April 2018 Story of the Month...!

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April 2018 Story of the Month...!

Postby Rumour » Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:12 pm

April 2018 Story of the Month:
"Trial By Fire"

Please join us in congratulating Aeodan, Caius Gawyne, Edalene, and Plague for being the writers behind April's Story of the Month, "Trial By Fire"!

This is a major Rynmere impact thread from the end of Vhalar that finally (finally!) finished in March. It's amazing, it's long, and it's full of ridiculous Plague-crafted (mis)adventure involving magic and everyone's favorite feelings. It's filled with danger, transformation, emotion, and, above all else, beautiful writing. If you missed the first installment of this series, please be sure to give "Ruinfall" if you want to understand where Aeodan and Edalene started their journey.

Congratulations, and enjoy the interview!

Player Comments

1. What did you most enjoy about writing this thread and why?

This is a tough one for me, and it's for such a myriad of reasons. The first is that there was so much happening in this thread, and we traversed so much content, both emotionally and otherwise. I loved the interactions between the Seekers members. It was quite obvious that Plague has had them in his head a long while, and I love to see how well fleshed out they are. They were alive, and I think that's a massive plus to the realism and it pulls you into the story.

Then again, I love all of Plague's NPC work. Kayled Wine, Cassander and Emerson, DuKette. They are all so alive and believable, and it truly says something that the entire time the thread was live, all three of the PC participants were combing every word and every scrap of lore we could find in order to learn more about these NPCs.

2. This is quite a long story. How did you stay motivated to see it through to the end?

This is perhaps the simplest question of the three. This thread, just like Ruinfall, is just non-stop action. That comes from a group of writers really meshing, and working together to try and make the thread come to life and immerse themselves and future readers into the setting. Plague does a magnificent job of setting up the story, and Edalene and Caius both bring something incredibly powerful to the table in their writing. Edalene's defensive nature over Aeodan, their bond's strength, and Caius' incredibly amazing introspective tendencies brought me back to this thread to read, even when it wasn't my turn to post.

3. How has this story impacted your character?

In so many ways, of course. Aeodan has to deal with the loss of Ninacky, the feeling of failure at not keeping his promise to her. He is reunited with the Professor, who he learns is actually his biological father, and the idea that Rynmere really wasn't ever his home, but was a place Coven supporters raised him. He killed people in defence of the ideals that he held up, and lost for the same views in others. There is a war raging inside him over his place in the tragedy, and the upcoming seasons should be interesting as he deals with the scars and what it means to be the focus of the story.

- Aeodan

1. What did you most enjoy about writing this thread and why?

Well, to be honest, this thread was originally meant for Pash to join in, but the Global kept him from it and I had a bit of an angsty moment over it all. It was really just all about me playing a game of chance because somehow I managed to convince Plague to allow me to shoehorn my Rynnoble, Caius in there.

Before this thread, I only vaguely knew Plague and Aeodan and Edalene OOC. I suppose I enjoyed getting to know them over the course of the almost three to four months it took us to set up and complete this thread. You guys are amazing and I’m so thankful to have accidentally staggered into this thread because now we’re great friends and that part is the best part of it right there, yes. Definitely. Ugh. Peoples. I like you.

Every moment of this thread is enjoyable because I felt as though I got lucky … Out of Character, that is. I love every swear, every unexpected situation, ever element of danger, and every insane consequence of this thread, both for Caius and for Rynmere.

2. This is quite a long story. How did you stay motivated to see it through to the end?

Um, because it’s awesome? I didn’t need any extra motivation—every post left me eager to respond and even more eager to see the results of my caustic, sheltered noble’s reactions.

3. How has this story impacted your character?

In every way, to be honest. Before this thread, Caius was on the fast track to academic nowhere—content to hide in the library, make out scandalously with Darcy, print the newspaper, and walk his dog, my young Gawyne didn’t really have direction and didn’t want it. Dragged from his insomnia in the middle of the night to be handed his title of Lord Arbiter for the Order of the Mantis, front row witness to the massacre and horror of the first mage execution gone terribly wrong, cornered by Syroa and coerced to accept her blessing in order to save the lives of innocent bystanders, this thread has fundamentally changed the course of Caius’ life. While he had assumed he wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences and fall out because, as an Envoy of Ziell, his natural end was predicted to be Zi’da 91st, 717, Caius woke up Cylus 1, 718 and was forced to face the entire weight of the consequences of this thread, from the over 50 people who died to his own place as Lord Arbiter responsible for judging mages caught and sent to their death in the name of the King of Rynmere.

- Caius Gawyne

1. What did you most enjoy about writing this thread and why?

Firstly, thank you so much for recognising this thread! This was a really amazing, intense, and enjoyable thread to write.

A few things! It's hard to choose a 'most'. I'm going to start with the people though. I've known Plague for years, and Aeodan has been my writing partner the entire time on ST, and Caius has been a firm friend my time here. Being able to sit down and write this amazing thread with them together was a blessing. Seriously, we had a Skype chat where we would freak out any time anyone made a post. The hype was real.

Secondly, I'd have to say how expansive this thread is. Plague has this way of moderating which makes you feel like your actions really MATTER - it's not just an adventure, you won't just go back to your normal life afterwards. His moderating style is immersive and changes your whole life. Seriously. Edalene and Aeodan weren't the same after Ruinfall, and they're definitely not the same after Trial by Fire. It's really cool to be a part of something that actively changes the landscape of the world.

2. This is quite a long story. How did you stay motivated to see it through to the end?

Motivation was really easy. Like. If you have Plague modding you, you damn well post as soon as he does. You can't stop yourself. The dude is a creative god, you just always feel so damn excited when he posts that you gotta drop everything and write right away.

It also helps that Aeodan and Caius are some pretty phenomenal writers themselves.

3. How has this story impacted your character?

Oh god. How HASN'T it impacted Edalene? She killed something like 50 people. Blew them right up. Her twin brother completely changed his form. She chose to let one of their own die, because Ralaith told her it would serve a purpose - even though she knew it would shatter Aeodan. She killed her childhood friend in cold blood. She found her family in Thomas and Malena.

Eda and Aeodan are now adrift in the Ivorian Sea, away from Rynmere. They can never go back home. She has PTSD and she's worried that her relationship with Aeodan, the thing that she cares most about in the world, will never be the same. She's got some healing to do. I just don't know if she can do it.

I just want to say thank you again for this nomination. It really means a lot to me; this thread, writing with some of my favourite people, it really was so important to me. I hope you enjoyed reading it!

- Edalene

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April 2018 Story of the Month...!

Postby Faith » Fri Apr 13, 2018 4:57 pm

oh hey! Well done you guys! Much congratulations!
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April 2018 Story of the Month...!

Postby Finnegan O'Connor » Sun Apr 22, 2018 5:25 am

I confess, I've started two times on reading this thread and both times something interrupted me which is why I have, to this date, not finished reading it. One rainy day I'll read the whole thing in a single sitting with some nice hot tea and cookies, but until that day, let me say that what I have read of this thread was seriously impressive.

There are many stories on Standing Trials that just ooze with creativity and masterful storytelling from all writers involved, but there are few who manage to maintain that vibrancy for so many pages. While I don't think I've ever moved beyond the third page, I was given no reason to suspect the sheer quality of the writing was by any means dropping and I think it speaks to the writing skill of the players involved that I cared about their characters despite having read none of their other threads, not even Ruinfall (shame on me!).

My congratulations on this award are long overdue, but here they are anyways! I know that I've written in a few threads myself where something happened that impacted my character in a major way and it's an incredible feeling. Given the consequences of this thread, I can scarcely imagine how thrilling this must've been for the characters and writers involved! it's probably not an overstatement to say that this thread has also shaped the direction of Rynmere for the immediate future.

Very cool stuff. I'm determined to read the whole thing one day, unless Shelf awareness makes an audio recording first (I'd volunteer to read!).
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April 2018 Story of the Month...!

Postby Maltruism » Sun Apr 22, 2018 10:30 pm

I second that Finn.

I am having constant trouble finding unbroken time to get more than a post or two read.
But they are fantastic! :D
If not for mod duties, I'd have gotten it read by now.
I hate that I have to keep breaking off for IC, OOC and RL reasons. :evil:
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