Gauntlets
Masterwork Black Leather Greaves
Masterwork Black Leather Fauld
Masterwork Black Leather Helmet
Masterwork Black Leather Pauldrons
Golden Scale Mail Bodice
Red Silk Skirt with Gold Embroidery
Gold Scale Mail Sleeves with Red Gloves
Gold Scale Mail Thigh Boots
Red Silk Breeches
An exquisite mastercraft mask, for a masquerade ball. It is a wolf-face. [100 GN Value] A gold earring in the shape of a golden skull. It is recognizable by pirates and might be used to get her out of trouble or bartered for a pirate favour.
Weapons : Masterwork Longbow
200 Masterwork Arrows
Common Dagger
Masterwork Battleaxe
2 stray parrot feathers. Whilst they both look exactly like parrot feathers, they are weighted and sharpened for throwing
1 x - Intricate Mastercraft longbow carved with filigree and stained a deep indigo. The Nightmare - an exceptionally beautiful and well made mastercraft bow that grants the user a boost to their marksmanship skills in the night. During the day it is as good as any mastercraft bow.
1 Masterwork Warpick
1 Snowcrystal
Misc :  1 Tinderbox
1 bar of soap
1 hairbrush
1 thing of toothpaste
1 toothbrush
1 waterskin
2 sets of eating utensils
1 bed roll
1 small tent
1 large waterproof canvas bag with shoulder straps
1 hatchet
1 small hammer
1 wooden pipe
2 seasons worth of pipe tobacco
Furniture :  6 Extravagant Small Padded Chairs
1 Extravagant Large Table
1 Extravagant Couch
3 Extravagant Large Padded Chairs
1 Extravagant Coffee Table
1 Extravagant Rocking Chair
1 Extravagant Coat Rack
1 Extravagant Large Fire Place
1 Extravagant Large Vanity
1 Extravagant Large Bathtub
1 Extravagant Queen Bedframe
1 Extravagant Large Mirror
1 Extravagant Small Bookshelf
1 Extravagant Secretary Desk
1 Extravagant Armchair
1 Extravagant End Table
1 Extravagant Queen Head Board
1 Extravagant Queen Foot Board
1 Extravagant Queen Fitted Sheet
1 Extravagant Queen Flat Sheet
1 Extravagant Light Blanket
2 Extravagant Pillows
2 Extravagant Pillow Cases
1 Extravagant Small Frying Pan
1 Extravagant Small Cooking Pot
1 Extravagant Small Soup Pot
1 Extravagant Small Cast Iron Pan
1 Extravagant Small Baking Dish
6 Extravagant Horn Cups
6 Extravagant Horn Bowls
6 Extravagant Horn Plates
6 Extravagant Dinner Forks
1 Extravagant Carving Fork
1 Extravagant Carving Knife
6 Extravagant Steak Knives
6 Extravagant Butter Knives
6 Extravagant Table Spoons
24 Extravagant Candle Holders
24 Extravagant Candles
A small statue of a flunny. It is of masterwork standard and seems to follow you with its eyes.
House :  Extravagant Medium Living Room
Extravagant Medium Dining Room
Extravagant Medium Kitchen
Extravagant Medium Bedroom
Extravagant Medium Porch
Extravagant Medium Bathroom
Extravagant Medium Larder
Mounts :  Horse
Leather Reigns
Small Horse Blanket
Medium Saddle Bag
Prized Possessions :  Kura's Scribe Set: While this collection of ink, paper, and other scibely items may seem like nothing special at first, this is the set Kura used in her duties to The Eternal Empire. Though she can't perform those duties at present, she till caries this kit with to remind her of her home and the life she hopes to return to once her quest is finished.
Echo Scroll: Faith
A small piece of parchment which is a map of the surrounding area. It is always a map of the surrounding area, no matter where in the world she is as it changes with her.
A vial of purple liquid. It is a truth serum and has three doses in it. It lasts for 1 break.
An old treasure map. The X is just outside the Scalvoris village of Gunvorton.
Book of Riddles (Point Bank Item)
Small pirate coin: Whilst they are in proximity of another person with a coin like it (in the same room, line of sight etc), they are able to send one telepathic message. This is to all others with a coin in the vicinity and can be no more than ten words. It works once a trial. While holding the pirate coin above, she can make herself invisible to nearby spirits or souls for 1 break per trial.
Stinky Undead Chicken Feather: This makes an excellent quill and never seems to get blunt or smudge ink or anything. It remains a bit stinky, though.
A small knitted toy in the shape of a chicken. It is warm and comforting and helps her (or whoever has it) sleep.
Three small nuts. They are tasteless, but when one is eaten, and for a quarter break afterwards, Kura has a one level boost to her interrogation. So, if she's expert, she becomes master, etc. This is due to them giving a chemical boost to her mind, making her questioning sharper. There are three uses.
Kura has gained significant reputation with the Elements. This positively impacts her job and allows her to have more sway with the Militant. OOC this means that you have a one use "favour" to pull in with any one Council member on Scalvoris. This will be a small favour with most, but anything to do with the military and the favour can be a biggie. Requires prophet ok.
A very rare, unusual, tobacco plant which is a particularly nice aroma / taste and seems to just always replace any leaves she takes from it. Like, it grows leaves every trial. Weird. Just that one, cuttings from it don't have the same affect, but that one seems to have been touched by Immortals Tongue.
A beautiful set of glasses and decanter. There are six each of four different types of glass (wine, spirit etc). They are crafted from glass made with rainbow sand and so constantly shifts and change colour. They make for a very unique set, sure to be a hit at all those official dinners.
A small rock that glows with a gentle golden light.
A map of the Sweetwine woods that never ages or tarnishes
Ol'Tuck's Luck: A small coin that you can flip. Where it lands will have consequences. PM Pegasus when / if you're using it and I'll tell you what happens!
Treasure Map for somewhere on Scalvoris.
One small leaf that has a calming effect.
A beautiful bowl, gold with the symbols of Scalvoris in red and The Eternal Empire in black alternating along the rim. It is also almost unbreakable. I mean, if you drop a house or mallet on it, then it's going to break, but trial -to-trial, it doesn't lose shine / sheen, is always functional, easy to clean. It's lovely.
Sweetwine Savvy. She is so used to the ways of the Sweetwine Woods that, unless she provokes them, starts it or damages their territory, the animals in Sweetwine will avoid conflict with her.
Mental Link. Tio and Kura were the random couple and then, in the next post, they interacted. This has formed a unique bond between them. Once a season - at a time of your choosing - Kura will have a sudden flash of where Tio is and what he's doing at that moment. It will be completely random as far as Kura is concerned and will often seem to be at the most inconvenient moment possible. Please agree between yourselves and maintain PM contact as this is a permanent thing. If, for some reason, Tio's player is not able to be contacted, please pm a Scalvoris mod and point them to this (it's in your PNs). It is important that you note: the vision will last for two bits exactly and during that time Kura will see what Tio is seeing, feel what he is feeling and say what he is saying Tio will not know that Kura is doing this and his time of this happening will be on a different date each season. Both of you have fun with it!
Familiars and Pets :  Velduris Omega Wolf - Phelan: A large, charcoal black wolf with icy blue eyes. Dignified and calm, but young and prone to making erroneous judgements towards mortal races.
Inborn power Owl - Speck: A large spotted owl. Wise, but eccentric and easily distracted. Has been with Kura for longer than Kura can remember.
Sev'ryn Bunny Barghest Familiar - Rahmet: A large canine-looking familiar with clawed feet and a large mouth filled with very sharp teeth. It's covered in rabbit fur, has a pair of floppy rabbit ears, and a fluffy bunny tail. Wise, with a biting wit, but also kind of a dork.
Pet Treedle - Toddy: A small treedle that followed Kura out of Sweetwine woods and seems to like hanging about with her. Quiet, docile, and mellow, Kura nevertheless isn't quite sure how to interact with him, due to the fact that he's the only animal that pals around with her that doesn't talk in her head.
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Kura Wolfsdotter

Postby Kura Wolfsdotter » Mon Jun 19, 2017 2:37 pm

The Imperial Owl


Domains: Archery, Tracking, Owls


Parliament of Owls: Upon activation, Kura is briefly surrounded by a black aura that spreads out in the shape of an owl before vanishing. The surrounding owls in the area are called to her and link with her mind, allowing them to give them instructions and learn from them. The ability lasts for two breaks, during which Kura's eyes turn to a bright gold. If used too frequently it leaves Kura fatigued and with a massive migraine. In addition of the primary ability, Kura is accompanied by an owl familiar, with which she can communicate.

Unshakable Tracker: Upon activation, the tracks of Kura's quarry glow a bright gold, allowing her to track them with ease for as long as the ability lasts. This also gives their scent trail a golden mist that makes that traceable as well. The ability lasts until negated, but sustained use leaves Kura weary and gives her bloodshot eyes. If used for an incredibly long time, longer than six breaks, her eyesight degrades until she negates the ability and rests for at least eight breaks.

Deadeye: An ability that only works with a bow, crossbow, or ballista, Deadeye allows Kura hit any target she can see, no matter the distance. However, the shot can still be blocked or avoided if the target is aware. Overuse of the ability, generally meaning over twenty uses in a single trial, will blur Kura's vision and leave her too weak to fire another shot.

Multi-Shot: Kura can focus on an arrow to have it splinter into multiple arrows once she fires it. The arrows spread out in a circular spread around the original arrow, and she has some control over whether they stay close or spread out once she fires the arrow. The longer she focuses on an arrow, the more it splits, creating up to ten additional arrows around the original, meaning she can fire up to eleven arrows at once. The more she arrows she creates, the more of a headache it gives her to use this power. Repeated use can cause her vision to blur for the next 24 breaks, causing "multiple vision" where she see's everything in two's or more. Her Fracturing scar manifests as a long scar on her left arm, running from her wrist to her shoulder. Repeated use of this power also causes this scar to ache badly. Also, using this power causes the original arrow to break into splinters once it hits a target, rendering it unrecoverable.


Marks :  Velduris
Abilities :  Velduris
  • Pack Bond
    • The Favored is granted an omega wolf familiar, a constant companion. The wolf is significantly more intelligent than regular wolves and is somewhat bigger. In addition, this spirit can communicate not only with it's companion, but with other wolves of its pack. Karem can, at any time, contact any of the wolves her blessing grants, but they can only contact her if she chooses to listen. If the wolf is too heavily drained or badly injured it will revert to a spirit form until it is either rested or healed. The wolf can also choose to revert to spirit form at will, though they generally only do so in crowded cities and such. The blessed can still communicate with their wolf in spirit form. The wolf can tell when someone else has been blessed by Karem, and will always be able to find others who bear Velduris.
  • Sense of Prey
    • A skill that allows the blessed to tell where a prey animal may be found nearby, allowing the wielder to always be able to find food at need. They can also tell whether people around them have weak combat skills or are easily intimidated.
  • Predatorial Instincts
    • A skill that grants the favored the patience and calm needed to effectively hunt, as well as allowing one to tell when their prey, whether animal or human, has taken notice that they are being hunted.
  • Might of the Conqueror
    • A skill that is passive in nature, Might of the Conqueror provides the blessed with a small, but noticeable, boost to their strength and endurance, so that they might be able to more easily perform tasks they would otherwise struggle with.
  • Mortal Foe
    • The will of Raskalarn is one of the conqueror and equally strong individuals will stand in the way of such ambition. Mortal Foe allows the marked to identify a worthy opponent as their mortal foe, as someone who must be overcome at all costs. Once that foe is recognized, and only one may be active a time, a Marked will always be aware of when their mortal foe is near, or within the same city. They will always feel a tug toward that fated confrontation and when it occurs, fate intervenes in such a way as to separate the two for their duel. Once used, this ability cannot be again till Mortal Foe has been dismissed.
Knowledge :  Phelan: Wolf Familiar
Devotion : 
ReasonPoints AcquiredTotal
Prayer +1 1
Hunt an evil being +5 6
Prayer +1 7
Hunt an evil being +5 12
Total: 12


Five-Year Foresight: Over a century of experience has honed Kura's political instincts to a fine edge. Through this, she has gained the ability to predict the effects of any political decision she is a part of for up to five years in the future. With this, Kura calculates not only the most likely outcome, but all possible reasonable outcomes related to the decision, for a period of up to five years. These predictions aren't flawless, she can still be surprised by the most unreasonable and erratic reactions. That being said, her foresight is highly accurate and it makes her both very difficult to surprise and very difficult to out-argue.

Agenda Reader: Everyone comes to the political table with their own agenda. For most politicians, the best they can do is plan around that unknown information. Kura has learned how to read the actions, behaviors, words, tone, and even the emphasis of other politicians so that she may gleam their agendas. While she won't gleam someone's entire agenda from a single meeting, the more she talks to someone and the more they meet, and even the more she finds out about them through research, the more she can analyze what they do and say in order to discover their ideologies, beliefs, and cause. People who purposefully hide their agenda slow this analysis down, but only the truly skilled deceivers or those whose deceptions are magically or divinely boosted can completely outwit her analytical capabilities.
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Kura Wolfsdotter
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Kura Wolfsdotter

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Kura Wolfsdotter
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Posts: 391
Joined: Mon Jun 20, 2016 8:39 pm
Race: Mortal Born
Profession: Council Member
Renown: +164
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