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Point Shop Suggestions

Postby Niv » Tue Jul 04, 2017 6:38 pm

These are a little self serving...but I think they're cool :P

Name: Tunawa Tool charm
Item Category: Item
Suggested Cost: I'm hoping for 100 points ...maybe 50 but I won't push it.
Description: When wearing the necklace around your neck, the user can shrink or enlarge any tool to a size that would allow them to use it. This includes money and other valuables which they can store on their person until needed. The affect is not permanent and objects revert to their regular size if taken a foot away from the person. This object was mostly intended for the everyday Tunawa from free cities but other races occasionally use it if they happen to be friends with a tunawa and feel a need to borrow their things.
Any Restrictions?: Nope.

Name: Chaos Seed
Item Category: Item
Suggested Cost: I'm hoping for 100 points
Description: While it may have an unsettling name the chaos seed isn't harmful but can have strange affects on creatures that eat it. The strange seed grow randomly from just about any plant on Idalos and when it does it stands out with the phenomenal colours and patters that perpetually change on its shell. Its mesmerizing nature can cause animals to swallow it, in doing so they undergo a peculiar change.
For example, a cockatoo might transform into a purple rabbit with large bat wings sprouting from its back. The cockatoo will still have the personality and memory and the transformation will never cause it to get much bigger than it originally was.
Upon eating a Chaos Seed for a second time the creature changes again and may even develop a minor magical ability.
Roll a dice or pick one of the abilities.
1. Glowing Eyes that allow it to see in the dark
2. the ability to mimic words and sounds
3. The ability to climb walls like a spider
5. A plant of your choice that grows from the creature once every ten trials.
6. Feelers or antenna that can give people a nasty shock if they threaten their owner.
7. Flying ability or the ability to breath underwater.
8. A second or third head with distinct personalities
9. The ability to shrink or enlarge by half its regular size
10. It splits into a clone of itself
Any Restrictions?: Only a mundane pet like a cat, dog or bird can have this item used on them.
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Point Shop Suggestions

Postby Alistair » Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:52 pm

Name: Skyline Index
Item Category: Item
Suggested Cost: 200
Description: The Skyline Index is a magical compass, humming and teeming with energy. The object will allow its wielder, if worn or held, to know the direction of a specific place, object or individual after declaring it. The compass will then point them towards that thing, and while moving in the indicated direction, the wearer of the Skyline Index will move notably more quickly.
Any Restrictions?: Cannot be used to locate things you have not previously witnessed or discovered, or things that have dramatically moved from their previous location.

Name: Soft Stone Gloves
Item Category: Item
Suggested Cost: 200
Description: The Soft Stone Gloves appear as a plethora of small, floating stones around the user's hand, with a glowing golden band laying at the base of their wrist, meeting the beginnings of their hand. They allow their wielder to either double or halve the weight of a non-living object, but only one that weighs (at base) 500 pounds or less. These gloves do so by touching the object, with the wielder declaring either "Burden" or "Quell", doubling or halving, respectively. While this may be used to reduce the weight of objects for quicker movement or swinging (in the case of weapons), one must note that a reduced weight in weapons and armor also means considerably less power and protection.
Any Restrictions?: Can only reset (not change) the weight of an object once per trial.
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Point Shop Suggestions

Postby Pegasus » Sun Dec 17, 2017 8:47 pm

Hey all!

So, we haven't been super quick on this, for which I apologise - but we are considering the submissions above - and we do very much welcome new submissions too! If there's something you'd like to see, let us know! We'll get on it, I promise!

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Point Shop Suggestions

Postby Neronin » Tue Feb 13, 2018 1:04 am

(Sooo cutesyyyyyyy)
Name: Ether Imp
Item Category: Companion
Suggested Cost: 200
Description: The Ether Imp is a tiny Emean creature that finds its way into this world through fractures. They often gravitate towards individuals in this world and form bonds. While they can learn to speak a few words of whatever language is their bonded’s fluent, they communicate mostly via telepathy and only with the bonded in that manner. The Ether imp stands at around four to six inches tall and seems to have a permanent flame of ether burning off their head and another smaller one emanating from their tail, they are visible to all. While they have limited use of magic, it cannot be used to the aid of the bonded. The Ether imp has the capability of throwing minute bits of it’s ether flame at things. These candle-flame sized balls of fire are capable of lighting wicks and kindling, and the flame that grows will be of the same color as the Ether imp’s fire. These creatures seem to greatly enjoy throwing their flame. Though it is harmless to mortals, they should be wary of where the flame lands. The Etherimp comes in a variety of colors.
Any Restrictions?: Can only communicate with the PC and is useless in combat, and very limited physical utility. (I.e.: Bringing the PC a quill)
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