Knowledge and Skills Guide

How Knowledge and Skills Work

Here is a list of guides when it comes to starting out, what skills are available, and how to play. This section will have things added to it frequently so please check back often.

Knowledge and Skills Guide

Postby Kingdom » Tue Aug 02, 2016 9:12 pm

Knowledge and Skills Guide
How Knowledge and Skills Work
Here at Standing Trials, players are given the freedom to build and shape their characters exactly the way they like with very few restrictions. The following guide will explain exactly how skills and spendings skill points work, and what knowledge is used for any why it is important.

With almost one hundred different skills to choose from, building a well-rounded character can be tricky. Each skill maxes out at one hundred points but will cost you a total of two hundred and fifty points to master, that's sixteen and a half threads marked at full reward (15/15) to achieve. To master everything, you would have to write over one and a half thousand threads, but let's face it, no one is good at everything, and the same goes for our characters.

A character is considered a novice in any given skill wherein they have 25 points or less. All skills, including magic, offer an easy 1 for 1 point ratio. Person (A) is a new player and has completed three threads with person (B) in which both were awarded full points for each thread, giving them a total of 45 skill points to spend. (A) plays a knight, therefore the use of a weapon is very important and (A) plans to spend all of his points in Blade: Longsword. (B) also plays a knight and has 45 points to spend.

(A) spends all 45 points in Blade: Longsword. 25 of his 45 points complete the first rank of novice where each skill point is worth one in his chosen skill. With twenty points remaining, (A) must make sure he has ten pieces of knowledge to advance from "Novice" to "Competent" so that he can spend the rest of his points. It costs two skill points to increase the chosen skill at a competent level, therefore (A) remaining 20 points will only earn him 10 more points in Blade: Longsword, leaving him with a total of 35 out of a possible 100 (45/250).

(B) on the other hand, wants to spend his skills more wisely and chooses to put 25 of his 45 points in Blade: Longsword, and spend his 20 remaining points in Shield Combat. Even though (A) has a higher sword level, he will struggle to get by (B) defences. It isn't only skill points that come into effect, however, as knowledge is also important. While (B) might win this battle as it stands, if (A) had a lot more knowledge than (B) regarding the use of his Longsword, it is fair to say that he would once again have the upper hand.

There isn't much that separates a novice fighter from a competent one, which is why knowledges and spending your skills wisely will more often than not give you the upper hand. If you do find that you are having a disagreement with another player about which character should win the battle, we advise people to roll a dice and leave it to fate before seeking a third party (moderator) to step in and make the choice for you.

The Skill Breakdown

Fast Track Skill:

You pick your Fast Track Skill when developing your character, each Race lets you choose from two options. A Fast Track Skill is a one off, 1 to 1 ratio skill that allows you to spend points on that specific skill all the way to 100 without the ratio multipliers that apply to other skills (251 etc). Humans cannot pick a magic for their Fast Track Skill.

Novice: 0 - 25 (1/1)

The point ratio in novice is one to one (1/1) and the easiest to gain points in quickly. To advance to a competent level in any chosen skill, you will need to spend 25 points earn through writing threads with other players (or yourself to a lesser extent), and have 0-10 pieces of knowledge about the skill.

Competent: 26 - 50 (2/1)

The point ratio doubles (2/1) after 25, meaning that you will have to spend a total of 50 points to get from 25 to 50. Once you reach 50 points in your chosen skill, you must have acquired another 11-21 pieces of knowledge.

Expert: 51 - 75 (3/1)

The point ratio triples (3/1) at expert, making the skill that much trickier to improve, where a cooperative thread awarded with full marks (15/15) will now only buy you five points. Once you reach 75 points in a skill, you will need 22-32 bits on individual knowledge about that skill.

Master: 76 - 100 (4/1)

The point ratio increase four to one (4/1), making anyone who achieves this rank quite impressive. Spending points in any skill at this level becomes quite expensive, and players are encouraged to spread their skills out, as explain in the scenario between players (A) and (B) above. To Acquire the rank of legend, you will need 33-59 pieces of knowledge about your chosen skill.

Grandmaster: 100

The point ratio is maxed at four to one (4/1), and players will have had to spend 250 points and earn 60 pieces of knowledge about the skill to get to this point, it is an impressive feat that will earn players capstone abilities. These are explained here.

It is important to remember as players, that no character should be defined by one skill alone, and that well-rounded, carefully planned out characters are likely to do a lot better and be much more fun to play than a legendary swordsman who doesn't have the strength to pick up his bastard sword, or the endurance to wield it long enough to outmatch someone half his level with strong perks in everything else (such as shield, strength, endurance, and meditation). Plan your characters carefully, remember that true strength lies in knowledge, and have fun, no one likes a power gamer, especially one who refuses to lose from time to time. Be considerate, but true to yourself. This isn't a race, so sit back, make some a friends, meet some of our amazing writers, and enjoy the ride.
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Knowledge and Skills Guide

Postby Pegasus » Mon Jul 02, 2018 5:46 am

Knowledge and Skills Guide
A Note on Domain Magic
The Domain Magic Skills have a few additional restrictions on them, due to the nature of Domain Magic. Please note, these restrictions apply to Domain Magic Disciplines, not Practices. For further information see the Domain Magic Page

Specific Experience
In order to assign skill points / experience to a Domain Magic Discipline it must be awarded specifically in the review. Make sure that you ask for it in your review request - this is specific to the Discipline. So, in a thread you might be awarded 10 experience which can be spent on Domain Magic: Dustforge, for example. That can only be spent on that Discipline, not on any other.

Level Advancement & Mutation
Each level of magic is separated by mutations. In order to ensure a standardizing of approved mutations all users of magic must request a rank up in the PSF, understanding that no threads after the PSF request date can be counted to boost the score. You level up to the end of Novice, apply for Competent and your first mutation, identify your mutation theme, then on the day that the mutation is approved, you start fresh from there to gather experience for the next level. Same deal at Expert and so on.

Essentially when reaching a new tier of magic, you must post in the PSF with both your new mutation idea, and the thread in which you leveled up.

Please note: threads made on or before the day you submitted the PSF thread can NOT be used in gaining additional magical experience for your new tier / level of experience. When starting the new tier, your experience points count from threads FROM approval date of PSF onward. This means threads themselves, not review requests.
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