Vincent Krome

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Vincent Krome

Postby Vincent Krome » Sun Aug 20, 2017 7:23 am

Vincent Krome

Name: Vincent Krome
Age: 17 arcs
Race: Mixed Blood Human
Date of Birth: Ymiden 42nd Arc 700
Languages Spoken:
Fluent: Common
Basic: Common Sign
Partner: None
Family: Xander Andaris (older Brother), Velaine Krome (older sister)



His head was clean shaven, minus a few nicks here or there where the razor met his scalp. Meanwhile, he'd let his beard grow out over the past few seasons. It wasn't by any means as bushy as a full grown man's might be, but it was impressive enough given his tender age.

He wore simple clothes, woolen shirt and trousers with knee boots of leather. Fastened to his belt was the blunt short sword he carried everywhere in its scabbard. A recent addition to this ensemble was an iron dagger, free of any kind of scabbard.

His new look of shaven head and full beard gave him an air of age that belied his youth. These features accentuated the hard angles of his face, lending him a leaner and more severe look.

He stands at a somewhat diminutive 5'2", but with a strong build despite his small stature. He often wears neutral, conservative colors like grays, blues, blacks and browns. A blunted short sword hangs at his belt in its scabbard.

faceclaim: Aneurin Barnard


As the youngest sibling of four, the story of Vincent's youth is that of chasing attention, by whatever means necessary. Of his three siblings, he was perhaps the loudest and most brash. Often ignored by his parents in favor of their daughters, Velaine and Zara, he reacted by throwing temper tantrums, perhaps foreshadowing a tumultuous adolescence and adulthood. When they reacted by ignoring him, he had to find new ways of getting their attention, which included getting into trouble. In extreme cases, he'd even try to torment Velaine and Zara by pulling their hair or carefully placing frogs in their wardrobes. When all other efforts failed, tormenting his sisters often enough had the effect of getting him the attention he thought he wanted. Even though it came in the form of corporal punishment from either parent. He became a pretty fair hand at gaining the center of attention, despite his parent's ambivalence at the best of times, and genuine disdain toward him at the worst.

When it became clear to him, a few years into his life, that he was not anyone's favorite, he began turning outward for the approval and attention he craved. His later childhood was spent playing with the sons of retainers, linecooks and stablemen, and enjoying the attention their parents were more than happy to heap on him as befit one of noble lineage. He mistook their deference for genuine affection, and came to enjoy the company of the servants more than he did his own family.

He was about 9 when Zara died. Although they'd never really seen eye to eye when they were younger, and he was jealous of the relationship she had with Xander, he didn't hate the girl. If anything, he was angry that the primary victim of his affectionate pranks was gone forever. He'd never be able to tease her about the men who would court her, nor get the opportunity to threaten to marry her off to some fat lord. It was around this time that he began turning on Xander, and started leaving Velaine alone. One time at dinner, he blurted out that Xander killed Zara, in an offhand comment. The entire family was shocked into silence, until their father, red in face, shouted him down and told the servants to remove Vincent to his room, and bar the door.

After Zara's death, he became more unruly and wild. His detentions to his room became more frequent, although he quickly learned how to make a break from his family's estate to mix with his friends, the servants and their children. He learned eventually, however, that these friendships were only superficial. When they began begging him for favors, gold and goods, he knew for sure that these were not real friends, but opportunists. It was then he began seeing the common folk that served them in a less favorable light. He realized they wore a smile on their sleeves, while whispering unflattering rumors behind their hands.

Far from withdrawing, however, he continued to break out of the family estate to mingle with the peasants. He bore in mind, however, their true feelings and allegiances. They weren't good people, they were like anyone, just a vulture circling a dying carcass, just waiting to take their pound of flesh. He became cynical.

When his guardians began to insist that he pursue the martial programs of his family, he bucked the trends, learning instead how to participate in lowly tavern brawls, and using furniture as blunt instruments in these altercations. He wore a sword, as he was expected to according to his birth, but felt like it was a silly weapon. Far better to make use of whatever else was available, or improvise his way through a fight.

In time, his itinerant lifestyle grated on their parents, and he was cast out of the Manor at fifteen arcs old. From there, he survived, couch surfing on his family reputation until even the minor nobles grew tired of him, thinking him a hopeless wastrel and inconvenience. He turned to thievery to support himself, too stubborn to return to his home and having tasted freedom from his parents, nothing was as sweet to him.

So during the days, he caroused and played games with the patrons of local taverns of Mid-town, while at night he plied the streets, looking for marks that would end with some coin in his purse. He eventually saved enough money to buy himself a small flat, which he then decorated to his liking. He hasn't heard from his House in at least two arcs.

Brief Sketch of Vincent Krome

Vincent can best be summed up by his attitude toward his rather flimsy birthright. He has absolutely no interest in his role as a spare to the heir of Krome. Unambitious in the extreme, he's grown used to his simple life of carousing, gaming, and thievery. Nevertheless, he feels the pull toward his family. Some lingering regrets from his youth that he hasn't settled just yet. Although he doesn't want to meet his father or mother under any circumstances, he wishes he could make amends with his siblings, for whom he'd made their lives rather miserable during their youth.

Although he still maintains a mischeivous and light-hearted sense of humor, there's no malice to his pranks. He just likes to have fun in his own ways, which often involves embarrassing those close to him.

If it came to it, he'd defend his siblings, shy of risking his life. Perhaps he might grow in devotion to them in time, but his main interest in them remains keeping them alive so they can produce heirs, in order to take him out of the running for the Duchy of Krome. He will still grudgingly perform duties and pay tax to maintain his noble status if pushed to do so, however he maintains his right to stay where he is, rather than live at the Manor.

  • Content
  • Playful
  • Outgoing
  • Taciturn
  • Likes to get drunk and carouse with peasants
  • Reckless
  • Immature
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment



A small, but well-appointed flat. It's compartmentalized into three sections. A small space for a bathroom, a larger sleeping chamber, and an even still larger living area. He has all the furnishing listed in his housing section of inventory.

Knowledge & Skills

SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Unarmed (Brawling)13/100 (13/251)Novice
Deception10/100 (10/251)Novice
Stealth18/100 (18/251)Novice
Pick Pocketing18/100(18/251)Novice
Axes/Bludgeons (Furniture)25/100 NA/FTNovice

Combat : 
  • Axes/Bludgeons (Furniture): Killer Chairs
  • Brawling: Fighting with anything you can think of[DJ]
Vocational : 
  • Stealth: Blending into the environment.
  • Pick pocketing: Let not one hand know where the other is.
  • Deception: Lying to your family[DJ]
  • Detection: Determining their lies to you[DJ]
Social : 
    Lore : 
    • Rynmere Nobility: Liars who play the game[DJ]
    • Houses of Rynmere: House Krome
    Locations : 
    • Andaris: Streets of Mid-town
    • Andaris: A city of bars and brothels[DJ]

    Skill Point Ledger

    Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
    Axes/Bludgeons (Furniture) [RB} 25[RB] 2500
    Starting Package 500050
    Deception ..1040
    Unarmed (Brawling) ..1030
    Stealth ..1515
    Pick Pocketing..150
    Stealth [DJ] 3 3 0
    Unarmed (Brawling) [DJ]330

    Wardrobe : A rich, brown woolen cloak
    Pale blue hemp shirt
    Gray leather trousers
    Simple undergarments
    A pair of brown leather boots
    A brown, leather belt.
    Arms : A poor quality shortsword with the edges blunted off. It can be used effectively as a blunt truncheon.
    Other : One Set of Toiletries: Soap, A comb or brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste,
    One waterskin
    Two sets of eating utensils
    Prized Possession : Moonlit Revel: A treasured drinking horn, crafted from sterling silver. Many golden rainbow pyrites form a pattern of a floral stem and leaves on the convex side of the horn. The floral pattern is crowned by a set of three separate moonstones, two of them carved into crescents, while the last and largest forms a full circle along with the two crescent slivers of moonstone. These three moonstones symbolize each of Idalos' moons in various phases.

    Moonlit Revel was given to Vincent by his father, who while in a drunken stupor, confused Vincent for an old friend, insisting that he take the drinking horn. It must not have had much significance to the Krome patriarch afterall, because he never noticed it was missing, or called attention to it when Vincent drank from it in his presence.
    Housing : Description of his flat, Mid-Town apartment Incoming. Contents thus far are as follows:
    one bed
    two chairs
    one table
    two knives
    a set of six plates (assorted)
    one chest
    a fireplace
    Noble Perks : None as he isn't currently living at the manor.

    Starting Package ... 100 GN
    Poor Blunted Short Sword (Truncheon) 6 gn 5 sn 93 gn 5 sn
    Sports Club Lessons: Dagger 20 gn 73 gn 5 sn
    Sports Club Lessons: Unarmed 20 gn 53 gn 5 sn
    Sheepshead is Utilized in three threads in Cylus, as per contract 30 gn 23 gn 5 sn
    Nick Sheepshead Personal NPC Stipend 10 gn 13 gn 5 sn

    Total Currency: 0 ON, 13 GN, 5 SN, 0 CN

    Fame Ledger
    ]Item/ ThreadFameTotal
    Mixed Race +10 Total
    Mixed Race in Rynmere +10 Total
    Noble in House Krome +50 Total
    ... ... ...
    ... ... ...
    ... ... ...
    ... ... ...

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    Vincent Krome

    Postby Vincent Krome » Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:31 am


    Name: Nick Sheepshead
    Race: Human
    Date of Birth: arc 692 on the 3rd of Saun

    Skills: 26 Competent Detection
    24 Novice Negotiation
    30 Competent Forgery
    10 Novice Persuasion
    10 Novice Writing

    Appearance: Sheepshead stands at about 6' tall, around 250 lbs, and is for lack of a better term, pear-shaped in the build. His hair is an early gray and grown two inches out and very curly. His face is clean shaven, with rounded features. He also has pretty bad teeth from eating so many sweets and drinking so much rum.

    Personality: A lazy indolent slob, he nevertheless is one of the more useful members of the independent criminals in the Rynmere Underworld. As one of the few sporting an actual education, he used his stint at the university to study signatures and common documents, learning how to forge them. He's quite loudmouthed for one who ought to learn discretion, yet rarely rats out his fellows, as their goodwill is his livelihood. He would only sell them out if he had intentions of leaving Rynmere, and starting out somewhere else. He's jumpy of temperament, and usually avoids conflict or individuals he doesn't know who appear dangerous. He's good at sussing out a person's potential threat or usefulness.

    Relationship to PC: A rumor-monger and source of information regarding jobs, which Vincent of course always has to pay for. He's also friends with the man, and occasionally takes him on adventures (having to pay a bit extra for the trouble: 10gn peradventure is the going rate. Sheepshead contract stipulates that he will not aid or guard Vincent should danger find them.)

    Misc. Information: He's a reasonably skilled forger, not able to make convincing copies of signatures just yet, but has studied various document forms and nearly perfected their implementation. He's also one of the more reliable if outspoken information brokers in the lower rungs of Rynmere's underworld. Approval Here
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    Vincent Krome
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