January 2018 Story of the Month...!

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January 2018 Story of the Month...!

Postby Anomaly » Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:08 pm

January 2018 Story of the Month:
"Money's Worth"

Please join us in congratulating Navyri and Warren for being the writers behind January's Story of the Month, "Money's Worth"!

This thread starts amidst an arc between the two participants, where Warren and Navyri has shared experiences in Rynmere before. One thing could've lead to another as they made a daring escape from an ill fate together, but Navyri's further escape from Warren left many things unresolved between them and once Warren got his hands on a bounty on someone he very well recognized, this story picks up where they last left off---and it's intense! "Money's Worth" leaves us with the promise that exciting things are yet to come, and the captivating writing between our two winners is sure to keep us coming back to watch the story unfold in the future.

Prophet's Comments

I absolutely loved this thread for so many reasons. Both Warren and Navyri are well-written characters with very distinct voices, different motivations, and dissimilar life paths ... and yet whenever they manage to cross paths with each other (which has happened in the past), a strange chemistry occurs between them and you can't help but get caught up in wondering how it will turn out in the end. There is flirting. There is threatening. There is biting dialogue. There is fighting. And yet, somewhere in the middle, Warren and Navyri ignore their differences in some way and just talk to each other. Every time. Just for a moment—be it a breath, a shared sentence or two, or a lengthy combat moment where they face a common enemy—and I always find myself on the edge of my seat. Does it work out beautifully? Not in the way you'd expect, but their stories in Money's Worth are both more satisfying because of it.

In Money's Worth, there is the added fun of gambling and drinking, tension and conflict, Warren and Navyri willingly sitting down together to play a game with other people while really playing with each other. The NPCs are well-written as a part of the story, but they appropriately take back stage to the way the pair of players interact with wit and glances. Their feelings grow stronger and stronger as they argue and wrestle alone, and you think it's going to turn this corner ... ugh. It's so excellent!

- Muse

Player Comments

1. What was it that lead up to this thread?

Navyri may or may not have been captured and thrown into an underground fighting pit after being late on paying back a loan from a shady investor. Warren had already been there and she chatted up her cell mate, making an alliance which she used to escape. Once they had gotten their freedom, Navyri basically left Warren to fend for himself, slipping off in the night without a word. As a result, she didn’t fully complete her side of their bargain, and Warren uses his bounty hunter skills to hunt her down, and plans to have her travel with him and shut down the pit. She’s… not thrilled about it.

2. What did you enjoy most about writing this thread & why?

My partner is a blast and I vibe really well with Jade when we write together.

Warren somehow thinks Navyri can be redeemed, but he’s judgemental and very opinionated, and it drives her insane. Their back and forth bickering is lots of fun to explore, and as two stubborn people, its very easy for them to get under the other’s skin. Seeing them possibly work together is exciting and I like writing with characters that have chemistry with my PC and challenge them in new ways.

3. What importance do you think this thread'll have for your character's future, from here?

Hopefully she will have a few new stories to tell, and/or make a friend. OOC, I do kind of hope they evolve their relationship into something more, but I realize how very different they are. I am afraid Nav might actually break his heart if she can get past his barriers, but good plot is good plot!

In terms of character development… it will be fun to see how Navyri deals with a man who has such strong convictions, and I wonder if she will want to meet his expectations just to see if she’s capable of doing so. Warren asks her to do things that make her uncomfortable and go against her nature, so I think he scares her in an unfamiliar way. Whether they complete their goals or not, I’m hoping Navyri might learn to be a little better behaved, and teach Warren how to lighten up a bit. They have a great chance of melding together or crashing and burning. Either way, I’m looking forward to it.

- Navyri

1. What was it that lead up to this thread?

Before this thread, Navyri and Warren had met in Rynmere; both having been kidnapped to fight in underground slave pit within Krome. It a whole story arc that we've been [trying] to work on! They didn't clash so well due to Warren's previous history with Naerrik but in the end, he saved them both from certain death. How does Navyri repay him? By ditching him the moment she awoke. He saw a 'WANTED' sign for her capture and decided to track her down for revenge, but when he and Lianna were chased out of Rynmere, he decided to blackmail Navyri for her help. At the conclusion of it all, he gave up and just let her go, hoping that his judge of character was sound.

2. What did you enjoy most about writing this thread & why?

It was interesting to explore Warren's emotions and I'm coming to find that he puts his foot in his mouth a lot, especially with Navyri. Most of all, I'm realizing he's a very traditional sort of guy and very black and white. Grey areas confuse him and he seems to try his best not to end up in them. I think my favorite part was learning a bit more of the depth of this character.

3. What importance do you think this thread'll have for your character's future, from here?

Well, Warren and Navyri are finally back together! This thread will propel their stories to Ne'haer and hopefully back to Rynmere where they'll assist the nobles of Krome with shutting down the illegal slave pits there. Lots of fun plots to explore!

- Warren
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January 2018 Story of the Month...!

Postby Pegasus » Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:12 pm

I love this thread! You guys so both totally deserve this! Many congratulations!
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January 2018 Story of the Month...!

Postby Yrmellyn Cole » Sat Jan 06, 2018 1:30 pm

I have read the thread now. It's exiting...the setting is alive and the characters and their interaction is written so well. It's an intriguing story and I think I will have to read the sequels ;) Congratulations both of of you to the award!
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January 2018 Story of the Month...!

Postby Rumour » Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:59 pm

Congratulations, both! :) It's always a pleasure to see two strong writers create a great thread together.

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