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Postby Malcolm » Wed Mar 30, 2016 8:09 am

 ! Pegasus wrote:
Malcolm is now an NPC Mortal Born. Please see the Mortal Born Guide for more information!

Mortalborn approval link

Age: Thirty-nine (appears).
Race: Mixed Blood (Immortal x Aukari).
Domains: Devotion, Pain, and Deja vu.
Date of Birth: Vhalar 111 Arc 297.
Title: Warden
Knight (Warden of the North)
Professor (History and Languages)
Languages Fluent:
Vauni (Sau'ei)
Languages Conversational:
Languages Broken:
Mark: Nyvora
Partner: Elyna Burhan
Ex-Partners: Vanessa (64, deceased), Avari (Mortalborn).
Current Scars: Seventeen diagonal lines across chest.
Removed Scars:Burns on his forearms, an old left shoulder injury, and a slave brand on his right thigh.
Face Claim: Luke Evans


Son of Vri, who as a result of losing Anaza to old age, steered clear of any more meaningful relationships with mortals, became fascinated with a young Aukari woman who had trouble controlling her fire (and thus walked the line of life and death). Intrigued by the race and their struggle to control their inner turmoil, Vri was drawn to the stranger, Aruki, a warrior with a fiery heart, and set to bestow love where only fear resided.

They slipped away in the night, Vri’s love of the world taking them west where they lived and loved for a time until Aruki’s fear of being hunted for treason finally consumed her, but not before a child was born. Only four arcs into his life, Malcolm, named by his father in a manner that would in no way reflect his heritage, along with his dark hair, sailed east in search of Jesine to ask that she care for the boy as one of the only women he trusted that still walked the earth.

The boy was plagued by nightmares and the recurring image of his mother bursting into flames, with both the undersides of his arms scarred as a result. Taking pity on the boy, Jesine pulled Malcolm into Emea, casting him into a deep, restful sleep where he remained for the next eleven arcs until Vri visited again. Bidding that Jesine wake her younger brother, the Mortalborn did as she was asked, but left Malcolm with a parting gift, the mark of Nyvora, allowing him to visit her again in dreams where the two still communicate from time to time.

In dreams Jesine had taught her brother many a thing about the world, but this knowledge all seemed so unclear once returned to the realm of men. Vri watched over his son for a time, helping him find his inner calm and instilling key values and life lessons. Vri taught Malcolm what he knew of the Aukari customs and languages, encouraging him to take his own life path rather than bend to the will of man or higher power. Malcolm never returned to his mother’s home.

Stranger No More

Aruki sat on the front steps of her family home with her head bowed, arms folded, and toes pointed together. She was crying but it was too late in the night for anyone inside to hear her, and so it was the stars who shared in her pain, her unrelenting sobs breaking the silence that might otherwise linger. Aruki was surrounded by people who loved and cared for her, but too often this made her feel even more alone. Her father, mother, and two younger sisters had all been blessed with Faldrun’s mark, while it seemed the immortal she had been faithful to all these years had forgotten her. “Please,” she looked up at the starlit sky, cheeks wet with tears and green eyes searching, “bestow your blessing, fire lord…”

He came from the shadows, tall, dark, and imposing; movements slow, measured almost, and stopped in a spot of moonlight like a stray cat, all long, lean limbs, yellow eyes and graceful foot falls. Aruki, startled, looked around with fright to see who had gasped, only to realise the sound has been drawn from her own form. He looked but a boy, and yet Aruki knew she stood in the presence of a being far older than his youthful disposition dare tell. To the naked eye he seemed palpable, yet Aruki felt that if she were to reach out and touch him her hand would pass through as though he were a shadow, no more than a trick of the eye. There was no way that the woman could know that this stranger and been watching her for weeks, and yet, something about him felt familiar, inviting and warm, and like a moth drawn to the flame, Aruki rose, stepped into the light, and let herself burn.

His name was Vri and in his presence the hours passed like minutes, and no time spent at his side would sate the pull she felt in the absence of his aura. “You’ve put a spell on me,” Aruki smiled softly, the gesture and the ease at which it came to take control of her mouth still felt strange. They had talked every night since their initial meeting, two seasons ago, Aruki chanced at a guess and yet could have sworn a lifetime had passed them by, that Vri was not just a confidant and dear she admit, lover, but someone she had known all her life.
“Love,” he gave her that big toothy grin she had come to adore and kissed the top of her hand.
Aruki pushed the man’s hair back from his face to tuck behind his right ear, drew the pad of her thumb across his lower lip, and marvelled at the idea of eternal youth, where he had been and where he would go next. She was silent for a time before she spoke, “All right?”
Vri kissed the end of her thumb and echoed, “All right?”
“I’ll go with you,” she whispered, “tonight.”

- - -

Domains: Devotion, Pain, and Déjà vu.

Abilities: Eternal Bond, Burning Touch, and Second Sight.

Devotion: Eternal Bond.

Eternal bond allows the mortal born to sense when a loved one is in danger and increases attack and defence skills significantly for the duration of the battle. In its minor form the user can check on a loved one and their state of wellbeing, and with higher levels of meditation, it is possible to build a mental image of their exact location and even foresee a person's end.

Drawbacks: Nosebleeds, bloodshot eyes, unbearable headaches, and sore limbs are just some of the downsides to using this ability. With each connection made, the mortal born experiences the same sense of dread, panic, or unease his loved ones feel in real time, which can be overwhelming and in serious cases may even lead to a heart attack.

Pain: Burning Touch.

With one touch this ability allows the user to heal physical wounds by taking them upon himself, be it a small cut or a missing limb, burning touch is a powerful and often deadly gift. As well as take pain away, the mortal born can also give it back in return, trading his own pain for health.

Drawbacks: Pain is intensified and wounds take twice as long to heal, often resulting in infection if not cared for properly. This ability also runs the risk of taking on unforeseen illnesses, including all kinds of diseases, and leaves the user with bloodshot eyes and a blood nose.

Déjà vu: Second Sight.

The ability to implant false memories in someone's mind, causing them to believe something that isn't true, be it pleasant or menacing. This ability can be less effective against individuals with strengths in meditation. Second sight also allows the user to draw out memories upon extended contact.

Drawbacks: Using second sight leaves the user completely drained of energy for a handful of days following its use and can leave him more susceptible to illness, or divine intervention.
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Postby Malcolm » Thu Mar 31, 2016 2:59 am

History & Events

The following is a very brief account of Malcolm's history, the rest will be fleshed out in memory threads and added as it unfolds.

Date Event
Vhalar 111 Arc 297 Born
Ashan 54 Arc 301 Mother, Aruki, passes away.
Ashan 91 Arc 301 Malcolm is introduced to his half-sister, Jesine, Mortalborn of dreams, sleep, and imagination.
Saun 31 Arc 302 Jesine pulls Malcolm into the dream realm of Emea where he remains for the next eleven years.
Zi’da 27 Arc 313 Vri returns and has Jesine awaken Malcolm. Jesine grants Malcolm the mark of Nyvora so that they may continue to communicate with each other through dreams no matter where they are in Idalos.
Arc 320 Aged twenty-three, Malcolm joins the eastern tribes in an attack against one of Rynmere’s villages, sailing up the Zor River to make camp on the shores of Lake Krome. Here the easterners remain for the next year until their ships are burnt and most are taken into slavery.
Ashan 11 Arc 322 Malcolm is captured along with a group of rebels hiding in The Burning Mountains and thrown into slavery and hard, physical labour.
Arc 325 After three years working as a stone cutter, Malcolm is physically and mentally drained. Hands raw and wrought with abrasions, malnourished to the point of starvation, and visibly ill, the mortal born is cast into the fighting pits, a hole in the ground where men are sent to fight to the death against man and beast.
Ashan 24 Arc 327 Avari returns to purchase all of the regal slaves who survived their fates in the arena. Malcolm, is taken from the slavers who own the pits. He sails west to the city of Ne’haer where he finds time to heal and reflect on his life and choices to date.
Arc 339 Malcolm sails east in search of Jesine and finds himself in the city of Yaralon where he takes up work as a mercenary.
Arc 340 Malcolm discovered his first ability, eternal bond, after being reunited with his half-sister, Jesine.
Arc 451 Malcolm returns to Rynmere.
Arc 458 Malcolm discovers his second ability, burning touch.
Arc 461 Malcolm discovers his third and final ability, second sight, while interrogating the handful of remaining prisoners from the war that threatened to level the City of Andaris.
Arc 472 Malcolm travels south to Desnind.
Arc 474 Wounded (almost fatally) after a run in with a handful of Naerikk women. Malcolm is bedridden for the next two seasons, and unable to travel, he is introduced to a little Naerikk hospitality.
Arc 492 Malcom once again travels north.
Arc 501 Docks on the shores of Rynmere where he remains for some time.
Arc 676 Meets Vanessa Krome, a noble woman, then twenty-four, working at ‘The Salty Grape’
Vhalar 77 Arc 677 Vanessa and Malcolm are married and Malcolm takes his wife’s noble last name, Krome.
Arc 681 Malcolm joins the Moseke Knights.
Arc 685 Vanessa gives birth to Malcolm’s first son, Marcus.
Arc 687 Malcolm is crushed by his horse during a training exercise; it takes him a whole arc to recover from the experience which has left him with ongoing pain in his left shoulder.
Arc 689 Malcolm’s second son, Vaughn, is born.
Arc 712 Malcolm decides to take up work as a history teacher at Rynmere University, his sick wife insisting that he find something to do with his down time instead of 'sitting around to watch her die'.
Ashan 77 Arc 716 Vanessa leaves Malcolm.
Ashan 117 Arc 716 Vanessa and Marcus poison and kill Malcolm only for his Immortal father Vri to bring him back to life.
Arc 716 Malcolm is framed for a crime and sent to fight in the arena as a slave.
Arc 716 Elyna frees Malcolm and is marked by his aunty, Pre.
Ymiden 15 Arc 716 Malcolm is given a task by Pre to find more Mortalborn and gather them outside of Rynmere.
Ashan 18 Arc 717 Taken by Faction VII and sold to Qe'dreki.

Relationships & Family

Malcolm met Vanessa when she was in her mid-twenties (arc 676) and working at a tavern called 'The Salty Grape', a popular hangout with the Biqaj people settled in Burhan. She wasn't the first woman he had spent a drunken night with, but she was the first to claim his heart in over three hundred and fifty arcs. They were married the following arc and had two healthy sons, Marcus and Vaughn, some years later. In her early sixties, Malcolm decided to relocate to the capital (Andaris) where Vanessa was closer to doctors for her worsening health conditions. Vanessa often pushed Malcolm to leave her, but the man remained as dedicated to her in her late arcs as he was in the beginning, even with her rapid decline in health. Their physical relationship had ended decades before her death in 716, but Malcolm's feelings for the noble woman remained consistent, she had been his shining light and rock in times of hardship, nursed him back to health after a nasty fall, and never faltered in her affections for him.
In early 716, however, Malcolm met a woman by the name of Elyna Burhan who Vanessa had tried time and time again to set up with their youngest son, Vaughn. The two later worked together and Malcolm found that as time passed he was starting to develop feelings for the young noblewoman, one he couldn't deny his physical attraction for. The two of them spent the night together in Krome after a trying journey from the capital in which one of their comrades was killed. When Malcolm returned home, hoping to explain himself, he discovered that Vanessa had left him, and his guilt sent him into a deep depression. The two were later reunited in Krome when Malcolm was summoned to sign his title as acting baron over to his eldest son, Marcus. That night Marcus and Vanessa attempted and were successful in murdering Malcolm by poisoning the wine he had enjoyed over dinner. Fortunately for the Mortalborn, his immortal father, Vri, came to his aid and decided he still had more to offer this world, but would need to pay for his second chance by going on a quest for his aunt Pre.
When Malcolm returned from his long trip to Ne'haer, he learned that Marcus and Vanessa had held his new wife, Elyna, hostage, and tortured her while she was pregnant with his child. He swore to hunt his son down to see that justice was served, but while on campaign discovered that his ex wife Vanessa had died and been buried in Warrick at the foot of the Burning Mountains in a graveyard known as 'The Valley of The Brave'.

Marcus, in his early thirties, is the eldest of Malcolm's sons. He is a born leader with a strong sense of right and wrong. Marcus takes after his mother in looks and personality, This blue-eyed lover is firm but fair, highly religious, and extremely driven. He is a mixed blood, with his father's Aukari temper and his mother's Biqaj longing. Marcus used to work as an officer for the Rynmere's U’frek Sailors, quickly working his way through the ranks to captain, but was persuaded to join the ranks of Qe'dreki, a rebel faction who went against king and kingdom, and lost.

Vaughn, tin his late twenties, is the spitting image of his father, Malcolm, with dark hair and green eyes, he has always been his mother's favourite. Of the two brothers, Vaughn is the free spirit, fun loving and rebellious, he has no plans to settle down anytime soon or follow in the footsteps of his older brother, Marcus. Vaughn used to work as a blacksmith for a wealthy noble family in Burhan where he and his brother were raised before his parents moved to Andaris city when his mother fell ill. He used to visit his parents often, especially during the warmer seasons when it is nicer to travel.

Appearance & Personality

Malcolm like his immortal father, Vri, stands tall at six foot, two inches. He inherited his father’s dark features, jet-black hair, and watchful gaze. He has broad shoulders, no doubt a physical trait on his mother’s side along with his green eyes, and is narrow at the waist. He has an athletic build but isn’t particularly muscular, sporting strong, but lean limbs that allow him to move a lot faster than a man his height might usually be able to.
Malcolm has kind, warm eyes and a deep tone of voice that makes him come across as an authoritative and sometimes imposing figure. He generally keeps his hair short, letting it grow no longer than this chin, though during his past it was a lot longer. He stands and sits up straight, seldom sits with legs crossed, and dresses in loose layers of clothing that make him appear somewhat bigger than he is.
Behaviour wise, Malcolm comes across as quiet, focused, assertive, and extremely private, rarely ever speaking about his personal life with anyone he doesn’t consider family or a very close friend. Few know of Malcolm’s history or race, most believing that he is human (as he appears), and by the time the masses learn of his true identity and ageless existence, he has already moved on to another village, city, or territory. The majority of people still fear mortalborns, a race despised even by their immortal counterparts, even while the offspring of immortals are often adored by their parents, the same cannot be said for everyone. Though mortalborns are worshiped and respected in Rynmere, there are still too few worldwide to risk outing themselves.

Prized Possession

Malcolm's prized possession is a gold coin sized medallion with the image of Vri etched on one side and his half, Jesine, on the other. It is worn on a long gold chain around his neck at all times, tucked into whatever he is wearing and seldom put on display.
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Postby Malcolm » Thu Mar 31, 2016 3:13 am


Fame: +188
Devotion: +2

SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Acrobatics1/100 (1/251)Novice
Acting1/100 (1/251)Novice
Animal Husbandry8/100 (8/251)Novice
Animal Training0/100 (0/251)Novice
Blades: Longsword100/100 (FT) (100/100)Legendary
Carpentry3/100 (3/251)Novice
Construction3/100 (3/251)Novice
Cooking7/100 (7/251)Novice
Cosmetology1/100 (1/251)Novice
Dancing25/100 (25/251)Competent
Deception6/100 (6/251)Novice
Detection35/100 (45/251)Competent
Endurance50/100 (75/251)Competent
Etiquette25/100 (25/251)Competent
Field Craft2/100 (2/251)Novice
Intelligence25/100 (25/251)Competent
Interrogation25/100 (25/251)Competent
Intimidation25/100 (JD 3)(25/251)Competent
Investigation75/100 (SP 25)(150/251)Master
Leadership50/100 (75/251)Expert
Linguistics50/100 (75/251)Expert
Logistics2/100 (2/251)Novice
Masonry0/100 (0/251)Novice
Medicine19/100 (19/251)Novice
Meditation3/100 (3/251)Novice
Mount60/100 (105/251)Expert
Navigation2/100 (2/251)Novice
Persuasion19/100 (19/251)Novice
Polearms: Spear1/100 (1/251)Novice
Politics13/100 (13/251)Novice
Psychology2/100 (2/251)Novice
Research2/100 (2/251)Novice
Resistance1/100 (1/251)Novice
Rhetoric20/100 (20/251)Novice
Seafaring8/100 (JD 7) (8/251)Novice
Seduction26/100 (27/251)Competent
Shielded Combat50/100 (75/251)Expert
Siege Weaponry0/100 (0/251)Novice
Stealth25/100 (25/100)Competent
Storytelling13/100 (13/251)Novice
Strength50/100 (75/251)Expert
Surgery7/100 (7/251)Novice
Swimming1/100 (1/251)Novice
Tactics50/100 (75/251)Expert
Teaching100/100 (SP 25) (251/251)Legendary
Thrown Weapons: Daggers 35/100 (45/251)Competent
Torture1/100 (1/251)Novice
Unarmed Combat25/100 (25/251)Competent
Writing6/100 (6/251)Novice

Skill Ledger

Thread or Skill Details Total
On The House +1010
We look good in the dark+1222
A Man of History+1032
Red Dawn+1042
Just Say Hello+1052
A Good Deed+1062
A Wanted Man +1577
Black and White +1592
Mistakes +15107
At Your Service +15122
Flight +15137
Land, ho!+10147
Blades: Longsword-5031
You Have My Word+912
Distance +1527
Look With Your Heart +1542
If Only I Could Give You More +15 57
Packing +1572
Embrace +1587
Past Is Past +15102
Tactic -1587
Shield Combat -3651
Blades: Longsword -2520
Thrown Weapons: Daggers -614
Sweet Love +1529
No Death Note +1443
And the Future is Nigh +1558
Collect Moments +1068
The Failings of Scholars +1583
The Way Home +1093
It Never Rains +15108
You Had My Heart +15123
For those who seek it +15138
Hangover Over+10148
Nothing so Dangerous as the Truth+15163
When We Burn+15178
A very particular set of skills+15193
Ask and it will be given+15208
Winding Down+15223
The Message+15238
The Watchmen +15268
Shielded Combat-20203
Cups doth overflow+1515
Just Breathe+1025
He was my...+1540
The Rules of Love+1555
Chasing Castles+1080
Another Dream?+1550
A toast between friends+1565
Wishes upon a star+1580
Where Only Mad Men Go+1595
A change of circumstance+15110
The Day is Gone+15125
In Pieces+1515
Rest Easy+1530
Classroom Observations+1545
Target Practice+1560
Thrown: Daggers-134
Unarmed Combat-1915
Mistakes Happen+88
What about your name?+816
Ghost of the Past+1531
A Light in the Darkness+1546
What a way to spend the day+854
Mountain Men+1569
View of the world+1584
Research Paper+1524
Welcome to Welles+1438
In Your Shadow+1478
Burning Winter Snow+12105
Little Pleasures+15135
A New Pain+15165
Blood of my Blood+15180
Midnight Oil+10105

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Postby Malcolm » Thu Mar 31, 2016 3:13 am


Skills A-M : Starting Package
(SP) Immortal: Vri
(SP) Mortal Born: Jesine
(SP) Rynmere: Geography
(SP) Religion: Rynlism
(SP) Rynmere: History
(SP) Idalos: Geography
(JD) Dreams: How To Call Jesine
(JD) Seafaring: Tying Knots
(JD) Vri: Savior/Teacher/Punisher/Father
(SP) Longsword: Defensive stances
(SP) Throwing Daggers: Balanced throws
(SP) Medicine: How to cauterize a wound
(SP) Leadership: How to organise a group
(JD) Seafaring: Securing A Ship To Land/Docks
(JD) Intimidation: Frightening Eyes
(JD) Intimidation: Blackmail Works
Animal Husbandry
Horses can be spooked by the wind.
Changing Horses on Hard Runs
Breaking up confrontations with water
Examining A Horse's Shoes
Caring for tired horses
Horses respond to emotions
Hoof care
Jacadon respond to Draketh
Talking to a Jacadon
Animal Training
Horses spook when in danger
Sending a hawk scout
Hilt as a weapon
Importance of staying balanced
Disarm opponents fast
Exploiting weaknesses with low strikes
Move in a circle and attack from the side
More difficult to defend against a side attack
A long-sword has less power with one hand
How to perform the shoulder parry stance
The shoulder parry stance is also known as the on-guard stance
How to balance the weight of the sword
Angering an opponent can create an advantage
Seven defensible areas of the body
Attack your attacker's hands.
Block a head blow by holding your sword horizontally in front of your head
Block a blow to the shoulders by pointing the tip of your sword skyward
Block to gut or leg by pointing the sword down
Deflect a thrust by pointing your sword down and pushing
When blocking, your hands can become vulnerable
Throwing Knife: Anger can increase aim
Keep opponent down by standing on the blade, trapping their hand
Longsword: Defensive stances
Longsword: Holding a blade in defense
Longsword: Pierce the eye
Longsword: Neck slash
Longsword: Pommel as a blunt instrument
(Sword): Decapitating move
Dagger: Eye strike
Wear gloves to avoid splinters.
How to fell trees by using an axe
How to strip bark from trees
How to saw logs to planks
How to use a drill
Building a chicken coop
Fixing squeaky floorboards
How to wrap a baby
Soothing a troubled baby
Rocking a baby
Holding a baby gently, with care
entering houses through windows
Tie yourself together when Climbing together
Made more difficult by exhaustion
How to build a small woodshed
a butt hinge, impossible to adjust once fitted
flush hinge, no recess necessary in the frame
Bundling stored wood
Gutter Blueprint
Fitting a door to a frame
Easier in dry weather
Tiling a roof
Insulating walls
How to construct a tree lookout
Stew makes a good refuel
The best way to add flavor to beef
Herb, Sage
When cooking outdoors, hot rocks are useful
Don't leave steak unattended while you frolick.
cutting vegetables thinly reduces cooking time
Don’t put the peas into your stew too soon.
To rub salt and pepper into beef
To sear meat in oil, then slow roast it
Spicing roast meat gravy with sage
Making overcooked leftovers
A light breakfast
Brick ovens are much more efficient
Cutting Hair
Getting ready is a very time-consuming process
Keeping your hair under control is vital to appearing groomed.
Cutting in
Slow dancing
Don’t let them know what’s important
Fool the enemy by faking weakness
Gather background information before telling a lie about a stranger
Keep it simple
How to lie by omission
Lying to save face
Movement of chains
Reading The Signs of Nature
Wet clothes smell in confined spaces
The smell of stale wine
People sound very different when they scream
Listening to footsteps to gauge how many attackers
Spotting small injuries
Searching houses for a timeline
Bread, and other perishable substances, can help determine time frame
Spotting small details in the camp
The unique smell of hair
Noticing a loose horse shoe
How to detect a white lie
Noticing when someone is cold
Telling time passed by snowfall
Hearing distant sounds
Sensing a lie
Smell to determine time of death
How to detect subtle clues that a woman is flirting with you
Using the sound of dropping items to determine distance
Spotting crucial supplies in the dark
When writing an exam, first read all of the questions from start to finish
Refraining from eating
Holding in tears
Tactics for maintaining control of your emotions
Slowing your breathing
Controlling your grief
Forcing yourself to look at what you really don't want to.
Not giving into your anger, or urge to fling things.
Not showing disapproval
Not falling for dirty tactics
Undoing ribbons whilst very distracted is difficult
Stepping away from a situation, because you know what will happen if you stay
Duty first
Leaving when you really don't want to
Reaching into an envelope can take all the discipline you have
Asking for information you really don't want to hear
Maintaining some sort of control during a panic attack
Living in the face of something unthinkable
Sitting at the front of the class is less distracting
How to maintain a professional demeanor when a pretty student flirts with you
How to remain focused and responsible in the throes of passion
Ignoring the Lusts of the flesh
Self Sacrifice for Another's survival
Dignity in the face of death
Checking what you see
Hunger and dehydration pains
Attempting movement while badly injured
Resisting food when hungry
Pain of losing a limb
Cold water torture!
Dealing With Pain
Surviving starvation and other trials on a long sea journey
Cold water is a shock to the system
Wind is biting, especially when your flesh is exposed
Sleepless nights, disturbed sleep
Staying focused with an arrow in your arm is hard
Staying alert when the adrenaline dies down
Traveling in cold weather
Why did they both pick a fight with you? Sparring twice in a row is tiring, especially in the sun
The after effects of using your abilities
Surviving an arterial bleed
Handling a severe injury
Handling blood loss
Remaining conscious
Traveling in the cold
Weathering The Cold of The Burning Mountains
Struggling With The Desire For Another's Touch
Dealing With Arousal Via Distractions
Standing for Breaks
Walking with Broken Ribs
Battling hopelessness
Pulling inner strength from those you love
The pain of torture
Enduring cold is made harder when you are weakened or injured.
Dual Wielding
Parry More
The ‘X’ Sword Formation
Better in the Classroom
A male professor should be cautious about being found alone with a female student
It is highly inappropriate for a student to touch his or her professor
Act as a gentleman, in the presence of a lady
Avoid public nudity with ladies present
Introducing guests to your home
Military Etiquette: Orders
Military Etiquette: Responsibilities of Command
Military Etiquette: Removing someone's rank
Fancy events tend to collect weapons from the attendees to avoid unnecessary violence
Providing Privacy When There Is Little Room For It
Lighting a Fire in Wet Conditions
How to draw water from a well
Collect lower branches for firewood when the rain has been heavy
Two Bodies are Hotter than One
Scouting The Perimeter For Any Threats or Game
plant well in good, dark soil
water a newly planted tree
Keeping it conversational
Truth is a matter of perspective
Repeat the questions they don't answer
Ask pointed questions with a clear end goal
Learning Information The Hard Way
Considering the layout of the land
Gathering intelligence from all available sources. Whether you want to or not
Passion Can Be Frightening Too
Criminals are intimidated by high ranks in the Iron Hand
How to create false rumours for blackmail
How to use threats to obtain obedience
Making an example
Swift action
Blocking the exits
If someone believes you are ready to kill them, they are more likely to be intimidated
Quiet, calm questions
Speak softly
Frightening Eyes
Blackmail Works
Meet their eyes when delivering a warning
Using written records to bolster your search
Postulating Motives
Looking for clues on a body
Start where the suspect was last seen
Deceit can be used for gathering information
Bribery can be used for gathering information
How to do a basic sweep of a small building’s perimeter
Splitting up to cover more ground
Going to the source of information to investigate
Pursuing a lead
Use the environment to establish a timeline
Children leave different clues than adults
Open and closed questioning
Use a range of information sources to build a picture
Direct questioning sometimes works
Questions to clarify, especially when it's to do with money
People can easily disguise hair colour, don't use it as a means of description
Ask about marks, moles, scars or other specific identifiers
Reading letters to find clues
No one would suspect a Gentle race of Scholars
How to organise a group
Leading a patrol in impromptu skirmish
Good leaders are decisive
Good leaders don’t avoid tasks beneath their station
Clearly stating your strategy even in a hectic situation.
Doing the right thing, though it will cost you
Seeking Permissions
Not getting easily rattled, especially with your men watching
Moving among your troops boosts morale
Stating your case clearly
Treading the fine line between civilian and military leader
Differentiating between options and orders
Sometimes, you have to make the tough decisions
About considering the big picture
Put the needs of the many at the forefront
Provide opportunities for training and rest
About Give and Take
Hear all viewpoints, then take decisive action
Giving clear orders
How humans make meaning and understand one another
Languages make sound and that sound can therefore be represented by a symbol or letter
Verbal Communication
Written Communication
Nonverbal Communication
The difficulties of learning a second language
Breaks down language
Not all language is spoken
Relates sound, sign, meaning
Grammar: A system of rules used in language
Stylistics: Study of patterns in spoken, written, and signed discourse
Semiotics: The study of signs and symbols
Structures: Couplings of meaning and form
Phonetics: Physical properties of speech, sound production, and perception
Vowel: Speech Sound
Vowel: A, e, i, o, u, y
16 vowel sounds
Schwa Vowels: Uh sound
Adjective: A word used to describe
Preposition: Word or collection to indicate location
Noun: Person, place, thing
Verb: Word to describe action
Pronoun: Word to replace noun
Adverb: Modifies verb, adjective, or another adverb
Conjunction: Joining words
Interjection: Words that portray emotion
Clause: Sentence both subject and verb
Phrase: Sentence without subject or verb
Vocabulary: Words used in given language
Passive voice
Active voice
Simple words work best
Preparing to leave on a military mission with a newborn to consider
Preparation for a journey
Will lose troops to hunger in the mountains in winter
Sharing territory puts an additional strain on resources
Leading large groups
Use of flagman to organise large numbers
Organising the night shift
Cool drinks are easier when one first gets home
Plan for every contingency
Prioritising a plan for escape
Changing Bandages
Using Clothing for a basic bandage
Contraceptives don't always work
Keep cuts clean and dry to avoid infection
How to cauterize a wound with a dagger
Run water over a burn
The Process of Childbirth
Premature Birth
Stopping a bleeding nose
Self-care is important in times of distress
How to cauterize a wound
Willow bark for pain
Packing a wound
Stemming bleeding
Hot compress for pain
Calming a panicked Gelding
Reigning in a Gelding
Difficulties of Racing a new Gelding
Restless after two days in the stables
Quit while you're ahead
Training an unbroken horse
How to pace a horse
Shorten reigns for a light canter
Halt horse by pulling on reins
Skilled at rounding up hooligans
How to Mount and Ride a Horse Bareback
How ride a horse at trot
How to ride a horse at short canter
Removing Riding Equipment From A Horse
Riding Double
Saddling up quickly
Makeshift halters can work well with a well-trained mount
A scared horse needs calm handling
Slow down when hitting rough ground
Horses get tired more easily when pulling a wagon
Horse: Riding at night
Skills N-Z : Navigation
The Moon and Stars aren't always reliable
(Land): How to use street numbers to find a building
Routes change over time
Flowers Lean slightly East
Take time to collect your thoughts
Difference between a Toxin and a Poison
Built A Small Resistance
Today could be your last – make the most of it
Everyone goes via the booking office
The ballroom is a cattle-market
Some people are just too tough to crack
Keep asking, tease out the answer
How to subtly hint at what you want
Danger of Death is Compelling
We will lie to ourselves with ease, if it will help with the pain.
Irritation can be a symptoms of displaced deeper emotions
Pacing doesn’t actually help
The strength of a parent’s love for their child
The importance of trust
Lying to yourself
Post Traumatic Stress
Don’t let Pain defeat you
The feeling of hopelessness
How to hold your own in a debate
Ask a question to open debate
Use questions to make a point
Deflecting bad jokes
How to be at the wheel and steer a ship at sea
Tying Knot
Securing A Ship To Land/Docks
Gaining favor by utilizing your talents
The neck is a sensitive and sensual place to kiss
Women like to hear the words “you’re right”
Kisses are a useful tool to end an argument
Attention to detail is important
Using the correct name really helps.
Taking control of the situation.
Reading the signs of pleasure in your partner
Detecting Advances
How to surprise your love with a kiss
Darkness of Forbidden Desire Breeds Rough Lust
Taking What You Want Without Warning or Permission
Shield Combat
Anything & anyone can be a shield, including you
Many uses
Tactics against Beginners
How to Defend while Mounted
Sometimes it's better not to take a blow
Can be used offensively
Techniques for defending different body areas
Thrust is almost impossible to defend against
Ramming your opponent
Breaking chains and working metal
Tight bandages to stop bleeding
Tidying a small gash
You can't hide from an animal that's caught your scent
Swords are very noisy
Walking quietly up stairs
Fictional Adventures of South Idalos
Rynmere Story, The Three Craftsmen
Calms and Quiets the Kids
'True Stories' Are More Interesting
'The Whispering Ent of Rynmere'
Stick to the facts
Dark colours can hide you in the shadows
Covering your tracks
Avoiding confrontation by avoiding being seen
Furniture lifting is a good workout
Holding on even while weakened
Repetition helps regain muscle strength.
Improves smell, appearance, and mood
Swimming in the cold ocean will leave you with a cold
Sword & Shield Combat
Sizing up your opponent
Riding in Formation
Fight with everything you've got
Fighting fair is for men with short lives
Higher ground provides an advantage
Divide and conquer
Getting a headcount of your enemies
Setting a man's horse free is a great distraction.
Taking care of targets from a distance before they become a real problem.
cripple the mount, cripple the rider.
Save yourself for the fight
Exploiting the position of the sun
Using sand to blind the enemy
If you can't run, then choose your ground
Air support working with ground troops
Dirty tactics in a duel
Positioning your troops
Scouting out the situation first
Not giving away your position at night
Get low in a fire
Shielding yourself from the caving roof
Cutting off the rebels
A Few Trained Soldiers are Better than Many Untrained Soldiers
Encircling the Enemy
Combining Poison with Ranged Weapons
Combining Strategies from Advisors
Be quiet – the hills carry noise
Lookouts and stockades can protect and fortify a campsite
Ensure that you cover all bases in an attack
Assessing reasonable risk
Make use of all available resources
The importance of using examples
Setting realistic tasks
Students are unprepared
Students ask a lot of questions
Keep control by acting fast
Preparations to hand over to another professor
Students struggling to find references to match your memory
Storytelling As A Tactic To Teach Children
Connecting with the students emotionally can really help your relationship with them.
Start with a fairly simple question to warm em up
The art of the 'praise sandwich' when giving feedback
Give them some, let them run
If it doesn't challenge, it won't change
Keywords help students keep focused
No matter how interesting it is, your information must be accessible
Classroom rules = classroom management
Give them half the answer, ask the rest
Allow students to push themselves, don't push them too hard
Use professional language when delivering a warning to a student
Thrown Weapons (Daggers)
Best grip for throwing
Successive Attacks
How to throw while Mounted
Establishing Each Blade's Weight Distribution
Balanced throws
Over the Shoulder is Faster, but Less Accurate
'Dart Throw' is more Accurate, but less Powerful
Using a "reload" Hand
Useful to Distract, not Kill
Slow them down
Remain calm, it's more effective that way
Unarmed Combat
Head-butt as a last resort
Head-butt attack
Stand on the same footing as the person you anger
Twisting arms behind back
Use all available weapons, including teeth
Using hair as leverage
How to compare two or more concepts
How to craft a concise, single-paragraph response
People & Places : Elyna
She's Yours
You Love Her
Can't Keep Your Hands Off Her
Has one brother
A noblewoman, not a cheap whore
Owns a hawk
Formally Engaged to Marcus
Broke your heart
You’re her hero
Took off her ring in Emea
Has always wanted to go to Ne'haer
Protecting Elyna
Quiet Beauty
Sword Spinning as a nervous tic
Sword style
Swift battlefield strategist
Will Be Fine
Poor emotional control
Soft hearted
To be trusted with my secret?
Elyna's address
Blames herself for everything
Doesn't play well with others
Knows that you have supernatural powers
Bow chicka wow wow
Hides bruises and pain
Worth dying for
Not a book person
Slept With Marcus
Still Cares
Worried about parents opinions
Wants a life with you
Nice to wake up to
Really doesn't want to deal with her parents
Eligible Bachelorette
Doesn't want to go home
Surprisingly good Homemaker
Wants to stay a Skyrider
Beautiful in a Dress
Afraid of snakes
Hates slavery
Has to put Burhan first
To be married on the 5th of Saun, 516
Having your baby
Doesn't seem to want to marry you
Has Abandonment Issues
Chose you over her Family
Wants to Marry You
Enjoys a little bit of control
Would go anywhere with you
Pregnant, Does not like the smell of beef
Pregnant, Does not like the smell of alcohol
Believes she killed a boy in Burhan
Is not coming with you.
Is willing to wait for you to return.
Wants to teach
No longer loves Yoreth
Comes First
In Pain
Nothing Without Her
Worried about waking you on the morning you left
You need her with you
Even when you begged, she said no
Feels she has to stay
Wants you to come home safe
sorry she hurt you
is her own person, and doesn't like it when you grab her jaw.
Doesn't seem entirely pleased to see you
Has a crew she's responsible for.
Slept on the chair rather than share your bed
Had not read your letter
Has your letter to Vaughn
Knows about Vanessa
Says you are not married
Uncle was the rebel leader. Is dead
Afraid the rebellion will rise up again
Wants you to leave
Agreed to travel to Burhan to her uncle's wedding, then report back on the rebels
you remember her
had a scar on her thigh in a dream in the shape of a dragon
had bruises on her neck in a dream
Doesn't know if she wants this to be mended
Wants the marriage to you removed from the record
Still loves you
Wants you to know the baby
Was in the villa in Burhan
Marcus hurt her
Says she let Marcus hurt her
Friends with Tristan's slave
Doesn't want you using your abilities on her without her consent
Slapped you! but is grateful for your actions
Thinks you're stupid?
Believes she is responsible for the death of a child
The story of how Bjorn died
Drank something that slowed her heart
Missing from Ymiden to Saun
Killed Veljorn Burhan
Won’t speak to Pavoo
Had a girl
is prepared to raise Elsie alone
is prepared for your departure...again
would like to come with you
believes you chose to maintain the cold and lonely nights
believes you turned your back when she needed you
held a fantasy about how things might be between you
believes she should have come with you to Ne'haer
believes the blame for what happened in Burhan is hers
Thinks that Avari and you will be together again
Has met Godric and Avari
Ashamed of what Marcus did
Worried that you would see her differently after what Marcus did
Felt that she had nothing to offer Elsie or you
Met Vri
Cursed by Vri
Says Vri's curse feels like a blessing
You are hers. This is the truth.
Ran away on the back of a Volareon
Left Elsie behind
Hid what had been causing her distress
Abused by Marcus
Marked by Marcus on her leg
A scar on her leg that looks like a dragon
Brave, or distrustful?
Wanted to commit suicide
had too much to drink on the night of Tristan's play
left the night of Tristan's play, after a fight
Has a magic letter-writing device
Won’t let Avari hurt you or Elsie again
Wants partnership
Refuses to live in fear
Going after Avari
Collapsed while you were gone
Didn’t want to alarm you via letter
Says you’re her lover
Was kept in the infirmary a few days
Still distanced from you
Doesn’t think anyone else would be in wilderness
Thinks the rebels would have reacted if they had noticed
Doesn’t think the Qe’dreki are disciplined
Attack with full force if you want them dead
Encircle them and get them to surrender if you want them alive
Her Love of the Sky
Hating Her For Her Betrayal
Dreams Hold Messages
World of dreams
Even in dreams, Elyna loves you
Dreaming: Lucid Dreaming
Dream: A Fairytale with Elyna
Dreams: To Join Elyna
Lucid Dreaming: Remembering Upon Waking
Nyvora: Using Dream-Seeker to Find Elyna
Nyvora: Rage Breaks the State
Nyvora: A Body That is Not Your Own
Nyvora: Awareness
Nyvora: The Scars of Being Blessed
Nyvora: The Sensation of Death
The Veil: A Corridor with a lot of Doors
Ne'haer: Housing Office Layout
Ne'haer: Route between Ne'haer and Lysoria
Cycres: Not a good place to stay
Warning; something big is coming
Curse: Loving Elyna Broke The Curse
Daia: Domain of Companionship, Prosperity, Tailoring, and Dance
Daia: Deceased
Death: Judgement was passed on you by immortals
Death: There is nothing beyond life
Faldrun: Domain of Fire, Sun, and Turmoil
Jesine: The first Mortalborn child of the Immortal Vri
Jesine: Was gifted the realm of Emea
Pier: Not His Ally
Pre: You Can't Be Like Vri
Pre: Gave You Purpose
Pre: Will Watch Over Elyna
Pre: Tasked You With Gathering Mortalborns
Pre: A Sinister Plot Unfolds
Prophecy: "The dragon will breathe fire once more."
Vri: There Is An End To The Curse
Vri: Domain of Death, Sadness, Remembrance, and Love
Vri: Doesn't Sugar Coat The Truth
Vri: Gave A Second Chance To Live
Vri: Cursed Malcolm To Be Compassion/Loveless
Ziell: Domain of Winter, Peace, and Prophecies
Faction VII fort
The last known address of Amelia Blackwood, nee Miller
Address of Blackwoords’ brother
Fort Krome
Zor River
Rynmere University
Rynmere University Library
Ye Olde Inn
Burhan: Salty Lake Tavern
The Flying Dragon
House of Krome
Andaris Docks
Salt Lake, a small settlement
The cove where you had dinner
Audrae’s Throne
Widow’s Point
Judicial Offices
Pavoo Burhan’s Office
Blackwater Marketplace
Juur Rein's house, Midtown
Rynmere: Oakleigh
Hunter’s Pass: Only way through the Burning Mountains
Rynmere: Warrick
Burning Mountains
Burhan Estate
Jorrick’s Keep
Jorrick’s Keep: Taken over by Qe’dreki
The Blacksmith Arms: A popular haunt for criminals
How to Conjure Your Abilities
Arena Cells: Putrid smell
Arena: A Hell Hole of Death
Burhan: Has a Pigeon Loft
Zor River: River crossing worsens in Ashan when snow melts
Krome: Expects you to pass on the Barony
Arena Bookmaking: Starve the strong to throw the odds
Eastern Settlement
Amelia Blackwood: Not to be trusted
Amelia Blackwood: Left Andaris in a hurry for Ne’haer
Avari: The girl grown up to a woman
Avari's Home: Always open to Malcolm
Avari Krome: Rumoured to have Immortal blood
Avari: Mortalborn
Avari: Dislikes Mortals
Avari: Loves Malcolm
Avari: Barely recognizes you
Avari: Desolation driven by loss
Avari: Very appreciative
Avari: Shared a cabin with Godric
Avari: Elsie is beautiful
Avari: Dirty tricks aren't just for the battlefield
Avari: Wants you
Avari: Persistent
Avari: Thinks you’re selfish
Avari: Tried to murder Elsie
Avari: Doesn’t think you deserve happiness
Avari: A danger to Elsie
Avari: Took your voice
Avari: Stole Faith’s appearance
Avari: Can steal appearances
Avari: At a farm house
Benjamin: Soft-hearted towards children
Benjamin: Stronger than you
Benjamin: Knows you have been arrested
Benjamin & Belinda: Expecting a baby in Saun
Benjamin: Puts family above personal discomfort
Benjamin: Wants the best for you
Benjamin: Doesn’t get along with Keith
Benjamin: Reliable and Effective
Benjamin: Persistent.
Benjamin: Philosopher at heart.
Benjamin's Philosophy: Baby crazy women is crazy
Benjamin: Now knows you are a Mortalborn
Benjamin: Not above squeezing hard for information
Benjamin: Partnered with Belinda
Benjamin: Infidelity troubles with Belinda
Brek: Dead By Your Own Hand
Caelan Burhan: Older, but still attractive
Caelan Burhan: Threw a particularly good Venoran red all over you
Caelan Burhan: Doesn't want you in her house, Ever
Chadwick Hill: Zara Stone’s ex-boyfriend
Chadwick Hill: Drunkard
Chadwick Hill: Fired from a fishing business in Andaris in Ymiden 716
Cora: Pastry Chef
Edmund Burhan: Elyna’s brother
Edmund Burhan: Loves the sea
Elsie: Fell asleep in daddy’s arms
Elsie: Is perfect
Elsie: Is beautiful
Elsie: Daughter
Elsie: Malcolm's first daughter
Elsie: Means the world to Elyna
Elsie: Recovered from her cold
Godric: Will bed most women
Godric: Ability - Can control storms
Godric: Ability - Can make shields
Godric: Ability - Can see an item's past
Godric: Will flirt with any woman
Godric: Quick to give out info
Godric: Shared a cabin with Ava
Godric: Snores
Godric: Helpful
Godric: Concerned about you and your family
Godric: Perceptive
Guards: Believe that you’re dangerous
Godric: Has been given Avari’s appearance
Godric: Going after Avari
Godric: Promised to keep Elyna safe
Godric: Has a good punching arm.
Godric: Likes a drink
Godric: Thinks you are a champion amongst men
Godric: Abandoned you for a woman!
Hannah: Orphan
Hannah: Likes horses
Hannah: Thinks you're scary
Hannah: Good at finding people
Heath Lane: Determined to beat you
Heath Lane: Anger gets the better of him
Heath Lane: Accompanied arresting guards
Heath Lane: Somewhat Lacking in Common Sense
Heath Lane: A Good Friend
Heath: A bit awkward under social pressure
Horse thieves: Never turn your back on them
Horse thieves: Love setting traps
James Castle: 8 arcs old missing boy
James Castle: named Jack in the orphanage
James Castle: Jack Jurotich
James Castle: was in the orphanage 4 trials ago
James Castle: gone to a new family
John Warrick: Dead
John Warrick: Soldier
Juur Rein: Slaver who specialises in children.
Juur Rein: Somewhere in Lowtown
Juur Rein: You have his description.
Juur Rein: Lives in Midtown
Kade Stone: Wanted Criminal
Kade Stone: Has a daughter named Zara
Kade Stone: Bronze skin, blue eyes, and black hair
Kade Stone: Biqaj
Kade Stone: Daughter works for a fishing business on the Andaris shore
Kade Stone: Prefers axes to swords
Kathryn: Panics at the sight of blood
Kathryn: Doesn’t get along with Veronica
Kathryn: Cares enough to check in on Elyna
Kathryn: Partnered with Cora
Keith: Stubborn
Keith: New Knight recruit from Krome
Kit: The rule is ask questions first, shoot after.
Kit: Shot you (and didn't ask questions first)
Marcus and Vanessa Poisoned the Wine
Marcus: Has been sailing in the West
Marcus: To be married
Marcus: To marry Elyna
Marcus: A general in the rebellion
Marcus: Knew about your wedding, and knew it was false
Marcus: In the Burning Mountains
Marcus: Your shame
Marcus: Raped Elyna
Marcus: Carved his mark into Elyna's skin
Marcus: Bringing you in to the Qe’dreki
Maeve and Bill: Had no idea of James' background
Maeve and Bill: Paid 1,400 gn
Murphy Webb: Yours instincts tell you he's not right
Murphy Webb: Captain of ten strong, but wayward men
Murphy Webb: Dirty tricks in a fight
Murphy Webb: Trying to find out if you're easily rattled
Nathan Coats: Provided valuable intel on the Qe'dreki
Nathan Coats: Married
Northerners: Surprising Ally
Pavoo Burhan: Rational thinker
Pavoo Burhan: Judge of Rynmere
Pavoo Burhan: Elyna’s Father
Pavoo Burhan: Would not have sent you to the arena
Pavoo Burhan: Believes your life is in danger
Pavoo Burhan: Knows Vanessa is alive
Pavoo Burhan: An honourable man
Peter: Doesn’t follow orders blindly
Qe’dreki: Mutilate deserters
Qe’dreki: Use scare tactics
Qe’dreki: Headed through Vanwilds then Welles
Queen Freya: Shot by one of The Blue Cloaks
Queen Freya: Asked Thomas Endor to kill the King
Ranger: Horse from House Warrick, used by Rafael
Rebels: Spotted one to two breaks flying distance
Rebels: Twenty armed men
Ronald: Has a sister
Rufus: Owns The Blacksmith Arms
Rufus: A good source of information on the Andaris underworld
Sadie: One of those students
Sadie: Husband (Henry) died.
Sadie: Pregnant
Sadie: Can't afford her final two seasons of class
Sam: Has A Son In Ne'haer
Simon: Died on 71 Ashan 716
Simon: Poisoned to death
Soren: A Coward
Thomas Endor: Former Knight Lord Commander of Iron hand
Thomas Endor: Also arrested
Thomas Endor: Ex-Knight Lord Commander
Vanessa Krome: Ex-wife
Vanessa: Believed dead by Rynmere officials
Vanessa: Not dead
Vanessa: Betrayed of the Heart
Vanessa: Declining health
Vanessa: Wants to take your child
Vanessa: Was a beautiful blonde when younger
Vanessa: Practical in an emergency
Vanessa: Resolute
Vanessa: Ready to end your relationship
Vanessa: You still love her
Vanessa: Wished to say her first and last goodbye to you
Vanessa: Still cares
Vanessa: Jealous
Vanessa: Suspicious of your relationship with Elyna
Vanessa: Enjoys your company
Vanessa: Kind & thoughtful
Vanessa: Was in Burhan on Ymiden 24th
Vanessa: Not dead
Vanessa: Involved in a rebellion
Vanessa: Was in Burhan with Elyna
Vanessa: Memories hurt your scar
Vanessa: Dead
Vanessa: Buried in the Valley of the Brave
Vaughn: In cahoots with his mother
Vaughn: Was a free spirited child
Vaughn: His mother's son
Vaughn: A Coward Before Women
Vaughn: Stood up the daughter of the Baroness Burhan
Vaughn: Full of surprises
Veronica: New Knight recruit from Krome
Victoro The Conqueror: The King's Champion
Vin: Dead
Yoreth Blackwood: Strange change of behavior
Yoreth Blackwood: Elyna’s first love
Yoreth Blackwood: Cheated on Elyna
Yoreth Blackwood: Faked his death
Yoreth Blackwood: In Ne’haer?
Yoreth Blackwood: Probably alive
Yoreth Blackwood’s Brother: Wants the book destroyed
Yoreth Blackwood’s Brother: Lives in the worst part of town
Yoreth Blackwood: Recruiter for Qe’Dreki
Yoreth Blackwood: Head of the dragon?
Yoreth Blackwood: Married in 713
Yoreth Blackwood: Not a noble
Yoreth Blackwood's Brother: Not to be trusted
Yoreth Blackwood: The Hangman
Yoreth Blackwood: Known for being ruthless on the seas
Yoreth Blackwood: All the stories said that he never gave mercy to the enemies of Rynmere
Yoreth Blackwood: Elyna thinks he is capable of killing Vaughn
Zara Stone’s Home Address
Zara Stone: Biqaj
Zor: Sees the future
Aeon: Blunt
Aeon: Lacking military etiquette
Aeon: Disobeyed direct orders. Twice
Aeon: Wouldn't drop it
Aeon: Brought Elyna into it
Atashi: Ithecal
Atashi: That's a big hammer and shield
Atashi: Seems a bit clueless
Crimson: Kylar’s Wife
Faith: The former slave
Faith: An undertaker’s slave
Faith: Loves to read and learn and wants to learn more about immortals
Faith: Lady of the Night
Faith: Has some medical skill
Faith: Believes Marcus Krome is a monster
Faith: Helpful, but a bit of a pest
Faith: The Cow
Faith: Concerned Sintih May Wish Ill On You
Inali: Teacher of languages
Inali: Looking for students in Lysoria
Inali: Will not teach you Edisi
Kes’Trel: Slave
Kes’Trel: Often Confused by Common
Kes’Trel: Doesn’t want to be a slave
Kes’Trel: Wants to show her “appreciation”
Using Her As A Release From Your Dark Emotions
Kura: Strange, Slightly Crazy Woman
Kura: Has a sharp temper
Kura: Strange dialect
Kura: Suspicious of her being there
Kura: Know's the area
Kylar: Has a Warrick Lion
Kylar: Is friends with Atashi
Kylar: Lion called Hunter
Kylar: Lotharro
Kylar: Married to Crimson
Kylar: Promised you his service
Levinia: Doctor and coroner
Levinia: Lacking bedside manner
Levinia: Doesn't understand Moseke Knights jobs
Lorena: Definitely not dead
Lorena: "Little Wren"
Lorena: Accused you of being a liar, a scoundrel and a dishonest man
Padraig: Studies Physics
Padraig: University Student
Padraig: The Bull
Padraig: Creator of Explosives
Quentin Alvina: A difficult witness
Rafael: Doesn't look like most Warricks
Rafael: Favours a longsword
Rafael: Seems fine with following orders
Rafael: Very eager
Rafael: Cautious
Rafael: Not sure how much use he'd be to you
Rafael: Not as skilled as you with sword and shield
Sabine: Journalist
Sintih: Part of the Volunteer Group
Sintih: Possible Mage
Sintih: The untrainable Dog
Sintih: Must stay away from Faith
Tristan: Nobleman
Vaughn: Alive
Vaughn: Helped you escape
Vaughn: Prayed to Chrien
Violet Warrick: May have difficulty understanding boundaries
Violet Warrick: May be interested in more than your mind
Violet Warrick: Likes to play games with you
Violet Warrick: Confident and proud
Violet Warrick: There’s something about Violet…
Violet Warrick: Bubbly and Flirty
Violet Warrick: Dead Brother
Violet: Victor's daughter
Violet: Would really like some private lessons....
Violet: Came into your class unenrolled
Violet: Wore weapons into your classroom
Violet: Lots of questions
Violet: Has commitments to Rynmere
Violet: Warrick's may be younger, but they're just as proud
Violet: Used to sneak into her father's office and try to steal his blades
Violet: Begged her father to train her. He did
Violet: Interested in knowing her place in everything
Violet: Interests are both military and academic
Violet: Has experience with children
Violet: Happy to look after Elsie
Violet: Keen to take your class
Violet: Full name, Violet Warrick
Rynmere Children: Helpful in Pointing Out Trouble
History: Two of the first shields came from Ne’hear
Historical Figure: Warren Gawyne
Historical Figure: Henry Warrick
Creed of Silence: Not intended to be a religious text
Creed of Silence: Published as Law by the King and Queen between 219 and 250
Name Origin: Zor River
Name Origin: Avari River
Nobility: Don’t accuse without evidence
Philosophy: Take from the Kingdom and it’ll be the last thing you do
Rynlism: Burhan, Patron Saint of Knowledge
Rynlism Virtue: Thou shalt seek Knowledge
Rynmere's religion and the peoples' opinions regarding the immortals
Rynmere Bandits: Hide in old farms and hidden settlements
Rynmere Story: The Story of Avari Krome and Zor
Sacred Seven: Forts erected around each burial site
Jacadons: Choose their death
Jacadons: Fly to the top of the Burning Mountain to die
The Labyrinth: The belly of Rynmere?
The Labyrinth: Or is it the heart of Rynmere?
The Labyrinth: The brain of Rynmere?
Rynmere: Could Rynmere be alive?
Rynmere University: Really needs to sort out its security
Scars & Injuries : Ashan 716
I. Malcolm should be painfully aware of the difference between now and his youth. It might behoove him to seek out a masseuse or begin practicing and stretching to limber up his muscles.
II. Although once again sore, you will also have slight scarring on your shoulder where you took your wound. Hardly enough to be noticeable, but you’ll feel the scar tissue any time you run your fingers across that shoulder…a reminder that you still don’t know what prompted the attack.
III. Knife wound scar in the collar. Soreness for three trials. Headache for three trials. Weaker than usual for four trials.
IV. Bloodshot eyes (1 trial)
V. Scratch on the left side of your head
VI. Bruising on ribs
VII. Long cut on ribs
VIII. Four stitches about your left ear
IX. Nine stitches under left arm against the side your chest
X. Poison: Built A Small Resistance
XI. A two inch cut in your right thigh.

Ymiden 716
I. A ten inch cut sliced from the bottom of the ribs to the top of the belly-button that will take 15 days to heal.

Vhalar 716
I. Shoulder injury (arrow through left arm) that will take at least 15 trials to heal, depending on your movement etc. As long as you're careful, no long term damage.
II. Cut on right thigh.
III. Cut on right arm (10 days to heal).
IV. Scar on left side of neck (dagger wound)

Tasks : I. Pre has tasked Malcolm with gathering Mortalborns in a fight against a great catastrophe she says will soon come. She had bid Malcolm leave Rynmere at once to search for these Mortalborn. Her intentions for this gathering of Mortalborn, however, remain unclear.

II. Hunt down and arrest Yoreth Blackwood, Vanessa and Marcus Krome, Vivian Warrick, Zvezdana Venora, and Edmund Burhan. You have 100 knights to train and command. Your mission should be complete by Cylus 717.

Misc. : Drugs
Scarf Rot: A Sleep Agent
A summons by Pavoo Burhan
Aches and Pains of Age in combat
As much as you want to you can't go back
Civil War Saun 716 Took its toll on everyone
Closing curtains keeps in heat
Criminals are Cowards
Curse Hard To Care About Anything
Death Hurts
Drunks Cause all kinds of trouble
Grief Can Kill Love
Kisses are better in the flesh than in dreams
Land Ownership Interior Design
Malcolm A loved one's pain adds to your own
Malcolm Anger can blind you
Malcolm Caused Elyna's misery
Malcolm Forgetting to eat
Malcolm In grief
Malcolm Mad paternal instinct
Mortals Fickle
Pain Agony of broken bones
Pregnancy Lack of meat may cause dizziness
Pregnancy Limit alcohol consumption
Promotion Warden of the North
Sex is just as awesome as it used to be
Slavery The Scars of Earning Freedom
Teleportation is disorienting
The Meaning of My Domains
Warden A Commander not an executioner
Warrick Bandit Activity Has Increased Faction VII
Women have weird minds
Your baby One tough baby
Qe’Dreki: Use Ancient Torture Methods
Qe’Dreki: Sending a Message with Marcus’ Ring
Qe'dreki: Between 3 and 4 thousand in numbers
VII: Criminal faction in the Burning Mountains
VII: Attacked Knights during Ashan 716
VII: Possible comeback?
VII: Between 3 and 4 thousand in numbers
Their bodies turn to stone upon their deaths
Their hearts turn into a precious metal upon their death
Hive mind
Common Sign: Used mainly by humans and people who speak Common
Euthic Sign: Uncommong
Euthic Sign: Used in Augiery
Draketh: The language of the first men of Rynmere
Draketh: The Iron Hand uses this language to speak to dragons
Draketh: Ar vs. Ah
Draketh: An oral language - no alphabet
Draketh: Symbols represent words or emotions, not individual letter sounds
Draketh: Contains homophones, much like Common
Common: Contains 26 letters in its alphabet
Common: Subject-object-verb structure
Rahaki: Simple sentence questions
"Ser": Generic Honourific
Salt Sign: Rare language
Salt Sign: Used only by Blackbrine pirates
Salt Sign: Never been recorded
Vucostic Sign: Rare language
Vucostic Sign: Central Idalos
Vucostic Sign: Known only by members of The Cauldron
Language: Xanthea
Xanthea: Used in the Eastern Settlement
Xanthea: Ancient Language of the Sev'ryn People of Desnind
Bears: Resilient
Bears: Territorial
Book: Immortal Mythology
Dried Flowers: Scent makes a home
Mortalborn Gifts
Burning Touch: Works When Under Pressure
Burning Touch: Saved Your Life
Burning Touch: Using the gift to poison someone else
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Postby Malcolm » Thu Mar 31, 2016 3:16 am


Item Credit Debit Balance
(SP) Blank Journal
(SP) Mortar & Pestle
(SP) Small Copper Pot
(SP) City Dweller 100 gn 100 gn
Longsword 25 gn 75 gn
Throwing Dagger (10) 4 gn 71 gn
Leather Jerkin 7 gn 5 sn 63 gn 5 sn
Tunic 8 sn 63 gn 7 sn
Shirt 8 sn 62 gn 9 sn
Leather Belt 5 gn57 gn 9 sn
Ink Well2 gn 55 gn 9 sn
Ink Pen1 gn 54 gn 9 sn
Horse (gelding) 50 gn 4 gn 9 sn
Drink for Qaerris 1 sn 4 gn 8 sn
Round of drinks3 sn4 gn 5 sn
Black Cotton Tunic 1 gn 8 sn 4 cn 3 gn 0 sn 6 cn
716 Rebirth Wages1530 gn1533 gn 0 sn 6 cn
716 Rebirth Tax107 gn 1 sn 1425 gn 9 sn 6 cn
Opened Bank Account10 gn 1415 gn 9 sn 6 cn
Bank Deposit500 gn 915 gn 9 sn 6 cn
1/4 Acre of land200 gn715 gn 9 sn 6 cn
400 sq ft house (+2 windows) 520 gn195 gn 9 sn 6 cn
Bookshelf Small 10 gn185 gn 9 sn 6 cn
4 x Candle 2 gn183 gn 9 sn 6 cn
Small Bath 50 gn143 gn 9 sn 6 cn
Hoof rasp10 gn133 gn 9 sn 6 cn
Heater Shield10 gn123 gn 9 sn 6 cn
Dagger Throwing at the circus6 cn 123 gn 9 sn
Paid Elyna 70 gn53 gn 9 sn
Pearl15 gn 38 gn 9 sn
Pumpkin 12 cn38 gn 7 sn 8 cn
Bean Sprouts 3 cn 38 gn 7 sn 5 cn
Black Beans2 cn 38 gn 7 sn 3 cn
Grapes2 cn 38 gn 7 sn 1 cn
Strawberries 1 sn 38 gn 6 sn 1 can
Bread1 sn 38 gn 5 sn 1 cn
1lb Beef 1 gn 37 gn 5 sn 1 cn
Flagon of Ale 6 sn 36 gn 9 sn 1 cn
1 night at Ye olde Inn5 sn 36 gn 4 sn 1 cn
Rewards104 gn140 gn 4 sn 1 cn
Rewards55 gn195 gn 4 sn 1 cn
Travel (63 trails)31 gn 5 sn163 gn 9 sn 1 cn
Ymiden Wages1743 gn1906 gn 9 sn 1 cn
Ymiden Tax169 gn 3 sn 2 cn1737 gn 5 sn 9 cn
Banked1000 gn737 gn 5 sn 9 cn
Saun Wages 1000 gn1737 gn 5 sn 9 cn
Saun Tax 100 gn1637 gn 5 sn 9 cn
Banked1000 gn637 gn 5 sn 9 cn
4 x Hens 4 gn 633 gn 5 sn 9 cn
RAOK for Sadie100 gn533 gn 5 sn 9 cn
Shopping List512 gn 4 sn21 gn 1 sn 9 cn
2 x NPC Upkeep Saun 71610 gn11 gn 1 sn 9 cn
Rewards200 gn211 gn 1 sn 9 cn
Tent (Four Person)50 gn161 gn 1 sn 9 cn
Vhalar Wages4182 gn4343 gn 1 sn 9 cn
Vhalar Tax418 gn 2 sn3924 gn 9 sn 9 cn
Banked3000924 gn 9 sn 9 cn
Rewards100 gn1024 gn 9 sn 9 cn
Black Leather Gloves10 gn1014 gn 9 sn 9 cn
Stabling Zi'da 716 ES1 gn 1013 gn 9 sn 9 cn
Horse: Gelding50 gn 963 gn 9sn 9 cn
University Exam 688100 gn863 gn 9sn 9 cn
Forest Green Cloak9 gn854 gn 9sn 9 cn
Black Tunic with gold trim8 gn 846 gn 9sn 9 cn
Spaniel15 gn831 gn 9sn 9 cn
Horse: Stallion (holiday event)50 gn 781 gn 9sn 9 cn
BP5000 gn 5781 gn 9sn 9 cn
Zi'da Wages3627 gn9408 gn 9sn 9 cn
Zi'da Tax362 gn 7 sn9046 gn 2 sn 9 cn
Banked8000 gn1046 gn 2 sn 9 cn
Cylus Wages1129012336 gn 2 sn 9 cn
Cylus Tax92 gn 4 sn12243 gn 8 sn 9 cn
Banked10000 gn2243 gn 8 sn 9 cn
House and land in Andaris City1200 gn1043 gn 8 sn 9 cn
Pie and Drink3 gn1040 gn 8 sn 9 cn
3 x Horses150 gn890 gn 8 sn 9 cn
University Exam 690100 gn790 gn 8 sn 9 cn
University Diploma Fee 200 gn590 gn 8 sn 9 cn
Ashan Wages6376 gn6966 gn 8 sn 9 cn
Ashan Tax356 gn 7 sn6610 gn 1 sn 9 cn
Banked6000 gn610 gn 1 sn 9 cn
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Postby Malcolm » Thu Mar 31, 2016 3:21 am

Housing & Land

House 1: A 400 sq ft. (20 x 20) stone house in the city of Andaris, decorated with one bed, two chairs, a table, a set knives, six plates (assorted), a wood and iron chest, and a stone fireplace.


House 2: During Ashan 716 Malcolm bought a second house, a 400 sq ft. (20 x 20) wooden with a one and a quarter acre of land outside of Andaris City on the road to the docks near the Royal Glen which borders the region of Venora to the west. Later that year in Vhalar 716 he extended the house to add a guest bedroom, this and the new barn with loft paid for by his wife Elyna Burhan.


In Ashan 717, Malcolm and Elyna purchased a two story house in Midtown closer to the Crown. The house is 800 sq ft on a 5500 sq ft section with a small, walled off garden at the front and an extended garden big enough to land a Volareon at the back.

Floor 1

Floor 2


Floor 1

Floor 2

Floor 3
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Postby Malcolm » Thu Mar 31, 2016 8:16 am

Items & Belongings

White Shirt
Black Shirt
White Tunic
Black Cotton Tunic
Black Tunic with gold trim
Black Cloak
Wolf Fur Cloak
Forest Green Cloak
Leather Jerkin
Portal Boots
Leather Belt
Black Leather Boots
Black Leather Gloves
1 x Gold Torc

Horse (mare) Mithril
Horse (gelding) Mulki
Horse (stallion) Kaiba
Horse (stallion) Andvari
Horse (mare) Onkari
4 x Hens
Red and white Spaniel

Blank Journal
Ink Well
Ink Pen

Longsword (masterwork)
10 x Throwing Daggers
Heater Shield
Bastard Sword (worth 100gn)


Tent (Four Person)

2 x Eating Utensils
2 x Eating Knives
6 x Plates (assorted)
Mortar & Pestle
Small Copper Pot
2 x Chairs
Bookshelf Small
4 x Candle
Small Bath
Large Bag
4 x Light Blanket
Medium Blanket
Heavy Blanket
2 x Bedside Tables
2 x Cabinet
Brick Oven
Small Dresser
2 x Pillows
6 x Wine Glasses
2 x Medium Shelves
Small Cooking Cauldron
Queen Bed
Queen Fitted Sheet
Queen Flat Sheet

¼ Acre Land
400 sq ft house (2 rooms)
Half share in 5500sq ft land and 550sq ft house in Andaris City with Elyna

3 x Sanding Blocks
Planing Tool
Rasp Fine
Rasp Coarse
4 x Files
Swiveling Miter Box
Small Chisel
Medium Chisel
Large Chisel
Nails (50)
One Handed Saw
Two Handed Saw
Small Pliers
Large Pliers
2 x Small Clamp
2x Medium Clamp
2 x Large Clamp
Straight-Edge Square
Small Hammer
Large Hammer
Rubber Mallet
Hand Drill
Bits and Augers Set
Wooden Dowels (20)
1 x Glue in Jar
20 x Brass Rivets
20 x Copper Rivets
Horse Harness
Large Wagon
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Postby Malcolm » Thu Mar 31, 2016 8:20 am

Personal NPCs

Name: Avari
Date of Birth: Arc 308 (408)
Race: Mixed Blood (Immortal x Biqaj)
Skills: Leadership: 30, Seduction: 40, Ranged, Shortbow: 30, Singing: 10
Appearance: A lean woman with curves in all the right places, Avari has a narrow neck and defined jaw. She has light, thin eyebrows and a small mouth, the lower lip slightly thicker than its higher counterpart. Her eyes are blue, but have the ability to change colour due to her Biqaj blood. Lashes often painted black, and with long, strawberry-blonde hair, Avari is the picture of eternal youth.
Personality: Avari can appear reserved, gentle-natured, and honest, but those who know her better have seen a completely different side to the woman, one a little darker, cunning, and manipulative. She is a free-spirited woman who once longed for nothing more than to travel and see the world. Avari can be very sharp and witty, but she saves that side of herself for the people who know her best.
Relationship to PC: Traveling companion.
Anything: Avari is the daughter of the Immortal Lisirra (Pestilence, Toxin, Decay, Insects).


When the ability is in use, the user has the power to re-live a person's last moments, seeing through their eyes, thinking their thoughts, and feeling their pain.

The ability to take on the effects of plants in nature and transmit their effects through touch or breath, anything from a sleep inducing mist to a poisonous kiss or numbing agent, if it can be found in nature, it can be manipulated in some shape or form.

A copycat ability that allows the user to remember and use any mortalborn ability they come into contact with.

Note: Use of any of the abilities listed above will age the user and leave her tired, drained, with bloodshot eyes or a bleeding nose.

Name: Godric
Date of Birth: Arc 444 (272)
Race: Mixed Blood (Immortal x Biqaj)
Skills: Seafaring: 30, Navigation: 30, Blades, Gladius: 40, Singing: 10
Appearance: Godric is relatively tall, standing at five foot, ten, and has steel-grey eyes, like smoky blue rainclouds. He is thin with long, lean limbs, has a shaggy beard, and slightly bent nose where he broke it as a teenager. His hair is a dirty blond colour, often appearing an unflattering shade of brown, and is also fair of skin with sun damage across his cheeks. Godric sports a scar on his right arm and the left side of his neck from blade training as a youth.
Personality: Godric reminds a lot of people of a goat, gruff, scruffy, and guaranteed to act before he thinks, especially when it comes to an argument or battle. He always has to have the last word, but has a wonderful sense of humour and dashing smile.
Relationship to PC: Traveling companion.
Anything: Godric is the son of Ziell (Winter, Peace, Prophecies).


Rain Man:
The ability to worsen or calm a storm, from rain, to thunder, lightning, and snow. The ability only works if a storm or shower has already started.

The ability to put up an invisible shield that can protect up to ten people as long as they are in eye or ear-shot. No arrow, weapon, or elemental effect may penetrate this shield while in use.

The ability to read an object's history via touch, who owned it, where it originated from, where it has been, what it is capable of, and whether it has been used for good or evil.

Note: Use of any of the abilities listed above will age the user and leave him tired, drained, with bloodshot eyes or a bleeding nose.
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Postby Malcolm » Thu Mar 31, 2016 8:25 am

Threads 716

Cylus 716
19 Cylus 716 Half the Battle Leadership 2, Shield: Kite 5, Blades: Longsword 4, Mount 2, Thrown Weapons 4, Tactics 1, Strength 2, Surgery 2.
27 Cylus 716 Burn the Books Teaching 3, Rhetoric 1, Socialization 1, Writing 3, Politics 1, Acting 1.

Ashan 716
1 Ashan 716 Sticks and Stones Observation: 3, Socialisation: 3, Intimidation: 1.
41 Ashan 716 Seeking Motive Medicine: 1, Interrogation: 1, Leadership: 2, Teaching: 1, Investigation: 4, Observation: 2.
44 Ashan 716 There is no 'fire' here Ranged Combat: 3, Investigation: 2, Melee Combat: 3, Socialisation: 3, Tactics: 2, Shield Combat: 3, Observation: 2.
47 Ashan 716 We are the Knights that say Ni! Ranged Combat: 2, Unarmed Combat: 1, Socialization: 2, Melee Combat: 1, Medicine: 1, Leadership: 2, Mount: 4, Shield Combat: 2, Investigation: 1, Observation: 2.
52 Ashan 716 Our own hero's Rhetoric: 2, Socialization: 1, Mount: Horse: 1, Ranged Combat: 1, Unarmed Combat: 1, Melee Combat: 2, Endurance: 2, Investigation: 1.
56 Ashan 716 Leaving Scars Socialisation: 1, Rhetoric: 2.
63 Ashan 716 That's an Order Etiquette 2, Socialization 2, Persuasion 1, Mount 1.
67 Ashan 716 We Were Wild Mount: Horse 4, Rhetoric 2, Leadership 2, Tactics 2, Persuasion 1, Logistics 1, Endurance 1, Detection 1, Shield Combat 1, Blades: Longsword 1, Storytelling 1.
69 Ashan 716 Danger, run from danger Observation 5, Leadership 4, Mount 4, Planning 2, Endurance 2, Tactics 2, Etiquette 2, Medicine 2, Intimidation 1, Swimming 1, Shield Combat 1, Melee Combat 1, Persuasion 1, Investigation 1, Seduction 1.
71 Ashan 716 Choices Not Mistakes Leadership 2, Seduction 2, Animal Husbandry 2, Observation 1, Socialization 1, Planning 1.
77 Ashan 716 Sweet Betrayal Observation 2, Investigation 1, Shield Combat 1, Melee Combat 1.
85 Ashan 716 Shhh Socialization 3, Research 2, Seduction 2, Observation 1.
86 Ashan 716 Dinner and... Socialization 3, Seduction 3, Observation 2, Persuasion 2, Cooking 2, Investigation 1, Rhetoric 1.
87 Ashan 716 A Fool's Errand Observation 3, Investigation 6, Persuasion 2, Interrogation 2, Leadership 3, Mount 1, Intimidation 1.
87 Ashan 716 Draw me a map Tactics 1, Mount 4, Animal Husbandry 2, Intimidation 1, Interrogation 1, Leadership 1.
105 Ashan 716 No rest for the wicked Cooking 1, Seduction 1, Psychology 1.
106 Ashan 716 Put your arms around somebody else Deception 1, Leadership 1, Seduction 2.
106 Ashan 716 In Silence Seduction 2, Deception 1, Persuasion 2, Investigation 1, Rhetoric 2, Detection 1.
110 Ashan 716 Flesh, Bones, and Dust
111 Ashan 716 A Second Home
113 Ashan 716 A day in the sun Ranged: Throwing Daggers 2, Persuasion 1, Etiquette 1, Seduction 1.
114 Ashan 716 Let the darkness keep our secrets Seduction 2, Leadership 1, Persuasion 1, Rhetoric 2.
114 Ashan 716 Each New Day Blades (Longsword) 1, Shield Combat 1, Teaching 1, Deception 1, Etiquette 1, Rhetoric 1, Torture 1.
117 Ashan 716 Who Poisoned the Wine? Detection 1, Rhetoric 2, Resistance 1.
117 Ashan 716 Entering Death's Domain Etiquette 1, Intelligence 2, Mount 1.
119 Ashan 716 Heartless +1 Meditation, +1 Mount, +1 Animal Husbandry, +1 Navigation, +1 Detection, +2 Strength, +2 Fieldcraft, +2 Stealth, +3 Blades: Longsword, +4 Shield Combat, +4 Endurance, +3 Throwing Weapons, +1 fame.
122 Ashan 716 A Double Edged Sword Storytelling 2, Endurance 2, Detection 2, Mount 1.

Ymiden 716
13 Ymiden 716 Fade Away +1 Blades: Longsword, +2 Deception, +1 Leadership, +1 Polearms, +4 Tactics.
14 Ymiden 716 The long dark Endurance 4, Intimidation 1, Seduction 1, Persuasion 1, Leadership 1.
15 Ymiden 716 Home on the Hill Medicine +1, Etiquette +1, Persuasion +1.
20 Ymiden 716 Healing 1 Psychology, +1 Cosmetology, +1 Stealth, +1 Thrown Weapons (Knives), +2 Mount.
21 Ymiden 716 Goodbye Medicine +1, Mount +1, Cooking +1.
22 Ymiden 716 Clarity +1 Rhetoric, +4 Seduction, +1 Mount, +2 Endurance, +1 Persuasion.
22 Ymiden 716 What Must Be Said Seduction 3, Persuasion 2, Animal Husbandry 1, Construction 1, Cooking 1, Logistics 1.
22 Ymiden 716 The day that wouldn't end Cooking 1, Detection 1, Stealth 2, Tactics 3, Leadership 2, Blades 2, Thrown Weapons 3, Investigation 1, Unarmed combat 2, Mount 2, Acrobatics 1, Intimidation 1, Surgery 1, Fame +16.
24 Ymiden 716 Secrets, secrets, secrets +3 Rhetoric, +3 Writing, +2 Meditation, +1 Persuasion, +1 Deception.
28 Ymiden 716 At Your Service 15/15 Fame: +1.
29 Ymiden 716 Falling Dusk +1 Carpentry, +1 Endurance, +2 Seduction, +2 Rhetoric, +1 Persuasion, +1 Fame.
30 Ymiden 716 We look good in the dark 12/15
30 Ymiden 716 Let Me Not
32 Ymiden 716 Mistakes 15/15.
34 Ymiden 716 A Man of History 10/15. fame: 1
34 Ymiden 716 Reality is perception Teaching 2, Detection 2.
35 Ymiden 716 On The House 10/15 fame: 6
36 Ymiden 716 Flight 15/15.
38 Ymiden 716 Packing 15/15.
40 Ymiden 716 Sweet Love 15/15.
42 Ymiden 716 I Am Devotion
64 Ymiden 716 Smooth Sailing
78 Ymiden 716 After The Storm

Saun 716
9 Saun 716 Land, ho! 10/15.
20 Saun 716 Being Human
21 Saun 716 A Wanted Man 15/15.
21 Saun 716 Ghost of the Past 15/15.
22 Saun 716 The Failings of Scholars 15/15.
26 Saun 716 Collect Moments 10/15.
27 Saun 716 Salt and Smoke

Vhalar 716
5 Vhalar 716 Hide and Seek
31 Vhalar 716 The Way Home 10/15.
34 Vhalar 716 It Never Rains 15/15.
35 Vhalar 716 You Had My Heart 15/15.
40 Vhalar 716 Hangover Over 10/15 Fame: +5.
53 Vhalar 716 The Watchmen 15/15 fame: +2, loot: Bastard Sword worth 100gn.
56 Vhalar 716 Chasing Castles 10/15 fame: +6
60 Vhalar 716 A Light in the Darkness 15/15 fame: +3.
60 Vhalar 716 Nothing so Dangerous as the Truth 15/15 fame: +1.
62 Vhalar 716 When We Burn 15/15 Fame: +4.
64 Vhalar 716 A very particular set of skills 15/15 Fame: +4.
67 Vhalar 716 Ask and it will be given 15/15 fame: +5.
84 Vhalar 716 Winding Down 15/15.
85 Vhalar 716 The Message 15/15.
85 Vhalar 716 Introductions 15/15.
87 Vhalar 716 Slipping 15/15 fame: 1.
88 Vhalar 716 Another Dream? 15/15.
97 Vhalar 716 Cups doth overflow 15/15.
97 Vhalar 716 Just Breathe 10/15 fame: +2.
97 Vhalar 716 He was my... 15/15.
98 Vhalar 716 The Rules of Love 15/15.
98 Vhalar 716 Void 15/15.
108 Vhalar 716 A toast between friends 15/15 fame: 10.
109 Vhalar 716 Wishes upon a star 15/15.
109 Vhalar 716 Where Only Mad Men Go 15/15 fame: +3.
111 Vhalar 716 What a way to spend the day 8/10.
115 Vhalar 716 Mountain Men 15/15 fame: +12.
122 Vhalar 716 Rest Easy 15/15.
122 Vhalar 716 A change of circumstance 15/15 fame: +1.
122 Vhalar 716 The Day is Gone 15/15 fame: +4.
123 Vhalar 716 In Pieces 15/15.

Zi'da 716
4 Zi'da 716 Classroom Observations 15/15 fame: +2.
4 Zi'da 716 Target Practice 15/15.
10 Zi'da 716 Research Paper 15/15 fame: +1
11 Zi'da 716 Man of her dreams
16 Zi'da 716 Welcome to Welles +14/15
16 Zi'da 716 A Tapatea 15/15
16 Zi'da 716 Lingering 15/15.
18 Zi'da 716 Fallout 11/15
21 Zi'da 716 View of the world 15/15.
21 Zi'da 716 In Your Shadow +14/15 fame: +1
22 Zi'da 716 Starlight 15/15 fame: +4
23 Zi'da 716 Burning Winter Snow 12/15 fame: +5
Date Zi'da 716 Winning the War

Memory Threads
91 Ashan 327 Start Again Animal Husbandry 2, Cooking 1 , Carpentry 2 , Construction 2 , Detection 3, Endurance 1 , Leadership 1 , Mount 3, Navigation 1 , Seafaring 1 , Strength 2 , Teaching 1.
111 Ashan 327 A Good Deed 10/15 Fame +3.
73 Zi'da 327 Red Dawn 10/15.
31 Ymiden 328 Just Say Hello 10/15.
7 Vhalar 687 The Song of Vhalar Mount 3, Endurance 3.
14 Saun 688 Mistakes Happen 8/10.
18 Saun 688 What about your name? 8/10.
115 Ashan 713 A Night to Remember
12 Ymiden 715 Blood and Sand Shielded Combat 5, Strength 1, Endurance 3, Blades: Longsword 5, Tactics 2, Unarmed 2, Intimidation 1.

Emea Threads
63 Ymiden 716 Black and White 15/15.
80 Ymiden 716 Distance 15/5.
8 Saun 716 You Have My Word 9/15.
15 Saun 716 Look With Your Heart 15/15.
20 Saun 716 If Only I Could Give You More 15/15.
22 Saun 716 Embrace 15/15.
30 Saun 716 No Death Note 14/15.
35 Saun 716 Past Is Past 15/15.
35 Saun 716 And the Future is Nigh 15/15.
67 Vhalar 716 For those who seek it 15/15.
21 Zi'da 716 In Your Dreams
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Threads 717

Cylus 717
2 Cylus 717 Shadows
24 Cylus 717 The long night
29 Cylus 717 Tea
30 Cylus 717 One Plus One is Three

Ashan 717
7 Ashan 717 Home For Sale
13 Ashan 717 I Need You Now
16 Ashan 717 Come in from the cold
18 Ashan 717 Another King Burns
20 Ashan 717 Alive 15/15 fame: 1
21 Ashan 717 Stones 15/15
21 Ashan 717 Little Pleasures 15/15
22 Ashan 717 Fire 15/15
23 Ashan 717 A New Pain 15/15 fame: +5
26 Ashan 717 Blood of my Blood 15/15 fame: 9
53 Ashan 717 Run to the Shore
54 Ashan 717 In Your Arms
55 Ashan 717 Our House
56 Ashan 717 To Buy A Fat Hen
57 Ashan 717 The King of Hearts
57 Ashan 717 I'm Coming Home
57 Ashan 717 Embers to Ashes
58 Ashan 717 Irony
58 Ashan 717 You Last Words To Me
59 Ashan 717 Just a Walk
63 Ashan 717 Of the Immortal Father and the Immortal's Son
67 Ashan 717 Be Still
70 Ashan 717 Tent Invasion
71 Ashan 717 Just a Dream
79 Ashan 717 Buried Alive
80 Ashan 717 Zugzwang
90 Ashan 717 Delivery
92 Ashan 717 Greetings
97 Ashan 717 Speak to Me
98 Ashan 717 Family Matters
100 Ashan 717 Dinner for Three
115 Ashan 717 The Way the Crow Flies
119 Ashan 717 Letter Under The Door

Ymiden 717
3 Ymiden 717 The Tale of Drayas
9 Ymiden 717 Down Came the Rain
10 Ymiden 717 Kill The Witch
15 Ymiden 717 Uninvited Guest

Memory Threads
4 Ashan 690 Midnight Oil 10/10 fame: 9
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