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Kali visits Kura as advised by Karem

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[Hall Of Power]Walks With Wolves

Postby Kali'rial » Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:10 am

34th Saun, 717

Kali’rial nodded again, listening carefully to the wolf-walkers words. It made sense, her approach and her wider view of the world from a hunters eyes, the brunette just couldn’t imagine being stuck in an office with papers and desks and such. She needed the earth under her feet, the sky over head, the scents of the hunt around her.

Smiling back, the Sev’ryn glanced at the wolves with a raised eyebrow.

“There is so much I feel so limited in, so little I see from my place in this world, but then I realise that all parts of the pack have a purpose. You have found yours, it seems. I hope, eventually, I will find mine.” Turning her amber gaze back on Kura, the huntress gestured to her desk.

“I don’t think it will be this though. I’m not the most skilled with books and such. But you ever need eyes and ears out there, I will gladly step up.” With that, the young southerner offered the blue eyed woman a small bow.

“I am deeply honoured by the wisdom you’ve shared with me Kura. This gift is...it’s more than I can put into words. Tell me though...” She chuckled and poked a sharp fang with her fingertip.

“Do you ever get used to these?” From his spot on the floor, Sarkis let his tongue roll from his mouth in another lupine laugh, showing his own canines as if to mock the newly marked wolf-walker.

“Wait till you get to use them.” He said with what could have been interpreted as an impish tone, before standing and stretching again. Kali’rial shot him a look, before settling back on Kura.

Really? The quirk of her brow practically screamed.
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[Hall Of Power]Walks With Wolves

Postby Kura Wolfsdotter » Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:20 pm

Kura grinned at Kali'rial's comment that she had found her place in the world. "I didn't find it so much as I decided it's what I wanted my place in the world to be. Growing up, everyone expected me to follow in my parents footsteps. The pressure was almost maddening, growing up. I got into law and politics partially because I was running away from that pressure. Wasn't until after I got into it that I found I enjoyed it, that it was an effective method of pursing an impossible goal. In a way I found my way into it on accident." she said, shaking her head. "You're actually more focused than I was at your age. You'll find your place in the world, I firmly believe that." she said, smiling.

When Kali said the office likely wasn't her place in the world, Kura just laughed, then returned the other wolf-walkers bow. "I''ll probably call that favor in, while you're in Scalvoris. But I know a lot of wolf-walkers like to wander, so don't worry if you feel the need to take your hunt elsewhere." she said, grinning and leaning back in her seat.

When Kali asked about the fangs, Kura laughed and nodded. She gathered that Sarkis and Kali were talking, and she'd guess it was about the fangs. "If he just suggested using them as a weapon, it works. I've had the occasion to try in the past. I don't recommend it though, people don't taste good and it really unnerves people when you start tearing chunks out of bad guys." she said with a laugh. "But you do get used to them, and they do make effective weapons in a pinch." she said, grinning slightly.
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