Busting Bandits

Rising from the stony plateau overlooking the rivers and plains of the western continent, and growing wealthy from the gem stones pulled from this same rocky soil, Etzos is a bastion of independence, eagerly spreading its belief that man should rule Idalos, not be servants of the vain Immortals who nearly destroyed it. But can the different factions set aside their agendas long enough to see this through?

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Busting Bandits

Postby Noth » Sat Mar 31, 2018 12:06 pm


The hybrid had never truly been an actor. Of course, he was fully capable of deceiving and lying, and he had done it so many times that it would be impossible to recall each and every white lie or black truth that left his lips. He was capable of playing a role to an extent, and he emphasized the dramatic tension of situations whenever he took on the mantle of Prince of Eternal Mercies, using a backdrop of fire to deliver a speech to the enemy as their resolved waned into dust, or perhaps calling down a malediction with triumphant fury as he charged into the ranks of caravan guards, slaying and slaughtering in a wide arc. Yet, when he was faced with such truly talented actors as Mammon, he felt miniscule in comparison with the sheer skill they displayed in forging new identities and roles for themselves, in how they seemed to convince even themselves that they were in fact the persons whom they proclaimed to be instead of simply a conniving con artist in the visage of an honest man.

Perhaps that was why the hybrid had difficulty seeing past the illusion that his beloved was attempting to create, even though he seriously doubted that she had any sort of acting training to stand upon. Where the ‘bandits’ had shied away from his own proclamation of doom and attempted even to avert their eyes from his blatant threatening, they quickly found themselves paying rapt attention to the panicking young woman before them, as though they couldn’t be forced to remove their eyes from the scene playing out. Were it not for the brief and subtle wink that graced the face of his beloved, he might have been just as worried as they were over what was troubling her, but the subtle twitch of her eye was enough to convince him that it was all an act.

The way that she spoke suddenly became far darker than what he was used to hearing, and the hybrid found himself drawn to it, reveling in the more vicious voice which she used to accost the scum before them. She berated them blatantly, though kept up the impression that she was speaking directly to him as opposed to saying it all for the sake of the banditry. Accusations and personal insults were tossed about in a display of what he could only assume was genuine frustration. She continued the speech, and suddenly the accusations became far more… painful for the Avriel.

She spoke of bandits and how monstrous and greedy and vicious they were, and of course it was true, because they tended to be dreadful persons. Yet, the very person whose hand she had brushed against was accused and quite guilty of similar deeds. He acted behind her back by leading and organizing an entire band of bandits and scum in their lengthy and vicious robberies. He had slain far more innocents with his feathered fingers than guilty, and the blood of the kind and gentle stained his hands. The implication that bandits would even result to slaying children hurt him, because he would never fall so far as to attempt to kill or even wound a child, and yet in Nightshade’s mind all of them were lumped together into one large group. She wouldn’t understand that what he was doing was for the best of everyone, that he was gathering together the criminal elements under one proverbial roof so that he could monitor their behavior and ensure that they committed no deeds which were too atrocious. Of course, some people would inevitably lose their lives to the attacks, and merchants would have their profits fall to shambles, but that was a price he was willing to pay for a semblance of order. Once he was in charge, it would be far different.

Unconsciously, he felt his own hand maneuver away from his beloveds’, as though pulling towards himself in a defensive fashion where it would not be stung by the light of righteousness. She gave a final threat, implying that she would be the bearer of destruction upon them as opposed to the twilight hybrid which very nearly brought a smirk to the mouth of the Avriel; he did manage to restrain such a facial feature on the oft-chance that one of them noticed it and determined the entire thing was a ruse.

He felt the comfortable weight of her head resting against his shoulder as the bandits awaited, apparently awe-stricken or else expecting a further iteration of how they had failed. At least a majority looked somewhat dejected at the thought, though Noth thought he could see some semblance of wounded pride in the eyes of their leader. The fellow began to approach towards his sword, and the murderous Avriel lurched forward to meet him, his gauntleted hand pressing down upon the hilt so as to hold it in place.
“She said you were not worthy of it. Leave.” He spoke harshly, his own morals not at all bothered by the thought of simply stealing the blade away from someone liable to hurt themselves more with it than to uphold any measure of peace.

“B-but… that’s mine.” The fellow stuttered, the evident anger beginning to grow as his cheeks reddened at the thought of being robbed for what he believed to be a trivial offense if one at all.

Noth considered this for a few moments, keeping his gauntlet pressed firmly upon the weapon as crimson eyes glared directly into the man’s own. Something about the arrogance he displayed, the way that he seemed intent on refusing to learn the lesson of the story made the hybrid consider, and he determined that perhaps examples were better enforced with action as opposed to simple speeches.

“Of course. I would not deprive you of your weapon, sir bandit.” He apologized, bowing his head slightly as he yanked the sword free from the ground, and outstretched it towards the fellow, as though he intended to pass it off.

And then, he brought it down, sharply, the blade passing directly through the upper portion of his thigh with the sudden squelch of broken flesh as the metal wedge passed directly through the meat of his leg, piercing through on the other side. The blade was released immediately in its new meaty sheathe, and the fellow shrieked in sudden surprise as he jumped backwards, blade still caught in place. The shrieks and screams of pain and agony filled the air, and the hybrid thought that he could hear the contrition derived from the suffering that he had expected from a humbled man.

“Take him home. Be quick, wouldn’t want him to bleed out, would we?” He questioned the others whose eyes now spoke of a different kind of fear and who quickly went about the process of gathering their wounded companion and dragging him away towards medical assistance.

And so, the two birds were left alone in their absence.


Credit to Pegasus

As a note: Noth is a Grandmaster in Intimidation. That means that he's at least as scary as the Count from Sesame Street. Beware.

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Busting Bandits

Postby Nightshade Eld » Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:17 pm

The half-breed watched in silence as Noth finished and ended the encounter, flinching slightly after they had left. She glanced at him, her expression a mess of various emotions. Though there was an evident appearance of sympathy in her eyes as she continually glanced the direction the men had retreated. There was a deep frown starting to form in her features. "A little much," she muttered quietly as she looked down slightly.

Without much warning she turned to her fellow half-breed, grappling to his chest and quickly forcing her face into it. She didn't move after that, just stayed there quietly. "I hate it, having to hurt people for them to get the message," she said quietly as she looked up. He was only a couple inches taller than she, but she was still able to turn her gaze upwards in order to meet his. Her eyes were two pools of what was best described as despair. "I understand why. But... why?" Her voice was a mournful whisper as she tucked her head into Noth's chest once more. She gripped onto him tightly, but not tight enough to actually hurt him. Just to keep him at a distance that would have been truly uncomfortable for a pair that couldn't be called lovers.

After seemingly satiating herself, she slowly began to pull backward, her expression going from sad to just tired. She didn't completely let go of him even if she did back up slightly. She stood on the tips of her toes as best as talon covered feet would allow her in an attempt to land a kiss on the corner of his mouth. If she missed and accidentally hit his lips, she would be the first to complain though. She certainly would be opposed to a second kiss either. She held him as though he was a lifeline of some sort, her expression best described as lost.

"I'm tired, take me back to Etzos," she declared. "Or..." She silenced herself not letting her finish the sentence that would have ended 'home with you'. This wasn't the best time to say that, it would just be unhealthy. She'd vented more than she had in the last 20 something seasons, she needed sleep more than anything.
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Busting Bandits

Postby Doran Cooney » Tue May 29, 2018 5:14 am

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What a delightfully strange thread and consequent rollercoaster of emotion! Night's "Yolo" comment destroyed me, and I lost all focus for a lot of it and had to reread posts several times haha. Otherwise, very interesting couple - a more rigid righteousness and a shadowy, fluid justice. I can definitely see the middle ground between them, but I'm curious if they'll be able to find it as they are now. Fun thread!

Please edit your grade request, thank you!

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