• Location • [Scaltoth Jungles] Tribal Settlement (North)

From Tried's Mouth to the mysterious Tower, the waters around Scalvoris and the island itself hold a vast array of secrets, just ripe for discovery. Here are landmarks and small villages of note, dotted in and around the island itself.

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• Location • [Scaltoth Jungles] Tribal Settlement (North)

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Tribal Settlement (North)


The Northern Tribe in the Scaltoth Jungle is known as the Shoma'khan tribe by those who know such things. Which is mostly the other tribes and themselves, in fairness. No one else really knows, or cares, who they are.

The tribal settlement is on the Western side of the Northern Scaltoth and the Shoma'khan are very proud of their home. It is woven into the massive glowtrees, providing an almost constant source of light and it is here that the Shoma'khan live their strange existence. Their society is entirely matriarchal with the understanding being that women are more clever and able to withstand more pain than men. The females are the tribal leaders, decision makers and are revered by the males almost as deities themselves. Males in Shoma'khan are split into three roles, each man is either a hunter, a provider or a domestic and their roles are clearly demarcated.

All decisions are deferred to the females, the men are considered to be pretty, but expendable.Their settlement is a series of glowtrees which are lived in by the women of the tribe. The men are not given permanent places to live as it would allow them to become lazy.

Another peculiarity of this tribe is that they practice ritualised cannibalism. On certain moons, holy trials (to them) and other apparently random trials, they choose one of the men-folk (or a passer by - visitors are kept in cages until the next celebration) and they cook and eat them. No one, thus far, has ever found out why and then lived to tell the tale.

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